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Punished by daddy

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

I never really knew my dad when I was growing up. He was in the military and I was sent away to boarding school so it was only on very rare occasions that we were both at home at the same time. I remember him being a very strict disciplinarian, even with my mum but I didn’t realize just how much discipline he liked. “I like your father being strict” was all my mum would say.

After my mum’s funeral dad lived alone in the family home and I lived alone in my house several miles away but due to a change in my job I found myself looking for a house near to dad. I decided that it would be a great opportunity to move back to the family home a get to know my dad a little better.

When I first moved back in it was great. We often chatted and ate together and all seemed fine until one evening. I was always a bit messy and will often just forget to clean up after myself and added to this I don’t normally like to be told to do anything. I had some food and yet again left everything where I had been eating but dad’s response took me by surprise. He started shouting at me about my slovenly behavior and I shouted back about him overreacting and it was then I made the mistake….”Fuck off!” I shouted.

Dad froze, his features set into a determined stare and then he grabbed my arm and pulled me into the living room. “I’ll teach you to talk to me like that” he shouted. He sat down in his armchair and pulled me over so I lay face down across his lap. I was acutely aware of how short my skirt was and tried to struggle up but he was too big and strong. It was then he began to spank me, it was like being hit with a wooden paddle.

My buttocks stung as he repeatedly smacked them and not matter how I struggled I couldn’t pull free until in the end I had to just lay there and take it as he kept spanking and breathing heavily. My buttocks were now so sore that they became numb and I also realized two things…my dad had a hard-on and I was soaking wet!

Eventually he stopped and sat there breathing heavily with his hand resting on my buttocks and then he quickly got up, went upstairs and into his en-suite toilet. I lay on the floor wondering what had just happened for a few minutes and then got up, tidied the mess which had caused the row up and went to bed.

The next day was strange as my dad never mentioned what had happened and over the next few days everything seemed to go back to normal. I however could not stop thinking about my dad having a hard-on and rushing to the toilet after the spanking incident and even more about why I had got so wet and turned on by it. Was this what my mother had meant when I asked her about dad?

Two weeks later we had another argument and this time I looked him straight in the eyes and sat “Fuck you!” He pulled me into the living room and sat down in his armchair. This time I had been wearing jogging trousers and I thought this would make it easier for me but instead he grabbed them and pulled them and my panties down to my ankles before throwing me onto his lap.

As he spanked me I got more and more turned on until gasping I had a fantastic orgasm that shook my whole body. Dad kept spanking and I could feel that his hard-on was even bigger this time. When he had finished his hand slowly rubbed my buttocks and then I felt his fingers probe along the slit of my pussy. I moaned “oh daddy I’m sorry” and opened my legs a little. He immediately got up and I could see the hard-on pushing against his trousers as he again rushed upstairs to his toilet. Presumably to give his self a hand job.

Again the next day and over the next few weeks there was no mention of what had happened but this time I decided to take some control. I waited until one evening when my dad had just gone to bed. Went to my bedroom, stripped and put my music on loud. Dad burst into the room wearing just pyjama trousers screaming about being woken up by my stupid music. I sat there and said the words I knew would make him react…”Fuck off!”

He grabbed me, sat on my bed, pulled me onto his lap and began to spank me. “Oh daddy” I said and then he stopped. He sat there for what seemed ages with his hand resting on my buttocks. Just as suddenly he pushed me onto the bed and stood up. Just as I was going to turn around I felt his hands on my hips as he pulled me backwards. His cock pushed deep into my pussy and he began to fuck me. “Daddy yes, that’s it give me it” I shouted “harder, harder!”

“you naughty girl” he gasped “you’re just like your mum”

I orgasmed noisily screaming “fuuuuck!” and then he moaned as he cum inside me. He lay there afterwards and I sucked his cock clean.

In the following weeks we began to fuck more and more and now I share daddy’s bed every night…….he still loves to spank me every now and again!

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