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Virgin girlfriend invites Virgin boyfriend

(Part 1 from 1)

I remember it was a rainy day and my mom was out of town for 2 days. so that leaves me home alone. I was really horny, so I started using my dildo. my pussy was getting pretty wet. I was moaning really loud and I was sucking on my 34DD tits. my boyfriend christian really loved them. suddenly, I was getting even more turned on by thinking of my boyfriend fucking me with his 8 and a half dick. I'm a virgin but i masturbate frequently. I was on the brink of an orgasm when I heard my cell phone ring. I seen on the caller id, it was christian! I told him I was thinking of him. I asked him to come over. when he did, he opened the door and I was sticking the dildo up my pussy. I seen he had an erection immediatley. I got up off the couch and I hugged him. I felt his 8 inch cock poking me, which made me even more horny!

we made out for a long time, almost 20 minutes. we were laying on my bed, he was on top of me but still had his underwear on. there was a HUGE bulge in them, I knew I wanted his hard dick in my soaking wet pussy.

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we started giving eachother oral. I gave my first blow job to him. he said I'm a natural. of course I couldn't fit all 8 inches in my mouth. he dropped many loads down my throat. I got the best orgasm when he was sucking my clit. I kept screaming , " fuck me baby, fuck me hard! " and I was moaning so loud!

he wanted to fuck me hard! as well as I wanted him to fuck me. I asked him if he had a condom, he said hell yeah. I've wanted to fuck your sexy 18 year old pussy since we've been dating!

he slipped on the condom. we didn't need any lubricants I was already wet enough! he slipped in his dick and I had an immediate orgasms. he began going faster and I could feel all the cum squishing in my pussy. it's the best orgasm ever!!!

the steamy sex kept going for hours. and when my mom came back home, she asked me what I did. I said oh you know .. just chilled.

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