Castle Keep 3

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"A proper woman doesn't leave her private chamber at such an hour," Anna reminded herself as she lay naked in bed and struggled with conflicting emotions. "It's an absolutely horrid suggestion!"

But her mind lingered on William's last words promising of a punishment, no doubt in the darkest chamber of all, deep below the earth. She knew little of the castle or the activities that were conducted within the stone walls. Slowly curiosity got the best of her. She threw back the covers, slipped on a robe, and silently opened the heavy door. 

Anna didn't know the layout intimately, and by candlelight she ascended the steps in the north tower. She was fearful of being confronted, but no one was encountered and she remained unchallenged. A chill breeze greeted her as she stepped into the open, but it was a magnificent view. The moon hung in the sky in its entirety, the small blemishes on its face easily observed. 

She peered down and saw the land shrouded in shadows, the surface of a nearby stream shimmering in the dim light. She shivered as a chill coursed through her body, and wondered where William's warm embrace was when she needed it most.

Suddenly arms reached around and pulled her body to his. The warmth immediately soothed and reassured her. The chill dissipated in his tight embrace. A smile appeared on her mouth as lips lightly kissed the right side of her neck, and traced the outline of her ear. The hot breath felt wonderful on her bare skin, and it sparked the warmth of desire deep in her lower belly. Anna knew she shouldn't be here with him, and accepted the fact that she was a wretched daughter for betraying her father in this way.

"Push the thoughts of your father away, and think only of me and the pleasure I can bring," he suggested as he sensed her flowing thoughts. "This night is ours. Tomorrow is another day."

"Why do you bother with me when you know I cannot be had?" she asked wistfully, eager to hear more of his compliments.

He ignored her question and posed his own. "How do you come to me tonight? Are your noble sensibilities intact or are you filled with raw desire?"

"What would you prefer?"

"The former," he decided. "I love to peel back the thin veneer and surprise you with what I find at your very core."

"Then show me something new," she challenged him with a laugh. "What do you see in my core on this night? What new, shameful act will you have me experience?"

He suddenly spun her around and pushed her against the stone wall. Her hands instinctively reached out for support and she stood with her outstretched arms upon the stone, legs parted. William dropped to his knees, lifted the bottom of her robe, and moved his head between her thighs. His mouth was placed upon her virtue, and his tongue traced the outline of her tender folds. 

"Oh William, how delightfully shameful!" Anna groaned in forbidden delight as warmth filled her supple loins and tingling delight radiated through her aroused flesh. "How do you know of such things?"

Her question went unanswered as his lips and tongue devoured her delicious innocence. Thick essence seeped from the opening and coated the flesh with its sweet flavor and tainted the cool evening air with its scent. She shuddered in amazement as pleasure threaded through her veins and reached into all parts of her body. The breath caught in her throat, and when control was regained she panted heavily in search of more.

It was inconceivable that a noble woman would have found herself in such a position, and yet it was precisely that knowledge that aroused her most. She silently wondered how he instinctively knew what her body sought, for he knew it better than she. The pleasure intensified as fingers pressed the outer folds apart and his darting tongue pushed between them. When the tip found her swollen nub the lingering questions vanished, for there was only room for wonder as her mind and body was filled with powerful tingling delight.

"William…oh…oh my…" her voice breathlessly groaned in shock and awe of his oral skills. 

Her essence flowed and the smell of her was strong. Her knees went weak and she quivered in sheer amazement at the incredible sensations that filled her body. The warmth in her loins raged with an intensity never before imagined. Her heart raced as she breathed in the cool night air. The chill in her was gone; all traces of it were erased as tiny droplets of perspiration beaded on her forehead. She was hot with passion and desire.

Anna's excitement quickly increased. The breath caught in her throat and she tensed, on the verge of climax. But his tongue moved away and his mouth kissed an inner thigh. The immediate feeling of sexual release retreated with it, and left her body hungering for more. When she caught her breath she complained loudly.

"You are evil for leading me to the precipice of orgasm and leaving me hanging. William, why do you torture me like this? What have I done to deserve such ill treatment from the man that professes his love for me?"

"Its denial makes it that much better," he said in a teasing voice. "Beg for it, Anna. I want to hear your proud and proper noble voice pleading for me to please you. When you have convinced me of your need in graphic words that a noble woman would never consider uttering, then I will fulfill all your darkest desires."

"Please," she responded. "Return your mouth from where it left."

"You'll have to do much better than that," he replied. "Where was my mouth, Anna?"

"It was pressed upon the rise of flesh between my shamelessly parted and quivering thighs, on the moist folds fringed by curls of hair that drip with my essence. Oh please, I must feel your tongue between my lips and upon the hardened nub that generates such delight throughout my body. William, you must, I implore you to resume your devilish licking."

He seemed satisfied at having once again pulled the woman off her high horse and onto the same level as the peasant whores who serviced the guards. His fingers pushed the outer folds apart and his tongue once again teased the hooded nub that eagerly pulsated. 

Her essence resumed flowing as her beautiful fair-skinned body vibrated with peals of delight. The guttural moaning resumed and was carried off by a brisk evening breeze. The moon high above was the only witness to the event, and it seemed to smile down upon them as it shed pale light upon their cloaked bodies.

He brought his evil skills to bear. His tongue forked and became as two. Both licked on and around the hooded nub and tortured her with intense delight. She writhed and shuddered and breathlessly moaned towards the sky in amazed wonder. She knew the nature of her sins but was lured to the physical pleasure he afforded. 

Anna was rewarded by a surge of excitement that tensed her muscles. An orgasm erupted in her rigid form that centered in her lower belly and radiated outward like a thousand vibrating fingers. Her muscles twitched and writhed in uncontrollable spasms. Her weak, wavering voice announced its arrival with groans of joy. Her restless heart beat faster still. And then the climax triggered a release of essence that smeared upon his lips and chin.

"Oh William, that was truly incredible!" she exclaimed in surprise. "And equally shameful, I might add."

"The shame of which you speak is an illusion of repression, dictated by those who yearn to control the mind. But your heart knows the truth. I shall awaken in you more. Come, to the dungeon."

Anna blindly placed her hand, and trust, in William's care. The warmth of passion lingered in her supple loins and leaking essence smeared against her inner thighs as they silently descended down the stone steps beneath the surface of the earth. It was deathly silent and she shuddered with the fear that finally surfaced in warning. But the warning was not heeded, for youthful excitement displaced its cautionary arrival.

As his left hand clutched a torch they passed through unguarded chambers and past unlocked doors. She did not understand why they would have been left in such a condition, but never considered the possibility that they were being opened through sinister means. In her mind she knew how poorly she was behaving, that her father would be furious if he ever suspected, but the forbidden excitement that filled her innocent body fueled a newfound pleasure that could not be denied.

William suddenly stopped at a heavy wooden door braced with iron. She tensed as did he, and as they stood motionless in the hall he listened intently. She heard nothing, but he was suspicious of what lay beyond. There were whispered voices of evil origins emanating from behind the door that only he could hear.

“…no choice…” an evil voice whispered as it trembled with fear. “…must keep to the plan…”

“What is it?” Anna impatiently asked, breaking the silence that shrouded them. “William, do tell what bothers you so.”

He turned to her and held a finger to his lips. “Be quiet.”

Juliette huddled in the darkness, silently rocking back and forth. She was gripped by fear, knowing that she faced certain death. She had kept the plan from everyone that could possibly betray her, intentionally or otherwise. Her mind kept thinking that she must keep to the plan. There was no other real choice. 

She tightly gripped the wooden box and held it against her chest. She knew the moon was full and that this could be the night. Or it could be the next full moon, or the one after. Juliette wasn’t sure how many moons she would last. The fear was so intense that it threatened her very sanity. She reminded herself that the plan must be kept secret. Brother Wallace warned that to keep it from the beast it had to be cloaked in an emotional shield strengthened by courage and resolve. With a determined rage she cut off all thought about it and turned her mind to her sister Francesca and the joyous lives they shared.

“It’s gone,” he whispered to himself, but he remained on edge. 

William hesitated. He wasn’t sure what the whispers meant, or what they foretold. Was his demise planned? None could possibly know of his role, especially now that its completion was on the horizon. Only one more son remained to be sired. It didn’t have to be upon this night. Other full moons would follow. But what of Anna? When would she leave to accept the hand of another?

He could not risk further delays. It must be tonight. Then he could retreat to the forest, feed upon its animals, drink from its springs, and watch his youngest children grow into manhood. When they were aware of the powers that they retained he would leave them to their fate, to lead the land into an evil awakening, and gladly return to Satan’s side.

His hand reached for the door and pushed it open. It reluctantly yielded and angrily protested as the rusted iron hinges loudly sounded. He quickly escorted his victim inside. The door was closed and bolted in their wake.

William looked into the immediate sphere illuminated by the torch. And then his eyes peered into the darkness beyond. There was no denying what he heard, but its location remained a mystery. Fore-knowledge was a useful skill but it lacked precision. If anyone was in the same chamber they would surely reveal themselves. The human mind could keep no secrets. But the whispers remained silent, and he felt secure.

“This chamber is frightening,” she said as she glanced around at the torturous devices that her mind could not comprehend. “What evil does this place harbor?”

“The same evil that fills your flesh with pleasure,” he replied. “Give me your other hand and I will show you what your heart seeks.”

Anna gave him both hands and he led her to a place where chains hung from the ceiling and were fastened to the cold stone floor. The torch was placed in a nearby holder, the stone above stained black with soot. She stood as shackles were placed around her wrists and pinned in place. He did the same to her right foot, but found a shackle pin missing so he could not secure her left. It was not important, or so he thought. The significance of the missing pin failed to alert him to the looming threat.

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