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Sex with cousin

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

My cousin and I had always had a special relationship. It started out young when we were teenagers. We would sneak away from our parents to be alone and we would always end up kissing. One day, right after his 18 birthday,  I was helping him feed his horses. As I reached across him to pick up a bale of hay, I rubbed against him. He groaned and I smiled.

I grabbed his face and kissed him. Then I pulled his shirt off. After that I went down and unbuckled his pants. I pulled them off to reveal his white briefs on under them. I pulled those down as well. Then I put his 7" Dick in my mouth. I sucked on it and didn't stop unfilled he had cum in my mouth. After he had cum, he pulled my shirt off. Then unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down.

He stared at the rising bulge in my white briefs. He yanked them off and sucked my Dick. After that he layed down on the ground. I lay next to him, kissing his neck. Then I climbed on top of him and sat on his Dick. I went up and down on him untlil he cam in my ass. Then I fucked him. The next day we do the same thing. The third day, my father followed us.

When he caught us, he wasn't mad. He quietly pulled his pants and blue briefs off and pointed his long uncut tool at me. I quickly sucked him off. After that my father fucked me. It felt great. Then my dad fucked his nephew. Then I fucked my dad. After that my. Cousin fucked Ny dad. We continued this for a long time.

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Random Chant - Chapter 1

We all live on the edge of a fulcrum. Small things, what some consider very inconsequential decisions, change the balance at the fulcrum. The protagonist in this story is a young boy that has the ability, though he isn't aware of it, to change that balance. I got a bit carried away when I wrote this and realized I was more than 40 pages in. I broke it up into a few chapters. This is the first. Please let me know if you'd like to see the rest!


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