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Perfect Timing

(Part 1 from 1)

 This story is fictional!

Kiki standing 5'7, light skin, nice juicy round ass and small firm B cup breast had just made the cheerleading team of college.Sh was so happy that Daddy let her try out seeing that all the cheerleaders in ha highschool were sluts and hoes. Daddy wannted more for this girl.

Once kiki found out she quickly called ha daddy 2 tell him. "Daddy I make it! i made it!" Daddy was sitting on the sofa stroking his big black dick 2 his daughters voice. "Oh did u honey, I am so happy for you." "Daddy when I come home this weekend I am going 2 show u everything I've learned." He agreed to pick ha up from the air port that friday morning, and quickly hung up so he could bust a nut.

That friday morning daddy picked his lil girl up from the airport and was shocked that she stood in ha new cheerleading outfit. When ha daddy got out the car she run and jump on ha daddy. He caught ha right under the ass and notice that big black ass didnt have any panties on under it. His dick quickly responsed to the notice. Kiki arms were around ha daddy's neck and she kissed him on the cheek as David patty ha pussy. Kiki acted like she didnt notoced it. David knew he had to put ha down cus if not he would fuk his daughter at the airport.
Once they made it home kiki wnted ha daddy 2 c what she learned. "Daddy sit down i wanna sho u sum thing." David sat and watched his lil girl get ready. kiki staked jumping and shoing off ha pretty fat pus with each jump. she took ha top off to show ha daddy dat ha titis have grown into a full B cup.. kiki shook ha titis in ha daddy face. David was thrilled bu tried to hide his joy. David watched as his dick beeged to cum out... she did the splits and tumbled over showing ha daddy ha pus could get wide.

David was getting upset dat his daughter had indedd becom a slut."kiki is this all you've learned?" kiki was confused. "well beside book work." " kiki get yo ass on ya knees" kiki knew she was in trouble. she creeped to ha daddy on ha knees like a nice lil slut. david quickly unleased his 10in dick. "while away did u learn how 2 suck dick huh kiki?" kiki was so happy she had waitied yrs 2 c dat dick. "no daddy no." "yeah u did now open ya mouth" "But daddy its so big." David told ha to take this dick" kiki did as she was told. David grabbed his daughtershead and held his dick tightly. He watched ha firm lips part and take his dick inside. she sucked like a pro. she licked around the tip while playing with the balls and deep throat as much as she could. David held ha head still for a moment 2 fuck that blk angelic face.
"oh u lil slut u gonna make me cum. david pull his dick out. "daddy no dnt take dat dick away. shut the fuck up its my dick lay dwn and open ya legs.

i work hard 4 u 2 go 2 college and dis is all u learn. when he smell his lil girls pussy pot he went rite n and suck on ha pear till it was firm and slipped 2 fingers in ha pussy that drove kiki wild, "oh yes daddy, yes daddy." just as kiki was cumming david slipped his dick in and notice his lil wasnt a virgin€ €i've been waiting yr 2 have this pussy n u give it up b 4 i get it??? no daddy i was just practing 4 u. dnt b mad david slammed intol his lil gurls pussy oh kiki u feel so good.... daddy's lil slut daddy;s lili slut.....
kiki knew this was the perfect timing..."daddy fuck me'

he picked ha up aand slammed in her puss as she held on for dear life. they shared a tongue kiss that deepen their connection. Daddy i need to ride dat dick.... David didnt stop ha as they changed positions and kiki was on top bounce up and dwn as David held on the ha left nipple in his mouth on dadd i gotta pee i gotta pee, if u take this didck out i will stop paying 4 college u better piss on me. kiki did what she was told and whne david felt that hot piss he nuted in his pretty lil girl.

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