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Photoshoot ending in sex

(Part 1 from 1)

Hi guys, its me daaksha again.

Me and my boy friend raj started to have licking and cock sucking jobs. My boobs grew bigger as he presses them daily with his strong hands. My clit also was very sensitive than before. All thanks to my boy friend.

Yesterday he took me to his house. Actually it was a room and his room mates had gone for a movie. I was actually tired because i had orgasmed thrice in the theatre. My boy friend had twelve of my bra and panties that he used to remove from me in theatre while sucking each other.

That day too i was wearing no innerwear. My body was all sweat. He suggested me to take a shower. I went in the bath room. He told me to keep the doors open. I told that i wont. He told me that he has pressed my boobs and licked my cunt, he is my husband and he has the right to see me naked. Still i was not consoled. He took off his trousers. He showed me his long cock. I was so amazed to see it, because for the first time i am seeing what i used to suck so clearly.

I was staring at his cock for a minute. He then told it was my time.

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I slowly took of my shawl and the tops my boobs jumped out. He asked me to stop and jump. I did. My boobs were swaying he enjoyed it. Even i did. Then i took off my pants showing my shaved pussy to him. He told "wow".

I gave him my clothes and started to bath in front of my naked boy friend. He was masturbating seeing me shower naked. Then i came outside he handed over me a gift box. It had a top and a jeans pant i wore them... Tight fit and sexy.

Then we sat together. He told he watches playboy pics. I asked whats is that. To my shock he replied girls in nude poses. I dint believe but he show me in his laptop which made me horny. He asked whether i liked them. I accepted the fact told yes.
I asked why is he seeing other women body when he has a girl friend. He told he doesn't have nude pics. And immediately he asked me for a nude photo shoot. Turned horny due to pics i accepted.

First he took a pic of mine. Then he asked to loosen my buttons and give a pic with cleavage. I did. Then he removed all the buttons and took a pic showing my boobs but covering the nipple. He was wearing a trunk with a big bulge in it. I went and loosened up his garment and sucked his cock.

Then he took off my shirt and asked me to tightly press my boobs and cover my nipples he clicked. He asked me to lie down on bed. He told my nipples are not hard and he came and sucked it. It became hard then he clicked. He asked me to take off my pants. I was all nude again. He took a pic of me touching my pussy. He asked me to rub my cunt and he went on clicking. He asked me to turn back. I heard click sounds i was sure he was taking pics of my huge ass.

Suddenly i felt a hand on my ass rubbing me, i allowed him he put me straight and licked my cunt. I cummed. Then he took his cock and slowly started banging in my wet pussy. It was hard for him to enter. But still he did i screamed but he shew no mercy. Soon my hymen broke. I was starting to enjoy the sex act.

Soon he cummed in me. We dressed up cuz his friends would be there any time. And he left me back in the hostel with all my pussy drenched in his cum :

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