Losing virginity to sister!

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

so this started a few years back when i was 19 years old and my sister pooja was 24 years.  my mom goes to work early in morning and comes back late at night and dad is most of time out of town for business.  so basically me and my sister stay at home alone.  we both are very frank and open to each other,  basically we share everything.

short description of my sister- she hot and fair.  she got average size boobs around 32 but they are tight and have a tasty pink nipple.  but main thing that makes me crazy about her is her ASS.  her ass is huge.  i mean look she is not fat at all. shes thin but her ass is so big and tight that it pumps out when she wears jeans or anything tight.

So coming back to the story,  it was summertime and i went to play football about at 6 am.  i came home at around 9 am.  my already went to work and dad was out of town. as soon as i entered in house i noticed that my sister was taking shower. there is a small hole at bottom of our bathroom door so i just peeked out of curiosity and that was the first time when i saw my sister naked.  she had these great boobs and ass. my dick got hard just in seconds. then i kept thinking i wish i get a chance to fuck her! i kept thinking the ways to try on her. then i got this brilliant idea.

i poured water on my bed, so i asked my sister to sleep beside her and she agreed. at summer its too damn hot here so my sister went to take shower before sleeping. i was sitting on bed with my lappy. she came out of shower and i noticed quickly that she was not wearing a bra.

i waited till 1 am to make sure that shes sleeping.  then i slowly put my hand on her left boob pretending that i moved in sleep. i started to press her boob and pinch her nipple slowly. then suddenly. . ! her nipple got hard. i read somewhere that when women get horny their nipples get hard. 

and her nipple was like rock hard. i knew that she was not sleeping.  she was taking pleasure. so i started to press it harder. i pressed boob so hard that anyone will get awake.  so i was 100% sure that she knew what i was doing. but mom sleeping on next room so i did not make any move and let the night go.

next day we were at home alone as usual. she came out of shower.  she was wearing lose half pants.  she took sun lotion and started applying on her legs.  i also took some of it at started to apple on my hands.  then i poured some more and said that its too much for me. so using all the guts i have i used that lotion on her legs. 

i was massaging her toes then suddenly i went to thighs. she had this evil smile on her face like she wanted it. then i went to upper thies besides her pussy. i was able to feed warmth of it. then suddenly i made move and licked her thigh.  she moaned that time. that was clue for me.  i suddenly removed her pant with her underwear kissing her everywhere i made her to stand up and started to lick her huge ass. she was wet everywhere with my siliva then she grabbed my and gave me a a long smooch. 

i removed her t shirt and she removed mine grabbing her boobs i started to lick her nipple and fingering her pussy at the same time.  she was playing with my cock with one hand and with other hand she was pushing me hard to lick her nipples. then she went down and gave me a blowjob for nearly 10 minutes.

all of a sudden she asked me that are you a virgin? with my positive reply she said then let me take it. and she took my dick and pushed into her pussy. this time her moaning was loud and more crazier. i started to fuck her.  we did start stop so we could enjoy each other for more time.

then i came inside her. that was the first time i had sex and that was too with my own sister. 
it was quite often to have sex with her then until she got married.

still sometimes she comes to visit us and when no one is at home we start out exercise. . . ok bye for now time to have fuck with her. .

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