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100% fiction!

HI readers... my sister was studying engineering 2nd year. i came to my home for holiday. one day my dad and mom went outside.

I was very happy that they went outside for shopping. i started watching XXX movies and started masturbate my cock. some time later i say my sister watched it. i was worrying that she will tell this to our parents. so i went near her. she looked at me and laughed at me. i told her not to tell this to mom and dad. she again laughed at me. i went back to the room. after some time she came inside the room and sat near me. she asked me to show me the movie which i say. i told her to go out. she told me that if you do not show me the movie i will tell to dad. so i showed the movie.

After some time i went near her and touched her legs. she removed it. again i touched her hips and hugged her. she also hugged me. i started to kiss her in the neck. she was enjoying it. Then i told her to give me a kiss in the lip. she refused but i started to kiss her in the lips. The saliva of mine went inside her mouth and her saliva came inside my mouth. i twisted my tongue in her mouth. she started to bite my tongue and the kiss was going for 10 min. then i pressed her boobs. she was shouting hmmmmmm ahhhhhhh... she was wearing a red chudi. i started to unhook the chudi. and i removed her chudi. she was wearing a black bra and then i removed her pant too.

she was wearing a black panties. at the same time she removed my shirt and trousers. i unhooked her bra. her boobs looked so nice and i started to lip her boobs. she was shooting ahhhhhh ahhhhhh hmmmmmm but she enjoyed it. then i removed her panties. and she removed my trousers. first time i am seeing a girl naked and me too naked. her hot body touched my body. we both kissed each other. she touched my cock and she started to shake it. i enjoyed the moment. she started to lip my cock. my cock was full of her saliva. i just lifted her in my hand and made her to go to the center of the bed. i told her that i am going to insert my cock in ur pussy. she refused not to do.

but i kissed her and told her not to get worried. then my hands went near her pussy. i just opened her pinkish pussy, it was very wet. i started to lip the pussy. it was very tasty. she was moaning hmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmmmm...i inserted my hands in her pussy. she was shooting ahhhhhhhhh. so i started to kiss her in mouth. she was biting my lips. i started to insert my cock in her pussy. she was feeling the pain very lot. i started to push my cock deep inside her pussy. she hugged me and kissed me. at last i felt i am going to cum. so i removed my cock outside from her pussy and cummed in her boobs. we both hugged each other and she was sleeping on me in the bed.

we took rest for 2 hours. after 2 hours i waked up and said her to wear the dress. i helped her to wear the bra and panties. she prepared a tea for me. she brought me the tea . i pushed her near me and gave her a deep lip kiss. i made her to drink the tea and i kissed her mouth and drank some tea from her mouth.

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