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My neighbour : Part 2

(Part 1 from 1)

I called back home to collect my computer when the door bell rang it was Joan the neighbor she said how pleased she was I had called home because she had locked herself out of the house whilst hanging out the washing so i grabbed a ladder and went in through a first floor window. I went down and opened the door to the kitchen. As Joan came in with a big thanks we both turned to her television which was on and she had been watching a porn dvd. The guy on screen was fucking a blonde and she was screaming fuck me hard.

Joan was bright red and said sorry I was just watching some fun. At this point the guy had removed his cock and the title came up monster cock fucking. I smiled and said was she dreaming and she replied yes I have never had one that big. She was clearly turned on as her nipples were rock hard under her skimpy top. We sat down in front of the TV as I had a cold drink and the next part started with a scene of a girl taking about nine inches down her throat and after some minuets he shot his cum all over her face. Joan was now playing with her nipples and asked me was I turned on by porn.

I answered by yes it was good she said was I hard and ready with which her other hand moved onto my shorts and she sighed she had forgotten how big I was we had fucked once in the past. She then stood in front of TV and stripped naked then taking a vibrator from drawer started to ride it her moans became longer and her body started shaking as she removed the vibrator at the same time as she squirted a load all over the tiled floor. By now my cock was in my hand to give me some relief when she told me to strip off and lay on the floor. She then took another even thicker vibrator stood over me and repeated the previous effort this time squirting another flood of juices all over me.

She then lowered her cunt onto my dick and slowly built up speed my balls were bursting as she came again and my cum unloaded into her mixing with another squirting session from her she then stood up bent over the chair and said please fuck my ass which my slippery dick obliged as I thrusted back and forth her great tits wobbled back and forth with her huge nipples brushing the chair arm with each stroke she reached yet another climax and yet another flood of juice on the floor.

We showered and got dressed and parted with a hope that she would need a rescue again soon.

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