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i used my son to get at my husband

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

Iím a 41-year-old mother to one son. Iím happily married and have been for 18 years. Russell my son has just turned 18 and is quite tall and all right looking. He's going through that stage where he's constantly horny and is always trying to see women naked including me once in a while, even though I know it's wrong, and it shocks me, it still turns me on to think that my own son looks through my bathroom window while im in the shower and wanks over me! Whenever I see him at the window I make sure that I cover my plump tits and school girl like shaven pussy with the shower curtain, as if to tease him, but also because it still felt rather wrong for me to show myself off totally to my son.

Colin, my husband is rather stuck up and only ever indulges in boring old sex that lasts for a few minutes, which is fine most of the time, but when ever Russell has his friends over and they are all outside by the pool I wonder to myself how it would feel to have two young studs pounding all of my holes until they sprayed there hot cum inside me.

One day in mid summer Colin and I had been fighting and he had stormed out the house which left only myself, Russell and his best friend William in the house. William was a shy boy who only ever said a few words to me, but he always would look at my overly sized tits when ever he though I wouldnít see.

I was real pissed off with my husband and was thinking of the best way to get back at him, and then I had a great idea. I went through to my room and put on my little silk nighty that just covered my arse and pushed my tits right up, and then I walked through to Russell's room. They were both on the bed listening to music when I walked in, but as soon as they looked at me there attention shifted from the stereo to my curvy body. I asked them if they wanted to join me through in the TV room for a drink and in no time both the boys were up on their feet following me down the hall. I made sure that I wiggled my arse as I walked so that they would maybe see a little of my white panties that were riding up my crack and leaving my arse cheeks bare.
We got to the TV room and i sat them both down on the sofa and went to grap them both a drink, for Russell I made a vodka and lemonade and William got a beer, and for myself I made a triple vodka and cranberry juice. When I gave the boys their drinks they were both shocked that they were alcoholic ones, but neither of them said a word. I sat across from them and crossed my legs slowly to let them both have a good view of my little white panties that were becoming more and more wet as I teased my son and his friend. I looked down at Russell's pants and noticed a large budge had popped up and the same thing had happened with William, from what I could see Russell had quite a big one, and now more than ever I was thinking about how nicely it could full my wet pussy whilst William sticks his cock deep inside my bum. 

It was such a hot day I suggested to the boys that they take of their shirts off and just lay back in their pants, and with no hesitation at all Russell was striping down right in front of my eager eyes, William took a little bit longer but also striped off to reveal his little boyish body, I looked across at them both and gave a sexy little smile and bit my bottom lip, as if to tell them I was rather pleased with what I saw. To my surprise Russell asked if I would do the same and take off my nighty seen as though it was such a hot day, but I just smiled and told him that I would maybe take it off later. Then Russell and William finished their drinks faster than I had imagined, so I got up and walked over to them, bending over to reach for their glasses I exposed my rather large cleavage, I noticed both the boys trying to get as good a look as they could, so I dropped a glass on the table and had to bend over to pick it up again, this time I made sure I wiggled my boobs a bit to give my horny son and his friend a good eye full. As I walked back to the kitchen to get another round I laughed to myself at how naughty I was being teasing these two. Then I thought of what a stuck up wanker Colin was acting like and I decided to pick up the flirting a bit more. When I went through with the next round of drinks and looked at my son and his friend I suggested we go outside to the pool and tan a bit, they both eagerly agreed and jumped up showing me their rather large erections bulging in their pants. I walked to the door first letting the boys get a good eye full of my perky full backside, when I reached the door I bent over to unlatch it at the bottom totally exposing my little white panties that were riding right up between my arse crack to the boys innocent, horny eyes. I could just imagine how excited their erect dicks were getting. When we got outside I told Russell and William 'lie down' and I would put suntan lotion on them. They both quickly lay down, both on their backs showing me their excitement in their pants, but I told them that they must lie on the fronts so that I could rub their backs first. 

Disappointed they both rolled over, and while they werenít looking I slipped my nighty off and stood in between the boys with nothing more than my little white panties and white see-through bra on. I put lotion on both the boys backs and spread it all the way down until the top of their bums, and then again on their legs. Russell then decided to slip off his pants and underwear exposing his cute bum to his motherís eyes, I was a bit shocked at first but then put some more lotion on his checks and began to rub it in. William looked over and noticed I had taken off my nighty and began feeling my bum. By now I was so turned on I just carried on rubbing my sons arse whilst his friend was doing mine. Eventually I began spreading Russellís bum open and tickling his hole with my fingers, with that William pulled my panties out my crack and using the sun lotion as lube he inserted his finger as far up my ass as he could, my pussy was tingling with excitement and I started fingering my sons asshole at the same time. I told William to take his pants off and put his cock where his finger was, he wasted no time and stripped off and shoved his big dick right up inside my bum, and even though it hurt a little I was ready to cum. So I took my finger out of my sons arse and told Russell to slip his 17-year-old dick inside my dripping pussy. He smiled at me and then slide underneath me to put his member inside his mother. As he did it felt wonderful and my slippery pussy tightened around my sonís big dick. I had never had two big cocks in me at once and I was so excited I was ready to cum. As they both rammed me as hard as they could I ripped off my bra to let my boobs bounce in my sons face as he fucked me hard. He gripped them with both hands and I felt myself cum as tingles shot up my spine. Both the boys were still fucking my holes so I told William to come around to the front so he could blow his load in my mouth. As he pulled his dick out my bum I could feel my hole contract, he came around to my face and shoved his dick straight into my mouth, the taste of his pre cum and my hole just excited me more and I sucked him off until he couldnít take it anymore and gripped the back of my head as he squirted his tasty sperm down my throat. He carried on fucking my mouth for a little while and then went soft and pulled out. My son said he was about to explode so I told him that I wanted to drink his cum too. He stood up and started fucking my face. Just then I looked up and saw my husband walk straight through the door. My whole body went numb as my husband watched his son fucking his own mothers face, and even though I knew I should have stopped I still wanted my son to cum down my throat. So I gripped his balls and sucked hard until Russellís arse tightened and he shot his load in my mouth. 

Colin said nothing and walked inside. The next day he filed for divorce and now I live with my son in a one-bedroom house and often have his friends cum for sleepovers:)

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