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My sister vacation in south africa

(Part 1 from 1)

Hi, I am david from London.. I am a great fan of traveling and more so of wild life. So I planned to have a trip to south Africa. I didn’t want to go alone so i wandered whom should I pick up for this. In our family all were ready then my sister told me she wants to go. We all then agreed that my sister will go with me.

so we started our packing and then after 2 days we boarded our flight to south arica. 2 family room were booked for for my sister and the other for me which incuded a single bathroom. We reached there and took our bath and relaxed for 8 hours sleeping. Later in evening we went outside for a walk and then came back. Let me tell u about me and my sister. I am 28 yrs old and my sister is 23 yrs old.she is 5’6” tall with a good figure with charming face. She had tanned legs and long legs. Her figure is 32 d-28-34. then after some time when we were watching tv one person came to us and told that there is a small party as it was hotel establishment day. So we both went around 8 o’clock. I wore as usual my coat and my sister wore her neckless clothes.. She had wore a pink neckless suit .she was looking stunning. We went there and started enjoying the party. A dance party was organized which started in about an half an hour and many couple started to dance together. we brother sister were sitting on a chair when a lady came to me and requested for a dance. I said ok and went near all people and started dancing. After some time I saw a black man talking with my sister and then they came near the dance party and started dancing. I was thinking what my sister is doing. Then I thought as the lady asked me for dance so as the black man would have requested for my sister. I then ignored that all and started dancing.

I saw my sister dancing with that black man and then I got busy with my partner. But meanwhile when I again saw towards my sister the black man has put his hand on my sister ass and was rubbing it slowly and dancing. My sister was enjoying the dance . after some time I saw that he has placed his hand on her shoulder and has pulled her closer and my sister eyes was closed. He was now rubbing her ass gently , one hand was on her thigh and was saying something which I couldn’t hear. My sister was smiling and listening to him. The lady with me saw me looking there and said leave them and enjoy dancing. She placed her hand on my cock and squeezed it. I was getting hard and I put my hand on her ass but again looked towards my sister. The lady said why r u looking there , dance with me. Leave them they r enjoying the dance and see how good they both r looking. One is black and the lady is so fair .isn’t that exiting. Yes sure, I said . he was around 6’3” tall with good body and though he was black he was charming and good looking. She was saying he is so charming and has big dick. Hearing this I got very angry. But I didn’t tell her that she is my sister .she was now rubbing my cock and I was getting hard .. I was angry with that man but at the same time I was getting aroused by this lady and as a result I enjoyed my sister view with a black man rubbing her ass.. Then the next thing I saw really surprised me. He was kissing my sister.

After some time the party ended and we both me and my sister went to our room. We had dinner and went to sleep. But as I was angry I couldn’t sleep. I then switched on the tv and started watching it. When I search on for some good program I saw a porn movie coming on tv. I started watching it and getting horny. I started masterbating. Just at that time I heard a knock at my sister door. I wondered who may be at this time. I then ignored it and started watching tv again. I was masterbating but then I heard some voice in my sister room. I went near the bathroom and listened the voice. A man voice was there and then I couldn’t hear any thing. Then I heard him saying ur very beautiful and sexy. I then has not doubt that the black man was there. I was getting exited and thought my sister wants that what can I do. She is a grown up girl. So I didn’t do any thing and went back to my bed. Next day that man met me in the lawn and my sister was sitting on chair. he was around 30 yr old. We had a chat and then I came to know that he is working as consultant in a firm and was from Zimbabwe.

we had a little bit chat and then he switched to personal life. We came to know each other that we both r unmarried. He then said that he likes white young lady and had some sexual encountered with them. He then pointed towards my sister and said this beautiful lady is so cute. Isn’t it. I said yes. Then he added that he had danced with her yesterday . he also said that he liked her ass .she has the ass which he likes very much. He also added that her thigh is very smooth and he would be just rubbing her thigh for hours. and most important that she is a virgin .after a long time he will be enjoying a virgin girl tonight. He said yes she is from london and is staying here for 3 days. I would have been staying in this hotel for a day but now I will be staying as long as she stays. He then asks me did u find any one. I said no. he said that he will be making love with her tonight. Now the word from my dance partner lady came to my sense that he has big cock. I was getting horny now and wanted to watch him with my sister. So I asked can I watch u make love with her. He said no problem. He said he was living on the 3rd floor and I should come in his room around 11pm. I said ok.

Then I went to bar . I saw him talking to my sister. They were dancing together and he was rubbing her ass and first time I saw my sister hand on her thigh just below his crotch. And her hand was moving towards his crotch and then I saw the most unhappening things. My sister had just put her palm on her crotch. That was unbearable for me but was even unbearable for them. I saw him kissing her hard and he took his right hand under her leg. May be he wanted to feel her womanhood. He then took her behind the bar room and I too quickly went behind a tree. From there I saw he was kissing my sister and then he put both his hand on her waist and within a few seconds he took her panty out and kept that inside his pocket. He kissed her at last not before feeling her breast and saying ur too wet to handle now. Meet u later at night. Then I quickly went to have a seat. My sister came and didn’t sat there. I said please sit down. she said no she isn’t feeling good so she want to go to room. I thought no sister the reason is that ur without panty. I said ok. We went to room and as soon as we went she took her panty from her room and ran in bathroom. I was already hard thinking she is naked under her bottom. At night we had dinner and he was just sitting opposite to my sister. And they were having some eye flashes which I saw when my sister blinked her eyes and smiled.

We ate and went to sleep around 10:30 pm. We were watching movies but I excused myself saying I am feeling sleepy and went in my bed room. A little later I heard bathroom door open. And when she came back her door locked . I just went near my sister room and from a small crack saw that she was wearing a new shirt and skirt. The shirt was white and almost noticeable black bra. I then came back and after 40 min I went to that man’s room and hided there. Around 11:30pm there was a knock and he opened it. There was my sister standing at the door in shirt and skirt which I just saw her wearing in her room. And it was new. It was tight shirt as well as skirt. He said darling de u wore all the clothes I gave to u. she smiled and said yes. that means she was wearing undergarments also given by him. He must have asked her panty size as well as her breast size. I was getting exited. He grabbed her and took her in his arms and closed the door. He started kissing her and cupped her ass. He was caressing her mouth and her ass together. She was responding him very well. they were kissing hard as they were hungry for years.

They were kissing for so long that I felt I will cum in pant. He inserted his mouth in my sister mouth and was searching her tongue . after kissing her for more than 10 minutes he withdrew his lips from her and said , ur very sexy my daring. I have never felt so good kissing a girl. He then kissed her neck and then brought his lips just above her breast and kissed it. He then brought his mouth over her breast and started to rub his mouth over her boobs. that was awesome. While kissing her he started to open her shirt buttons and one by one all button were opened. He then took her shirt off. Then he opened her skirt button and she came out from that skirt. She was now in black bra and panty. She was looking gorgeous .first time I saw my sister in bra and panty. He again started to kiss her and then moved his hand behind her back and unclipped her bra hook. My sister boobs become naked and first time I saw such a gorgeous breast and that was of my beautiful sister. He took one of her breast in his mouth and started to pinch her aroused tits. I saw other breast and her tits were around 1 cm. wow my sister was really aroused. He sucked her breast for very long time and during this her body stiffened . Within seconds I saw my sister body tense as the waves of her first orgasm tear through her. I was really happy to see him making my sister cum by just licking her breast. He had not done anything other that kissing her and sucking her breast. He asked did u cum. My sister just nodded her head. He was smiling and saying u came in just kissing and sucking ur breast. Ur truly a sex goddess. Looks like we both will be having memorable night. He again started to kiss her and then cupped her ass over her panty. He was rubbing her ass and then he brought one hand in front of her panty and just placed it over her panty covered pussy. He started to rub her pussy over her panty and took her breast in his mouth. I was now rock hard and started to stroke my cock.

I wanted to see his cock in her virgin pussy. he then inserted his finger in his mouth and licked it. He then placed his finger on her lips and she licked her own juices and cum. He then kissed her . My sister panty was soaked with her juices and her cum. he then placed both his hand on her waist and inserted his finger and started to roll her panty downward. My sister rosed one leg to help him take her soaked panty out of her body. She was now naked and I can see her naked shaved pussy glistering with her womanly juice and cum.. and the black man was still in clothes. What a good breast she has. oh….. my wasn’t saggy and big around 32d and stood proudly on her chest.. And a shaved pussy. I think that she has removed her pussy hair today itself because I had seen hair remover in her room today. The black man had given her since she was not having with her and also there was mention of African company name on that hair remover packet.
He then put one finger inside her pussy and stated to fuck her with that single finger. Fucking her with some time , he then inserted 2 finger.

My sister was in heaven. She was breathing hard and moaning . the only sound came from her mouth was oh..oh..ahh , ahhh ahhh. Ah hhhhh. After 15 minutes of finger fucking my sister body again stiffened and she moaned. She was Cumming again. I thought what a sexy sister is mine. She hadn’t had him inside till now and she had already cummed twice. I thought why she is Cumming soon and soon. Was she exited to have a black man or was he very good in making her cum again and again. I then looked at my watch it was 12:10 am. We all had about 40 minutes of sex pleasure. U may be thinking why I said we all. They were enjoying and I too was also enjoying seeing them. Do u all got now. I felt very happy for my sister thinking that she was 23 and still virgin. And now she was going to loose her virginity and soon would become a woman. What a luck she had. I thought not many girl gets opportunity to loose her virginity to a black man. I thanked god for giving my sister luck to have a good sexual enjoyment that she was getting and what she will be getting for 2 days. Once my sister cummed for second time he kissed her again and then told her to open his shirt and my sister took off his shirt. My sister eyes were mesmerized seeing his broader chest and flat. There was no fat on his body and from my sister look I can feel that she was liking his body. he was smiling.

My sister looked up at him, trying to process just what he meant. And then she felt his hand move up her thigh. She felt her skin tingle as he slid upwards, and she looked down paralyzed as he cupped her pussy in his big black hands.

r u ready for fun, he asked my sister. My sister just smilled."Now I'm going to fuck you", he simply said, and with that he again slid a finger deep inside her. My sister moaned loudly as he touched her, his words turning her on like nothing else before. He laughed as my sister reacted to his touch and slid a second inside, easily sliding it in since she was so wet.

In and out his fingers went inside her tight little pussy, and my sister closed her eyes to better savor the sensations of this big powerful black mans touch. My sister felt his hand on hers and kept her eyes closed. My sister felt him move her hand and still her eyes were closed. But then my sister opened her eyes in shock as she felt him place her hand on his lap, feeling something huge underneath. "My god", my sister thought "it is true! He's huge!" my sister felt her mouth gape as the big black man began to move her hand over his thick cock, letting her feel every one of his 10 inches. He knew it was massive and that this girl was a virgin. But she was about to get it.

He stood up, her hand moving with his cock as he moved, not wanting to let it go. My sister watched as he undid his pants and gasped as he pulled out his massive cock. It was so long and thick, so dark. my sister felt her pussy moisten.

"Now suck it my love".

my sister leaned forward, half in awe, half in fear of his monstrous black cock. My sister lifted the hanging cock with her little hand, thinking how small it looked compared to this gargantuan cock and began to lightly stroke it. The foreskin slid back and forward over the big head underneath and she began to stroke it faster, letting her hand slide all over the big thick cock. Finally she leant forward and let her tongue slide over the head of his cock, tasting the salty pre-cum that was already there. God he tasted good was all my sister could think.

He gripped a handful of her hair, laughing out loud as my sister became entranced by his wonderful cock. And she wasn't the first one either. Many a white girl had been ruined by his thick man meat before, but my sister would be different as she was virgin. He groaned as my sister took the big head into her mouth, sucking gently on it, letting her tongue swirl all over the big purple head. Yep, my sister knew what she was doing. He'd had picked up a good sexy girl well. He asked where did u learn all these. She said she had seen some porn.

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my sister popped the head out of her mouth, licking down the thick shaft, the shaft that seemed to go on for an eternity. My sister briefly worried about how this monster was going to fit inside her tight virgin pussy, but she quickly forgot about it, the excitement of getting a big black cock to loose virginity like this made her happy. My sister popped the head back inside, wanting to see how much of this monster she could get inside her mouth. She pressed her mouth down his cock, trying to take as much as she could, feeling his cock hit the back of her throat but she knew she was still only half way down. But this thing was still more than half way out. God she was horny!

black man smiled as my sister struggled to get his big cock inside her mouth, knowing there was no way this virgin could take it. He decided to give her a helping hand and pulled roughly on her head, forcing it further down his cock, hearing her gag as he roughly began to fuck her face. In and out he pumped his big cock into her mouth, using her like the little fuck toy she was, pumping his big thick cock further and further down her mouth. Tears began to flow from her eyes as he used her mouth, but his mouth dropped as he finally realized that she was still pumping what was left of his cock with her hand, knowing that she was enjoying getting used like this. "You fucking my love" he spat out as he fucked her mouth, and almost reluctantly withdrew his hard cock from her, the need to fuck her overwhelming him.

He sat down on the chair beside my sister and nodded down at his cock. My sister knew what he wanted. He wanted the same thing as she did. Immediately she hitched her leg up, exposing once more her soft shaven pussy and as she tried to straddle him she moaned loudly as his fingers slipped inside her. He pulled them out and pressed them to her lips, and she looked straight into his eyes as she sucked hungrily on them, tasting herself on his thick black fingers. She leaned down and grasped his cock, still shocked that her little fingers were nowhere near able to fully grip his thick shaft and she positioned the head against her pussy. She looked at him nervously now, not quite sure if it will fit, and he leaned in and kissed her tenderly before whispering "take it slow baby".

my sister nodded and slid gently down, feeling the big cockhead slide inside her. It was too much already. He pushed his ass upward and my sister cherry popped up. She was in lot of pain. Her virginity has gone now. He waited for some time to accommodate the feeling she was having due to tearing of her cherry. He gained some control and I think the pain subsided a little. Her body began to convulse as she felt the thickness of the big black man and immediately an orgasm washed over her. Black man chuckled. This was the first time a any girl had cum straight away from his massive cock and a good thre times in total.. It was a good thing, she'd be wetter now.

my sister gasped loudly, composing herself and once more began to slide down his thick shaft, taking inch by inch into her tight pussy. It felt enormous inside her. So big. And there was still more to come. She closed her eyes and with an enormous effort slid the rest of his thick hard cock inside her. She screamed. It was so big. Her pussy felt so stretched. Her fourth orgasm surged through her body.

After a few seconds she realised the big powerful black man was rocking her back and forwards, moving his monstrous cock inside her. My sister moaned, whimpered, loving the sensations this big black man was creating inside her. My sister began to move back as his lips found her breasts, his big puffy lips engulfing her nipples as he sucked hungrily at them. She began to slide up and down his thick long shaft, feeling him thrust up to meet her. He was so big. My sister was so tight. It was incredible.

my sister moved faster and faster with every stroke, from a gentle rocking to a hard fucking, slamming her ass down as she moved up and down his huge cock. My sister wanted to fuck him so badly, to fuck his like he's never been fucked before, to take all his big black cock like the good little lady she was, like the first time loving the black cock. She bounced up and down, her tits jiggling all over his face, his hands smacking her ass as he rode her. Orgasm after orgasm washed through her body as my sister fucked his gigantic black cock, for the first time she was having sex. She loved his black cock and wanted more and more.

Finally he lifted her off, telling her he wanted to see how much of his black seed his virgin love girl could take. She smiled, kneeling in front of him in the aisle of the bus. He began to jerk his big black cock as my sister licked the tip, hungry for his load. He groaned and then stream after stream of his cum splashed all over her face, landing in her hair, in her eyes, on her cheek and down her throat. She moaned herself, her hand having found its way to her pussy as she tasted his cum and swallowed what she could. She felt so slutty, so trampy, such a whore. She came again.

Finally he was finished, all the cum drained from his big black balls. She reached out and milked the last few drops, tasting them as they peeked out. Finally he was done, and she stood up and kissed his cheek.

"Thank you for a fantastic experience" she said to him. But he cut her words short and kissed her saying baby I have never enjoyed such beautiful sex with any one. Ur wonderful. Thanks for saving ur virginity for me. I would love to have more and more with u and I think I will still not be satisfied. I will want more and more and so on……

But he was not finished yet with my 23 yrs sexy sister who has just lost her virginity and fuck of her life. Fuck of life because she is not going to get such powerful man with 10 inch cock.. he wanted to have my sister ass. So he started to rub her pussy again and she started to get hot. And he too was becoming hard once again. My sister took his cock in his hand and started to rub it . then she replaced her hand with her tongue and then started to lick him. And then took him into her mouth.

My sister laid down on her back on the platform and he knelt between her knees. He pushed his cock into her beautiful and smooth blood drained pussy. She was still wet and her lips were swollen. He put his cock on my sister pussy entrance and in 2 stroke he entered her fully. After 10 minutes slow and hard strokes, he pulled out of her pussy and positioned his cock at her ass. She now got shocked that he is going to take her ass. Seeing her he understood he said oh my love I will be gentle to u and u will love after some pain. she was now relaxed and then She angled her pelvis to give him better access to her ass, raised her knees and pulled on her legs until her thighs flattened her breasts. It was a position of complete submission. he lodged his cock in the crack of her asa and gave a slow and steady push. I could feel her ass yielding to his cock as the head stretched her ass open. Just as he was getting concerned and almost pulled back, she let out a quiet "ungh" through clenched teeth as the head of his cock slipped in. Damn she was tight. he started to slowly ease his cock further into her. She looked at him with her dark eyes, her brow furrowed as she slowly breathed out through pursed lips and whispered "slowly" to him.

He answered her with a kisses on her neck and slowly pulled out a little then back in. he made slow progressive strokes easing more and more into her each time. Once he was fully into her ass, she hooked her legs over his shoulders. he kept a slow and even pace while fucking her tight ass. Her eyes remain close except when she would occasionally open them to look at him and smile. his cock began to harden even more. Her nipples stayed hard. She slid one hand between him to her pussy and the other to her nipple. My sister breathing quickened as she pulled on her nipple and clit. This was too much for him. he started to increase the pace and force of his cock in her ass which caused her to cry out and moan. he could feel the first shots of cum leave his balls as he filled her ass. This caused her to use one hand on her pussy and the other on her clit as she climaxed once again. he continued stroking into her ass until her orgasm finished and didn't stop until he was too soft to push back in. Even after fucking her ass, it was still tight.

he laid down beside her and closed his eyes. She laid her leg and arm across his body and started kissing his chest as they rested in the hot bed. My sister was absolutely amazing. Then they slept for some time . after one hour they had one more round and then my sister went back to her room.

In the morning when I went to wake up, I saw her left hand inside her panty. I came back and then voiced up to wake up. She woke up but when she started to walk she ws unable to walk. She was limping. I asked her what happened , she said looks like pain in thigh. I had my face back of her body and I was laughing. She was thinking me a fool but I all knew that she had her best night at the age of 23.

We had our shower and then went to have our breakfast and there we met again. He asked was that a good show. I said yes, it was worth watching. He then said she is not wearing any panties and he is going to have her in her room. Saying this he went near her and said something and went back upstairs. My sister came back and said that she is not feeling well and that she is going to sleep. I said should I come to help u. she said no she will take care of herself. I also went behind her and slowly hided in my room. The black man came and lifted my sister and went in bathroom. I heard shower and then they were talking . then after some time I heard my sister gasping , looked like she was taking his cock. My sister was moaning and moaning. After 1 hour they came back from shower and both were naked……

We had this last day in south Africa. Next day when we were packing our bags I saw my sister face upset. I asked her. She said she loved this place and wanted to stay some more time. I felt sorry for her and since I loved her I canceled my flight and said to her that we will be staying 4 days more. She was very happy and thanked me.

For next 4 days she must have fucked him at least 20 times. She even sleeped 2 whole night with him.
We then cam back to our country.

I had seen my sister happy since then and I again want to go to Africa this year and know that she will definitely come along with me.

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