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The best babysitter ever

(Part 1 from 1)

 hello i'm wayne. I was in my upper teen in age that summer my parents found out that i was a hard sleeper. my dad was a firefighter so he told me since i sleep so hard that i had to go to the tina's house,the lady who lived next door, every morning before they went to work. so i did not like the idea, because i was old enough to say by myself. tina was around 37 and had a body that most teens and females in there early twenties would die to have. but idi not hink about how sexy tina is when my dad was telling me that i had to go over to her house every morning.

so i was trying my best to covince my dad that i was not a hard sleeper. he told me that he held the fire alarm up to my ear when i was asleep and i did not even move, so he told me i did not have a choice to not go to tina's house every morning. i gave up on trying to tell my dad that i'm not a hard sleeper, and agreed to go to tina's house every morning. my dad then said that he has already told tina that i would be over there about 6:00 o-clock in the morning. i could not sleep that night, cause i could not believe that my dad was ging to make to get up early in the morning though out my hole summer.

morning soon came as i hear my dad calling my name to get up, so i can go over to tina's house and go back to sleep. i finely get up out of bed and make my way to tina's house. i knock on the door of tina's as my parents were just getting out of view in there car's leaving to go to work. i had to knock five or sixs times on hte door and i was about to walk back over to my house, but the door opened up and tina stuck her head out the door, she said good morning wayne, she quickly added after the good morning to say outside the front door for a minute cause i woke her up knocking on the door. so she did not have time to get some cloths on. i said ok and waited.

after a few minutes i walk in the front door. i went to the living room to go back to sleep and there was only a love seat and one small chair that did not even lean back all the way. so i ball up in a ball on the love seat and sleep there. i wake up around ten o-clock, and did not see tina anywhere. i walk to her room to find that she is still asleep. so being that my dad said that i had to come over to tina's house every morning, because i sleep hard. i left a note saying that i woke up and she was still asleep and that i'm going to my house. about a hour after i was at my house the door bell rang. i answered the door and it was tina, i was shocked when i seen that she was wearing very short shorts and a very tight shirt that had a very low hand cut V neck, with no bra on. so with that tight shirt holding d cup tits. you could clearly see her hard nipple's. i was still in shock when she said i was just making sure that you was awake cause your dad told me why he is making you say at my house in the morning while they go work. i see that you are awake. so i guess i will see you in the morning. as a matter of fact no i want cause i i'm just going to leave the door unlocked and you can just come on in, in the morning and go back to sleep.

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so a few weeks went by i was not just sleeping over at tina's house in the morning i was staying over ther all day be cause i found out that tight shirt and short shorts she was wearing that first day i went to her house and she came over to my house to check to see if i was awake cause i awoke up before she did. well those cloths are a every day thing. so i sayed over at her house all day to see her walk around in her sexy outfits. she never wears a bra so that just makes it even better, and being that she never wears one i know she knows that i see her hard nipple's all day. as the summer day pass everyday i went to tina's house it seem like she would dress in tighter and sexyer cloths so that just made me want to say of there more and more.

then one day i asked tina if i could just stay over at her house the rest of the summer, she said that it would not be a problem. but i would have to make sure that it was ok with my parents. that afternoon when my parents got home i went over to my house to ask if i could just stay the night over at tina's house the rest of the summer. i asked them and they said that they did not care. i got some night cloths and went back over to tina's house. tina was watching tv sitting on the love seat that i have been sleeping on every morning. i sat down on the chair and started watching tv. we sat there and watched tv for a while, well i was watching more tina's tits then anything. i was in a deep day dream looking at her tits. when i hear "do you like what you see". i snapped out of it and said "what". tina then replied nothing. she then add i'm going to go take a bath. i said ok, i'm just going to watch some more tv. then she said i will leave the bathroom door open so if you need me just come to the bath room and ask me ok. i was very shocked that she said that she was going to leave the bathroom door open. but i said ok.

after she got in the bath tub i was thinking hard on what i could ask her. then i remembered that i sleep on that love seat every morning. so i got up and went for the bathroom, i got to the hall way and seen that the door was really open. i got nerves and stood to the side of the door and yeld tina. she replied "yes dear". i started i ask but she cut me short and she said you can come in here and talk to me. i knew she was naked i nthe bath tub so my cock got harder then it gets when i watch her walk around all day in those tight cloths with no bra on, when she said those words. with my cock pushing out on my shorts i walked in the bath room hoping she would not notice. there she was in the bath tub with soap all over her her upper body. i could almost see her fully exposed nipples though the soap on her tits. she asked me what did i need and i could not say anything. she asked again wayne you what were you going to ask me. i said oh yeah as i look up from her tits to her eyes, and her eyes were right on my eyes. but she did not care that i was looking because she did not say anything when my eyes meet hers. i asked, i was going to see if there was any other place i could sleep besides the love seat. she replied as she was washing the soap right off her upper body right ther in front of me, well it either the love seat or sleeping in the bed with me. as she washed the last of the soap off of her, i said i'm going to sleep in your bed with you.know there was no soap on her upper body, so my eyes were stock on her tits. as i looking at her tits she started taking water with her fingers and rub her nipples. i was so horny by then i could out take it any more. i told her that i was going to go ahead and get in her bed.

i was in my night clothes and was already in the bed under the covers when tina walked in her bed room and fliped the light switch on, i seen that she had nothing but a towel around her body. she said i never sleep in clothes so thats why i got nothing but this towel on and not night clothes. she add i don't even have night clothes so i'm going to have to find something. i was thinking about when i just seen her in the bath tub naked. when she said i never slepp in clothes. she was looking for some clothes in the dresser. then i said you can just sleep with no clothes on like you always do cause i just seen you naked in the bath tub. she replied well i guess you are right.she was facing me when she droped the towel to the floor. i looked right at her pussy and there was no hair and i could see her pussy lips. she walked over and turn the light out. as soon as it went out i said i will stay on my side of the bed. she said ok, and then added you can sleep naked too if you want my heart started racing and my cock hard as a bat. i slowly slide my night cloths off. i lay there on the edge of the bed as she lay in the middle of the bed. i know i told her that i would stay on my side of the bed but she is in the middle of the bed so how can i. i lay there for a while and i thought tina was asleep she asked will you cuddle me. i did not even think about it and i flung my arm around her and moved closer to her that when feel her warm back against my belly, and my hand landed right on her d cup boob. i moved my hand very quickly scared she was about to say something to me for touching her boob. and as i moved my hand i felt her very hard nipples. she never said any thing about me touching it though.

my hand was on her belly now and my hard cock was inches from her ass crack. i started rubbing belly getting closer and closer to her tits everytime. she then after a few minutes of me rubbing her belly she moved her ass all the way up against my hard cock. tina did not say a word but i know she feels my hard cock pressing against her ass. i just lay there and did not move and then she grabs my hand and puts it on her tits. i quickly ask do you not care and she said no care, but only if you want to cause i know you are only 18 and i'm 37 but you got me horny from rubbing my belly and when i moved my ass back and felt your nice big hard cock, i said yep he made me horny so i going to let do more more to me if he wants to. so would you let to fuck your babysitter. i could not even say yeah fast enough and she had the covers throwed back and had the lamp beside the bed on. she then leaned down to my cock and took it in her mouth and started sucking it hard. her mouth came off my cock just to say i know i said if you wanted to but i want to so you have no choice.

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