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Playing with myself

(Part 1 from 1)

Kara was having not a good day and wanted to relax , she was wearing a sexy big hat with a flower in it she felt so pretty with that hat on it was a nice warm day , she decided to go outside she was wearing a pretty hat and a flower sun dress and pantys and high heel shoes,and a ruby necklace she saw this big pretty tree with green leaves she layed under it as she was sitting there.

She felt horny she decided to touch herself she took her finger and slid it in her panties and she felt wet her panties felt a little wet to she decided to touch her pussy and masturbate she layed under the tree and rubbed her pussy for hours first her hand was on her pantys then under her pantys she was drinking some pop as she sat there and masturbated she put her finger in side her pussy way deep in her pussy she felt so wet and warm it felt nice , in and out her pussy juices on her fingers she felt so excited o yes she thought this feels good i cant stop it feel to good it was also the excitement of being outside wondering if anybody was watching.

She smelled her finger and then rubbed her pussy some more then she put her hands in her sun dress and rubbed her boobs o that felt good, and then rubbing her pussy and then her boobs then she took of her pantys and rubbed her pussy some more and drank some pop and layed on the grass and played with her pussy for hours and then she saw some flowers and got up and picked them and smelled them and then rubbed her pussy some more she took the flowers and rubbed them on her boobs they smelled good and the hat she was wearing felt nice , she thought she heard someone so she hurried and put her panties back on and pretended like she was just sitting there and not masturbating and she just layed under the tree and relaxed!

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