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Real face of boy friend

(Part 1 from 1)

Hi guyzz its me daaksha,

I was not aware we had lots of video cams taping us fuck on the other day.

The next day of our fuck i was wearing a salwar, pants and a shawl just like a decent indian student. My boy friend came in he told me i need to see a video. I sat with him in the last bench and he opened the video in his mobile. It was all about me and him fucking each other. My boobs were swaying. My pussy was zoomed and taken in high definition. His cock making in and out of my cunt was picturized.

In the video, he was pressing my ass then slowly turning me to the other side exposing my boobs and pussy. He laps my pussy like a dog and i was making very sexy moans. Then he snatches my nipples and pulls my boobs calling them to be his play grounds. He sways them. And my boobs were dancing to his will. He slapped my boobs and they were swaying happily. My face was all blushing.

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I was taking his 7" inch cock deep in my mouth. He was saying "suck you bitch!!" i was making deep moans as he mouth fucked me. When i took his cock out of mouth it was full of his cum. I was spitting it. I could not believe my sex act.

Then spreads my legs and enters his fingers one by one into me still 4 went deep. I was crying "don't tease me fuck me !!". He was saying " cry for it slut! Ask me to fill you with your baby seed" i screamed i am your whore cum in me !!!

He took his cock and slowly entered my tight virgin pussy. It was hard for him, but he slowly started to screw me. His cock entering my pussy was given in the video along with a big music, soon he started stroking me and i cried aaah aaah aah as every stroke hit my pussy.

Suddenly i was abt to climax he took his cock out and fingered my pussy cum along with pee came out my pussy like a fountain then when the fountain subsided he entered and started to ram my pussy again. He pressed my boobs and told " hey bitch, you are no longer a holy virgin but my mere slut" and he removed his cock out and his cum oozed out my pussy.

After seeing the video i got angry and bet him. Soon one of his friends entered the class and pressed my boobs he whispered in my ears "nice fuck daaksha !!" i don't know what is gonna happen next.. Will soon update

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