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Michael phillips in Canada

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Michael Phillips is a C.F.O. of Phillips Investment Group LLC. He is always on the lookout for new investments to add to his impressive portfolio. Reuters reported sizable returns of those investing in the Canadian oil sands. Michael chartered a plane for Edmonton. Once there he immediately left for Fort McMurray to collect the particulars on the oil sand operation.

After several hours of meetings, Michael began the long trip back to Edmonton. Arriving at the hotel Selkirk, he went to the Mahogany Room for a scotch and soda before retiring to his room to mull over the facts and figures presented to him throughout the day. Before leaving he requested an additional scotch and soda be delivered to his room in one hour’s time.

In the large luxurious suite sat Michael reviewing cost allocations, income from operations, and the statements of cash flows, lost in the realm of facts and figures, and oblivious to the time.
Soon there was a knock on the door; Michael hollered, “Come in”. The evening maid presented him with the scotch and soda ordered earlier.

Michael looked up from his work to notice petite woman with long blonde hair standing beside him “will there be anything else sir?”
“No, that will be all for now.” Michael noticed the young lady spoke with a loud vibrant British voice.
“May I inquire as to your name?”
“I am Sondra sir.”

Her reverberating English accent was strangely erotic to him. He felt the need to talk more to her asking questions, while getting more and more aroused by her accented response. Soon he felt a thick long hardon forming in the crotch of his suit pants.

Michael took the opportunity to look over the various features of this intoxicating beauty. The maid was in a conventional maids outfit, complete with a miniskirt. Her breasts were firm and supple; her lips deliciously full, complimented by a perky bottom. 

The maid felt Michael’s gaze and became nervous, dropping the drink tray on the floor. As she bent down to retrieve the tray, Michael had an unimpeded view of her plump unblemished buns and pouting pink pussy lips, which were unencumbered by underwear.

In a reflex action to the heat of the moment, Michael shot his fingers straight into her quivering quim, rolling around in the sloshing moisture of her cuntal juices. She did not resist his groping digits, she positioned herself doggy style and closed her eyes, willing fully taking his finger fucking.

Michael full well knew such activities came with a price, before continuing Michael regretfully withdrew his finger from her cuntal garden, causing the maid to open her eyes in confused displeasure.
“How much?” Michael asked the maid.
“How much for the sex?”
“I don’t understand” 
“Look! How much do you want to have sex? You know . . . fifty dollar, make you holler?”
“Do you think I’m a whore? Is that what you fucking think I am? A whore?” 

Michael sat silently, somewhat stunned by the reply, finally speaking “I didn’t know, I just thought . . .” 
“ You are wrong I only have sex with men I like, and not for money.” “I am your chambermaid, but I would like to be more to you. You are handsome and kind.” 
“I’m sorry I thought you were a whore. I think you’re absolutely ravishing.” 

Michael stood up and embraced the maid in a passionate kiss. The maid noticed the tent pole in Michaels pants. She immediately dropped down to the floor and unbuttoned his pants; she pulled them down to his knees and exposed his rigid meat pole. 

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Opening her luscious lips, she leaned forward and downed his entire jizm soaked cock and began to stroke it in and out of her mouth. 
He almost shot off when her mouth suddenly opened wide and screwed itself down along the length of his shaft. So intense was the sensation of being swallowed in all his thickness and pulsation by her vacuuming cuntlike mouth, that it caused him to break into a sweat.

He could tell that she too was deriving real pleasure from it. She sucked eagerly; carefully savoring every moment she was able to sustain herself on his great, glistening dong. Disembodied animal sounds emanated from her throat and her hands tore her own clothes off, unable to tolerate confinement of any sort. She then lathered her own pussy as she deep throated him into blue veined heaven.
After a few more strokes Michael asked her to abandon her amazingly thrilling tongue play on his knob. He quickly shed his clothes, and in a few moments was completely nude.

He stood her up and lead her towards the easy chair at the opposite side of the room. Michael lay down on the easy chair placing his feet on the ottoman. The maid seized his meat pole and stretched her legs over the sides of the easy chair, then slowly, with eyes closed in delicious anticipation, lowered her rushing, juice gushing gash towards the shaft in her hands. 

At first contact of his cockhead with her labia and clit, the maid screamed with wild abandonment. Her screams shortened into throaty gasps and moans as inch by inch her pussy ate up his cock. He watched it all in his chair with sensual delight. 

At last their crotches were glued together. When her pretty pussy was all engorged with hot, powerful cock, it seemed to flood her senses immediately with orgasms. They came one after another as she twisted and squirmed, bumped and ground above him. 

He kept on bouncing her into the air on his knees, meeting her downward cuntal lunges with upward thrusts of his thick dick. His cock smashed deep into her cunt as their bodies came together. Her wet cock clenching cunt rioting in ever stronger, ever more frequent spasms of ecstasy. His hard cock was like a pile driver smashing deep into her cunt. 

She continued to ride him harder and harder driving herself down on his solid steel like shaft with an urgent frenzy, literally banging her hard little clit against his shaftside between deep self-impalings.
Her head bent forward and her teeth bit ferociously into his neck flesh. He bled and she lapped up the blood with her darting tongue. The sensation Michael felt from her bite was on of pure erotic lust. He drove his shaft into her juice filled snatch harder and harder.

She screamed and ripped out chunks of flesh from his back with her long talons. The searing pain in Michaels back was transferred into feelings of erotic abandonment, and a further sense of sexual arousal, causing a searing core of fire to run through him, from his toes to his brain. 

Feeling he could no longer hold back he felt his man globes tighten, and he blew his load deep inside her luscious cunt. Seven copious squirts of hot cum filled her love tunnel. She fell off his cock like a deer shot in mid air.

She lay there spent, as he reached for the telephone. He informed the corporate offices of his wishes to purchase shares in the Fort McMurray oil sand. He made arrangements to stay an extra day to finalize the transaction. When he hung up the phone he gently massaged her breasts, and kissed her abdomen.

“I will soon own holdings here in Alberta, and as such I will be returning in the future. We can again engage in the throws of passion.” 
“ I am only here for the summer Michael, and I will return in a months time to the U.K. I am afraid this may not happen again.”

Michael turned feeling emptiness and sorrow, knowing that such passion may never be felt with the divine goddess again.

He turned back and looked her in the eyes and the feeling was one of erotic electricity. He knew there time was limited. They lay there looking out over the city of Edmonton softly and lovingly kissing each other. Soon the feelings of remorse left Michael and he found himself resolved to being grateful for the loving his had from this angle of another continent.

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