Playing with the naked guy at work

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Adventures at Base Billeting

I have decided to share some events at work. This is my first attempt, but not the first interesting evening at work. I will post more if it turns out well. It was a Tuesday night. Since voluntarily changing to work evening shift from 3 p.m. to midnight my evenings became much more exciting. The day shift supervisor and other workers started leaving around 4 and the evening started to slow down. The busy part of the year was finishing up, units were heading back to their home bases and it was starting to get slow, except for tonight. About 7 p.m. I was watching the T.V.. across the room. I heard a door slam and looked to the right. From down the hall a Marine sticks his head around the corner, whispering, “hey, I lost my key”. He walked out from the hallway naked, not covering himself. He said he was going out his door when he realized he was naked but it was to late and the door shut on him (a strange story, that I knew was fake).

He walked out, not embarrassed, to the front desk, where I was standing. I tried to look to long in one spot, but there it was. He was a grower, it was chubby, but not hard. He was taller than me, but I am only 5.5, he was at least 6 feet, short brown hair, nice body, good looking military guy. He asked if I could make him a new key, standing in front of me naked. I asked him if he wanted a towel to cover up first and I turned to go into the back room were the extra items are stored. I didn’t realize that he walked around the counter top and followed me back towards the storage room. I opened the door walked in and went to the shelf, grabbing a towel and turning around to find him standing there inside the room, obviously getting a little more turned on, since his cock was bigger now. He noticed me looking down at it. He told me, he thought he heard someone and didn’t want to be seen naked out there so he followed me to the back.

I stood there with the towel in my hand, looking at his growing cock. He noticed and swung the door shut behind him. He held out his arm and hand and asked for the towel. I walked closer to him, holding the towel close to my body. I was easily close enough to reach out and hand him the towel, but I was still looking down, surprise, shocked – but excited. I think he realized my excitement and reached out grabbing hold of the towel, he pulled on the towel, making me get closer. I don’t know why, I didn’t let go of the towel. I was within inches of his body. His cock pointing straight out now, at least 8 inches,cut, shaved clean! It was touching me, hitting me in the stomach. He looked at me, finally taking my eyes away from his cock I looked up at the moment he was bending over a little and he started kissing me. First a kiss on the lips, then opening his mouth, I opened mine. We stood there kissing in the storage room. He took my hand and guided down to his cock. I grabbed a hold of it, and started slowly stroking him. His tongue in my mouth, I knew I was already wet, moaning as he started kissing my neck, his arms wrapping around me, grabbing my ass. This would be an exciting episode to tell my husband. I wish I would have texted him right then and told him what was happening, but my phone was out in the desk out in the other room.

It didn’t matter at this point, I was waiting to see how far this would go. He was still kissing my neck as I was playing with his cock. One hand now on his shaft and the other playing with his balls. His hands come up, and started unbuttoning my shirt. Once unbutton, he opened my shirt, exposing my bra, pushing the bra down to see my small boobs. I am a C with sensitive nipples. He started pinching a nipple, twisting it. My body jerked and I moaned more. My tits are my weak spot. My husband always tells me, once a guy gets to my nipples, there is not stopping. He is has been right about that! This naked Marine went down my neck to my chest and bent over started licking and sucking my nipples. He put his arms back around me and lifted me up. My legs wrapped around him, his hands holding my ass, while he worked on my nipples with his sexy mouth. My head was back, eyes closed and moans escaping my lips. He walked over to the bench, setting me down as he continued to suck my tits. He lifted up my skirt, exposing my panties. Nothing fancy. I was at work. I guess I should listen to my husband sometimes and wear sexy panties to work. You never know what is going to happen.

This younger horny Marine started kissing lower, his hands going to my hips, grabbing my panties and pulling them down my hips, thighs and down my legs. He slid his hand between my thighs and started rubbing my wet pussy, His finger slid in easily, I was so wet and ready. My pussy gave me away. He knew I wanted more. He stood up and started kissing me again. Asking me what I wanted. He was gong to make me say it. He was rubbing my tits, pinching them, making me jump. He pulled me to the edge of the bench. My hands reaching down to his cock, stroking it again, wet pre-cum getting all over my hand, all over my wedding ring. He put his hand behind my head, grabbing my neck in his big hand, wrapping his fingers around me. Kissing me and asking me if I wanted his cock? I couldn’t stop now, and told him I wanted his big cock in me.

He moved forward and I felt his cock between my legs, rubbing, touching the outside of my wet pussy. It felt so good, moaning. I told him again. I wanted him to fuck me. He started pushing forward and pulling back, rubbing his shaft along my pussy lips, teasing me, smiling. He asked if it was bigger than my husbands. Yes, it was! Thinker and longer. I couldn’t wait. I started moving my hips. He smiled and kissed me again, asking me if I was his married slut. I kept humping, hoping to get into the right position for his cock to slide in. I answered with a loud yes! I was his married slut for tonight. I wanted his bigger cock in me. I wanted to get fucked and then go home and tell my husband about it.

I grabbed his cock and rubbed the head up and down my lips, spreading the precum and pussy juice. Guiding him in me, he moved forward, slowing pushing his cock in my pussy. It felt so good after being teased. Spreading me open, deeper into me. His hand still on my neck, the other on my lower back, he pushed me forward and drove his hips in at the same time. Pushing all 8 inches in me. It felt so good. It had been a at least 5 weeks since I had a strange cock. My husband and I fucked two nights before, but strange cock is always exciting! He started fucking me, standing at the bench, my pussy so wet and ready for him. I felt great. Kissing this young Marine, enjoying his hard cock in me. His arms wrapped around me, holding me tight, kissing me. Both of us moaning, enjoy each others body for a quickie. He continued to fuck me, as I reached down and started rubbing my clit. I felt clenching his larger cock. He was hitting all the right spots. Making my pussy tingle, getting closer to an orgasm. His cock felt so good. I told him to fuck me harder, he wrapped his arms around the underneath of my knees, lifting my legs up, arching my hips, making it easier for him to go deeper.

My hands grabbing his shoulders, holding on, squeezing tight as the feeling started to hit me. He was fucking me hard, my pussy reading to cum. I was moaning, telling him to keep going, that I was going to cum. He only smiled and fucked me harder. Leaning forward to kiss me, asking me what I wanted. I responded “I want your cock to make my married pussy cum!” He did! It felt so good, my body shaking. He continued to fuck me, slowing, long strokes. I looked down to see his cock coming all the way out and all the way back in. Smiling at each other, my body felt so relaxed. I was still shaking a little, moaning. Thanking him for his cock, for making me cum. He pulled out, my pussy juice dripping out of me. He started stroking his cock. It looked so full! He looked at me, staring at it. Asking me if I liked it. Smiling still, I hoped off the bench, grabbing it and started stroking it. Kissing him again, he went down on my knees, Looking right at this big cock.

He grabbed my head, looking down at me and told me to suck it. I did the best I could with my small mouth. I was getting the head in, licking it, playing with his balls. He was holding my head, moaning. Asking me if I enjoyed sucking a big cock? If I was going to go home and tell my husband about it and kiss him? I moaned as I licked his cock, looking up at him. His hands holding my head. He grabbed his cock and started jerking it off in front of me, as a licked the head. He jerked faster and faster, moaning. I told him to cum, to tell me when. One hand on his cock and one on my head, he his pace quicken, he pushed my head on his cock and held it there as he shot his load in my mouth. He kept milking it, holding my head, trying to push a little more of his cock in my mouth. I took his load, swallowing it. Some dripping out of my lips, getting on my shirt. He pulled out of my mouth, rubbing his cock on my long black hair. I stood up with cum dripping down my chin, on my shirt and in my hair. He said that felt great and was glad he took the chance at showing off his naked body to me with the fake key bit. Both of us smiling, I bet over and grabbed the towel on the floor again and said, you – here is your towel to cover up, where is your key.

He told me he put it in the plant in the hallway. Laughing he wrapped the towel around his body. I wiped off my lips and chin, getting dressed. He grabbed my panties and said those were his now. I straightened up and we went back out into the main room. He said thanks, smiling and hoped to see me again before he had to leave. I had another hour to go before my shift was over and the next girl came in to take my place. I would relax until then. I sent my husband a text telling him I just had some strange cock and would tell him about it when I got home – that can be another sex story.

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