Castle Keep 3

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He looked at the pained expression on her face and saw the clarity in her eyes. He could see into her very soul. There was strength and a fierce determination, and he sensed that if any one person could possibly succeed it would be her. An ordinary man might freeze in fear upon seeing it, but this woman had seen it once before and would not be shocked at the sight of it. She was humanity's best option.

He arose and walked to a heavy wooden chest. The lid was lifted and revealed numerous parchments. These were carefully removed and placed on the far side of the chest. He reached down inside and retrieved a small wooden box, ornately carved and decorated. He turned to her and opened the lid. A knife rested within.

"As long as the box is sealed, evil cannot determine its contents," he explained. "Or so it has been written. Please understand I can only tell you what I have studied and cannot verify the claims that were made by others. It is said that the knife you see can vanquish an evil form. The ancient writings on the golden handle, and those upon the silver blade itself, are said to force evil from the beating heart and place it into an idle state. And when it does the flesh will die."

Juliette graciously accepted the weapon and quickly closed the box shut. She slipped it beneath her cloak and thanked him with all her heart.

"It is I that should be thanking you," he responded. "Please, be careful. And guard your plan to keep it from the beast until it is too late to be stopped. I will be looking for the signs of your success, or yourů"

"No, I will not fail," she assured him, and then turned and left.

Juliette held the cloak close to her body and face, unsure how much the beast knew of her journey or of the fact of her visit. She was most vulnerable on her return, and was relieved when it was completed.

* * * * *

"Oh William, you are positively a beast!" Anna proclaimed as she dodged another of his kisses, which landed on her cheek. "You know you cannot have me, for I am promised to another."

His hands reached up and gently cradled her head of golden hair. When his lips next sought her mouth her head could not move aside, and finally he kissed her full pink lips. His tongue pushed between the lips and into her sweet mouth, and moved around in predatory swirls. Anna softly groaned in pleasure, for the kiss was most delightful. She allowed it to continue far longer than was proper, long enough for his hands to release her head and be tempted by the swells of her supple breasts.

When his hands first cupped and squeezed upon her glorious mounds through the clothing her body tensed but she did not recoil immediately. She sighed and leaned against him, for it was undeniably pleasing. The nipples swelled and hardened and pulsated against the stimulating fingers.

After several moments, when she still did not resist, his hands created an opening in her clothing and his hands reached inside. This time they touched her bare breasts, which were warm and silky soft. He longed to hear her screams of agony and move deeply inside of her, and the mere suggestion stiffened his resolve. As his palms lightly fondled the delicate mounds his thumbs rubbed on the stiff nipples and enjoyed the rubbery texture of the pulsating nubs.

"We can go no further," she cautioned as she had allowed his intimate advances to this point.

His tongue pushed deeper into her mouth and swirled about, entwining with hers and exploring the sweet, hot, dark cavity to the fullest. Anna softly moaned in forbidden delight, realizing she had been wrong in allowing him this much. Her own tongue sprung to life and kissed him back, their passion quickly rising. The hands on her breasts touched her harder and faster, and Anna felt the growing warmth of desire stirring in her loins.

He pinched and twisted on the swollen nipples between thumbs and fore-fingers until they elicited sharp, stinging jolts of pan. Her body tensed and vibrated in reaction, but instead of pulling away drew to him closer than before. The warmth in her loins smoldered and grew hot, for she loved the way he touched her. Anna's face contorted in the pain she loved, and his fingers squeezed harder still as she softly gasped and groaned.

"You are a beast!" she exclaimed in excitement, knowing that she had been wrong in allowing him such freedom but delighting from it anyway. "But your deep kisses and rough touching is undeniably erotic."

"Then kiss me deeper still," he invited. "Reach your tongue inside as far as it will go and I shall do the same."

When their lips pressed tightly together again, their kissing resumed. Her tongue fully extended and reached far into his mouth, and his filled hers and almost touched the back of her throat. He lightly touched her breasts and alternated with sharp pinching and twisting, and she truly savored the peals of stinging pain that resulted. The warmth in her belly emanated with tingling pleasure that radiated outwards, and her virtue seeped with essence that William sniffed.

"You are new to the castle and do not know its secrets," he whispered, hoping to inspire her natural curiosity. "Do you pleasure in the misery of others? Do you adore their fearful screams, or are your own the only screams you take delight in?"

Her face displayed the confusion her reeling mind suffered from, for she could not understand the answer he sought. His mouth left hers and kissed a moist path to a breast. As much as she claimed to be another man's property, Anna offered no resistance when his mouth consumed a breast. He kissed and licked the creamy flesh fully, and then pounced upon the swollen pink nipple. With it between his lips he licked and sucked, and his teeth clenched down on the nub until her body twitched and she grunted in delightful misery.

A hand reached down between her legs, and through the clothing it pressed upon her crotch. Her body stiffened and stepped back, but his hand eagerly followed. It compressed the clothing and felt the glorious folds of her virtue beneath. It was warm to the touch, and although William could not feel the moist essence he knew that it flowed. Anna moaned and her legs shifted apart, for although promised to another she wanted him desperately.

His probing fingers created wonderful sensations within her aching flesh. His teeth bit down on a nipple again, and at the same time pressed his fingers to the flesh between her thighs. Anna squealed in utter delight as the smell of her aroused sex filled the small chamber where they met. The degree of her arousal was frightening for her, for Anna feared she could reach a point when she could no longer stop his advances. She reminded herself again that she was promised to another.

"We must stop," she whispered. "If my father knew of this illicit meeting I would be hearing your screams emanating from the dungeon far below."

Her words were answered by his teeth, which painfully bit on a hardened nipple once again. The stinging jolt caused a gasping and groaning from her quivering voice, and again her body stiffened in pleasure. She felt a sudden surge of essence that soaked her virtue, and knew that their playful activities needed to stop.

"No more!" she exclaimed and pushed him away from her.

"You are such a tease!" he proclaimed as his eyes looked down at himself.

Her eyes followed, and she saw that his penis was fully enlarged. She gasped in surprise but did not look away, for she adored the sight. Although his flesh was not visible the mass pulsated with excitement, which triggered another surge of essence. The chamber was now laced with her smell, and even Anna noticed it.

"The air has grown heavy with my scent on account of you," she said and laughed aloud. "What do you smell like, William? Why do I not smell your scent yet? Or do you not find me as pleasing as the other girls?"

"Would a whiff arouse you, my dearest Anna?" he inquired. "What if I gave you a peek, as well? Is that what you really seek?"

When she did not answer his hands rustled with his clothing. She pretended to be offended as he loosened his clothing and coaxed his penis into the open, but her eyes stared and admired the pulsating sword. She looked at the purplish-pink rounded tip, supported by an impressive rock-hard shaft. Her right hand rose and covered her mouth as a shocked expression appeared on her beautiful face.

He closed the distance between them. Anna shrunk when he reached out but did not evade his grasp. His fingers wrapped around a handful of her long golden hair and pulled her down. At first she resisted and yelped in discomfort as he painfully tugged on the hair, but she gave in and sank to her knees before him.

"Now do you smell it?" he asked as he moved and waved his penis only inches from her face. "Perhaps a taste is what you truly long for?"

"A taste?" she questioned as her face grimaced at the mere thought. "A noble woman would never consider any such thing!"

"I see through your lies and know that the mere mention arouses you further," he challenged. "The smell of your virtue grows the more I offend your noble sensibility and betrays the words you speak to the contrary."

Both hands grasped the back of her head, and although she resisted, when the head of his penis was forced against her lips they opened and his sword thrust deeply into her mouth. He sighed as warmth and wetness enveloped a good deal of his length, and her voice groaned as she found the naughty, shameful act somehow exciting. Her head slowly rocked back and forth, moving the throbbing penis in and out of her mouth. Her full lips wrapped tightly around the shaft, and traveled up and down over the glistening stem.

"Do you smell it now?" he inquired. "Does the shameful taste appeal to you?"

"Hmphh," she replied in an indistinguishable noise. "Humm hmpph."

He smiled, and then his face displayed the pleasure that his body enjoyed. The head pressed to the back of her throat and she nearly gagged. Although her mouth lacked skill, as so many noble women did, the enthusiasm that was applied filled in the void. Her blue eyes occasionally peered up at him as her mouth traveled back and forth, leaking with a mixture of saliva and oozing semen. She both smelled and tasted him, and was content.

Siring sons was his task, but William most loved subverting the women that so proudly supported the men that currently ruled the land. He showed them the secrets that their hearts harbored, the pain that they loved despite their claims to the contrary, or the taste of a man that they so loudly proclaimed was beneath them. He shed light on all they hid beneath the layers of nobility, and taught them to embrace it.

And here was his precious Anna, the mother-to-be of his thirteenth and final son, on her knees before him and her mouth shamelessly devouring his swollen penis. The sight amused him for he saw the lurking evil in her heart, anxious to be released. She was no different than the peasant women that begged for a chance to do the same for a coin, except that they had reason where she had none.

"You are a shameless wench," he whispered, his degrading words repaid with soft chuckling and a rough biting of her teeth on the shaft that caused him brief pain. "What would your precious father do if he saw you like this? You are most deserving of the strap for your deeds."

She sucked on him harder and faster, her head rapidly rocking back and forth. The pleasure of her mouth was undeniable, added by the vision of the golden-haired noble woman on her knees in such a submissive position. The seed in his aching balls started rising, and his body tensed and shuddered in delight. He swelled even larger as the ascending semen continued its journey, and the round tip became more sensitive. 

Sensing his impending orgasm her blue eyes looked up and smiled as her mouth drew back. Her lips wrapped around the shaft just beyond the head, and her flicking tongue danced directly upon the smooth tip. Her moistened fingers encircled the shaft and rapidly beat back and forth. She did this for several moments, long enough to entice the seed to be expelled. He pulled her head forward and grunted aloud as his balls twitched. Thick, milky streams of seed were ejaculated into her receptive mouth. 

A noble woman never would have considered swallowing, but her nobility was only skin deep. Her heart was laced with evil, and she delighted in his climax. As the semen filled her mouth it was readily devoured, and when it was refilled twice more she eagerly feasted on the reward for her oral efforts.

"Do I deserve the strap?" she asked as she wiped the remnants of the act from her mouth and chin. "Would it please you to place it on my bare skin?"

"You deserve no less," he assured her. "Join me tonight, in the north tower. We can look out upon the land shimmering in the light of the full moon. And from there I will take you to the dungeon and teach you to enjoy the misery that waits."

Anna averted her eyes and laughed. She acknowledged to herself that the man knew what she wanted better than herself. Who would have known she'd take great pleasure in delighting a man in such a filthy manner? And the thought of the strap was strangely appealing. The mere suggestion of the stinging pain sent chills throughout her flesh and further fueled the warmth in her loins.

He leaned forward and placed his lips to her ear. "Meet me at the top of the north tower after the sun has set and the moon is high above."

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