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My first time with another guy..true story

(Part 1 from 1)

I am a 46 year old married guy...I have a beer belly but otherwise not bad looking 6'2" 250 tatoos and an average 6 inch cut cock. I have always been turned on by both men and women but never had sex with a guy although i did have dreams about it.

One day I left the wife and kids home to go fishing. I got to the lake and in my favorite spot was a tall (6'6" about 150 pounds) skinny young guy. Since there was enough room for 2 I asked if he minded if I took the spot next to him. He said definately so I got my chair, pole and tackle boc and set up. I asked if he was catching anything and he said no. I told him my name was JD and he told me his name was Nick. turns out Nick was 21 single and lived one town over. We chatted and fished for a couple of hours but nothing was biting and the heat was intense. Talk turned to video games and i told him i played. We had several games in common and he invited me over to cool off in the airconditioning of his apartment and to play some games. We packed up and i followed him to his apartment stopping at the store to pick up a sixpack of beer.

We got to his little one room apartment opend a beer and started playing some xbox360 games. His apartment was nice and cool. I was wearing a pair of shorts and a tanktop and nick had on long baggy jeans and a tshirt. After playing for an hour or so and finishing the 6 pack we sat back and chatted some more. Talk turned to girls. Turns out Nick did not have a girlfriend since he was burned by a girl when he was 18. The beer had gotten to him and he also admitted to me he was a virgin. Seems the girl was a tease and just played mind games with him.

After a while we talked about my experiences with women. When i was young and thin I got plenty of action. He asked if being married meant I got laid everynight. I told him I got laid often enough but you get bored with the same women after 18 years of marriage. He then asked if I still jerked off and I told him of course. Even when I got laid often i still jerked off.

I noticed near his dvd player was some porn videos. I mentioned them and he asked if i would like to watch one. Now all of the sudden it was getting warm again. At least my crotch was. So he popped in a video and after about 20 minutes we were both turned on. I had a raging hardon. His breathing was shallow and he was a bit flushed. I looked over at him and saw a massive bulge making his pants stick up. I asked if he wanted me to leave so he could take care of his business because by the looksof things he probably should take care of it before he exploded. He looked at me and smiled and with a chuckle said he sure could use to get some relief and asked if i wanted to stay and we could both jerk and watch.
I had all sorts of things running through my mind at that point he gay? Is he going to laugh at my small 6 inch cock. Could we actually get it on together? Anyway before i knew it I said sure. Being bold I took off my tanktop and kicked off my sneakers. Then i stood up and dropped my shorts and underwear kicking them off to the side. I looked over at him and he was looking at my cock. he then stood up took off his tshirt. His chest was almost hairless except around his nipples. The he stood up and undid his belt. I was watching him the whole time and we was still looking at me. He let his pants drop to the ground. Out popped the biggest cock i have seen up close in my life. It was a little over 8 inches cut and very thick.

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Neither of us had said a word since we started to undress so I figured I better say something. I ws mesmerized by the size of his cock so I said "wow, that is one big cock you have there". He smiled and sat down. we tried to focus on the movie. We just watched and played with our cocks. I asked him if he had any vasaline to use as lube and he ran and grabbed a jar. he said he was thankful because he could not jerk off without using some lube. I looked at him and said if he had not had any we would have used saliva. then I laughed and said I would have had to put saliva on his cock because it was so big he would not had enough. He told me he would have plenty because he could actually get his own cock in his mouth. I said no way...he assured me he could.

I told him that was something i had to see. After a little prodding he bent over and put the first 3 inches of his cock in his mouth. I was amazed and told him he did not need a girlfriend. I said if i could do that I probably never got married and laughed. Then i asked if he ever sucked himself off. He said he had tried but he could only get that 3 inches in his mouth. He had admitted he has licked his cockhead while he jerked off a few time until he came. I asked if he swallowed his load and he saidnot usually if he did he was either drunk or would spit it out. He said it did not taste to good. he then asked me if i have ever tasted my own cum or anyone elses. I told him I had tasted mine and it was fine. Then I got bold and said I had not tasted anyone elses but would like to. He turned blushed and his cock twitched.

I asked if I could taste his. He said ok and told me he would jerk off quick. I tld him if he did not mind i would suck his cock and taste it that way. His cock twitched again and asked if I wanted him to do the same to me. I told him i would like for him to suck me but he did not have to swallow if he did not want. I warned him that I do shoot big loads. He told me his weren't to big and I told him it did not matter i would swallow it or try to anyway because I liked the taste of cum.

I asked if he wanted to continue to watch the porn and he said it did not matter to him but suggested we go over to the bed so we could be more comfortable. he said he was not into kissing another guy and i tld him it did not matter to me one way or the other and what ever he wanted to try I was game. We stretched out on his bedside by side in a 69 type position. For a couple of minutes neither of us moved. Finally, I reached out and grabbed his cock. i put I think layer of vasoline on my hands to make them slide easier. He broke his trance and did the same and took hold of my smaller cock. We slowly started jerking each other. Finally I leaned over and licked the tip of his cock. No sooner did I do that the a drop of precum appeared at the tip of his massive rod. Again I took my tongue and liked the precum off. He moaned. I started to lick his cock all ob=ver and he followed my lead. I stopped for a minute and sat up. Ho froze as I licked my way un his belly button and to his nipples. i spent about 5 minutes at each nipple and looked down to see his cock twitching and amore dropps of precum on the tip of his cock.

He said wow...that felt great and asked if i wanted him to do that to me. i told him it was up to him. He said he wanted this to last so he felt great but I had to stop him so I could get at the precum that was now dripping off his massive dickhead. We went back to laying down and he went back to licking my cock. I started doing the d=same but then I put my lips over the tip of his cock and sunk down as far as i could go. Three tries and I was down to his pubic hair. He tried to do the same to me but gagged. I told him to just suck as much as he could and use his hand as well. He started to do that and I started to deepthroat him not believing i could actually get it all the way down my throat. I suck him and used my hand as well.
Soon his hips started thrusting and I knew he was going to blow. I started moaning on his cock and he started moaning as well. Next thing I knew he took his mouth off my cock and said "cumming cumming" and started sucking and jerking me harder. I sunk my mouth down into his pubes as he started to blast off in my mouth. Five small squirts and he was done. Just as he finished I told him I was going to cum. He tried to return the favor but the cum was to much and to thick. he gagged a little but swallowed what he had in his mouthand let the rest squirt onto his bed.

We did it 2 more times before i left...the second time I added in sucking each others balls and the last time i stuck a lubed finger up his ass right when he was about to cum and his load actually got a little bigger. I swallowed all he had to offer each time. I made sure the 2nd and 3rd time when i was going to cum he would pull my cock out and just jerk me off.

We have now been getting together for 2 years at least once a month and he now just jerks me off or satisfies my foot fetish by jerking me with his feet because even my precum is to much for him. I have worked ass play into the routine and will be taking his ass soon and maybe even trying to take his monster up my ass. Stay tuned and I will let you know how it goes.

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