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First time drunk boy!

(Part 1 from 1)

Story about a night out Me(21yearsOld) Him(32yearOld so he said)


I was out of my usual area on a night out with all my mates (all straight) and we were out drinking and having a laugh gets to about 2am and i feel to drunk to even stand or stay out so i decide to tell my mates i'm off back to the hotel as i could barely keep my eyes open,

So i leave the club and my friends behind and go to get something quick to eat and a sit down, i sat and ate on my own for around 20 mins and felt a lot better but i couldn't get hold of my friends so i decided i would go back to the hotel and call it a night.

I start walking down a long strip of clubs and pubs etc and i was lost as i never been in this area before and its crowded and a lot of clubs, i ask a guy in a red car for directions and he says "its about 15 min drive" he also proceeded to ask about my night and at the end of the conversation he said "i can take you there if you like", i didn't no what to say and i must of looked shocked because he said "don't worry i will take you there and laughed". He seemed ok so i thought why not i'm a big lad i can handle myself.

We started driving and i asked where i could get some smoke around here, he said "i have a little bit in my car we could go somewhere for it if you like" i said "ok".

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We went to some car park that was literally in the middle of nowhere and was pitch black. We had a smoke and just had a chat about the night and stuff. I asked "what have you been up to tonight" he said "just been to a club for 1 drink" i asked "what club?" he said "a gay club". i just asked how it was etc etc.

After chatting for a while he asked if i have ever been to a Gay club, i said no, then he asks have i ever done anything with a man and i said no as i didn't. He then asked me "Would You?" i said "i don't know, i never have but i have thought about it a couple of times before"

I looked down and i could see his dick was really hard through his jeans and he saw me looking and said "You can try it to see if you like it if you want" i was honestly a bit nervous but i said "yeah ok ill try". I then looked down and he had pulled it out and it was rock solid and HUGE about 7 inches and really thick.

I started touching it and stroking it and it felt harder than a rock and he started moaning quietly. It didn't feel bad so i put my mouth around it and started sucking him really fast and i was so turned on which was weird as i never done anything like this before, i started using my hand as well whilst i was sucking it and after about 1 min he came in my mouth but i just kept on going and i was going for around another 5 mins.

His big dick was so wet as i just kept on spitting on it and stroking it, i managed to fit it all the way down my mouth and he moaned really loud and i could tell he liked it so i just kept on going up and down taking it all the way, He came again in my mouth but this time there was so much more! it didn't taste that bad.

 Then he said "let me suck you" i said ok " he started sucking my dick and it felt great better than any girl i've had before" i couldn't come because i was still pretty drunk and it was freezing in the car and i was a bit scared if i got caught by someone because you couldn't see anything outside the car.

He asks" i have condoms do you want to try that" i said "let me take your number i am up here again next week then we can try it then as i didn't wanna do that just yet as it was my first time with a guy.

He then took me back to the hotel and it was all fine but i realized i didn't save his number when i got back to my actual home which annoyed me because i want to do it again.. Hope i get the chance to do it to someone again!

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