Good fun

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100% fiction!

i came home after a night out drinking with my mates i was drunk stumbling in the door i walked through the house there was no one in there until i walked into my 18yo sisters bedroom i saw her lying on her bed asleep i was very horny at this point and decided it would be fun to fuck my sister so i pulled down her underwear from under her skirt and pulled the all the way off without waking her i then spred her legs and got between her legs on her bed her facing down with her ass sticking up i lifted her skirt over her ass and pulled out my cock it was rock hard from the excitment of undressing my sister while she was asleep i put the tip of my cock at her asshole and pushed the tip of my cock inside my sisters ass as soon as it entered her ass she woke up screaming.

 she turned and looked at me and said what the fuck are you doing get off me i replyed no i wanna fuck you you slut please this is incest and rape i dont care i wanna fuck your tight little ass you slut pushing the rest of my cock inside her her crying and screaming for me to stop i continued to fuck her as fast as i could her screams continued andher yells please it hurts stop stop i liked this i keeped fuckingher ass faster and harder until i blew a massive loud of cum up my sisters ass i then pulled out shoved my cock straight up her virgin pussy fucked her faster and faster it was so tight!

she was screaming i then blew another loud inside her pussy pulled out slapped her on the ass as said if you tell anyone i do it again and walked out later that day she came in my room and said she loved it and whated me to fuck her like that everyday

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