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Moms friend donna

(Part 1 from 1)

My moms friend Donna did landscaping and needed help . my mom got her to hire me for help.  so Donna had my mom drop me off in the morning. when i got to Donnas house she told me she was jumping in the shower. after i had heard the water turn on and hadnt heard the door shut i got up and looked. Donna left the door open a crack. i looked in and she was in the shower soaping up her hot body. Donna was 6 foot tall with blonde hair and blue eyes she only weighed about 110lbs.  Donna looked good for 45 she had nice 34btits with peirced nipples.

Donna then started to shave her pussy i got so hard watching. after about 10 minutes she shut the water off so i went and sat down on the couch. Donna came out in a towl and went up stairs. once she was up stairs i could hear moaning so i snuck up stairs. once i looked in the door way she was laying on her bed with her panties on fucking herself with a red vibrator.

i walked into her room and dropped my pants. she said wait brandon but i got on the bed in between her legs. brandon stop i got a husband i told her you know you want it as i licked her ear. Donna moaned as i kissed her neck ripping her panties to get to her balled pussy. Donna then called me a animal as she moaned helping guide me in her wet bald pussy. as i started pumping my cock deep in her warm pussy Donna told me to fuck her harder.  i began fuckin her harder as she moaned whispering in my ear not to tell anyone so her husband rich dint find out. i told Donna i wouldnt as i fucked her deep and hard.

She told me to cum in her so i kept fucking her till i couldnt take it. i began to feel my cock swell up so i pushed it all the way in her. i let my cum pump in her pussy as deep as i could. Donna held me tight kissing me telling me rich must not find out brandon. i said ok as i pulled out watching my cum drip out her pussy. Donna then grabbed my cock and sucked it hard again. she climbed on top and slid my dick in her again.  she said please brandon one more quicky.

I just smiled as she starting grinding on my cock. Donna leaned foward and started kissing me as we fucked. after a few minutes i held her tight n let my load go deep inside her again. we got dressed and went to work this was the best day ever i told her as we worked.  Donna told me if rich dont find out we can do it again. 

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