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Man on man

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I am a bi-sexual male who prefers men. I do have a fuck buddy and we get together once or twice a week. This last week-end we attended a gay sex party and raw animal sex it was. We had to arrive prior to six in the evening because that is when the doors lock and do not open again until three in the morning.

We walked in and already there were about 35 naked men in all stages of sexual pleasure. I could feel myself getting hard already it all looked to inviting. I don't know what I enjoy more sucking or fucking giving or receiving. I love the way a mans hard cock feels in my hand or in my mouth or up my ass. I love to jack my men friends off and feel how hard they are and the vains and shape of there cock in my hand. I could see that tonight I was going to be able to have anything and everything I wanted. the first man I met was jim, jim had a nice size cock and I couldn't wait to get it into my mouth or up my ass.

When my ass gets fucked I prefer really large cocks I want them to spread me and fill me to capacity. I want it to hurt and by looking around I could see several that fit the bill. jim wanted to get fucked so i fucked him hard and fast and than he sucked my cock until i shot gooey stuff all over his face.

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Than Mike came over and said he thought I would be a good fuck. his cock was about 8 inches but was really big in girth. he slowly entering my wanton ass and once he was in he started his fucking motion he filled me good and I could feel every thrust to its maximum. When he got his rocks off it just kept squirting into my ass and his throbbing cock felt so good.

It wasn't long before another man I don't know his name wanted to fuck he put his healthy cock deep into my ass while i was sucking a pretty good size cock. He pounded my ass like an animal but I have to be honest it felt great. just as he was getting off the guy I was sucking got off and filled my mouth with his nut nector. He tasted really good. As soon as he stepped away another man was standing there and held his dick out to me which I took without any second thoughts.

I love the taste of cum and the more I get the more I like it. but I needed to fuck someone so i approached this young guy must not of been over 20 and asked if I could party with him he smiled and said hell ya. I said I'm really hot to fuck someone right now and he said ok do me. his ass was small and really tight and it took awhile to get all the way in even using a lot of lube.

But once in he felt fantastic and let me fuck him as hard and fast at I wanted in fact he kept saying harder faster until i got my nut nector to shoot and shoot it did it just kept coming he finally put my cock into his mouth and sucked it till I quit. At some point in the evening I was taking two at a time one in my mouth and one in my ass or in my hand.

I quit counting at 19 and I know it was a lot more than that because some I had done earlier that evening. I love men's gooey stuff and I love how there cocks feel and I certainly got all I wanted that evening.

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