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Reviews 54 : read Bollywood actress, Author : xxx.

Bollywood actress reviews

Posted by dddsdad
Dear Idiot,
this is the same story as written for manisha koirala . dont just copy stories.
Posted by amirdino

do you email me others bollywood actress stories.
Posted by kevin
hey ihaveabetter story than this.how i fucked mandirabedi
Posted by kevin
plz write asex story abt amisha raveena or hema malini
Posted by soheb
its agood thing 4u
Posted by suril
Posted by pawan kumar
i want to reading more bollywood fucking story
Posted by Akshay Kumar
What a Made Up Story. LOL

The driver never said, when he woke up from his dream. LOL Sick Indian Dog
Posted by Akshay Kumar
One messages for you...... Keep Dreaming and U'll never get her.
Posted by Sohail Abid
Twinkle Khanna is very hot actress. The best story you wrote. Also send plz story of Madhuri Dixit and Shilpa Shetty. Waiting
Posted by Rahul
Common yaar plz don't tell lies it's totally fake
Posted by Delbert Workman


good luck
Posted by coolguy
story is good but if u can add real face of cartoon pic with this story .it will out of the world .
Posted by anonymus
hahaha u r a gr8 fake story

Posted by vicky
i fuck you
Posted by shoaib
i fuck you
Posted by shoaib
behan chooth mujhe chooth ne do
Posted by anandbaheti
please write in desi sex stories
Posted by nitin pawar
this story is good ya really twinkil has aa big breast.....
Posted by abhinav
[Erotic Stories : Bollywood actress] is this story in true or false i want proff
Posted by noori
xxx bollywood actress Sex
Posted by Nikita
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Posted by sandy
i interested
Posted by indiangirls69.com
For Fucking Katrina Kaif stories
Posted by A Toy To Play With - Katrina Kaif Bondage Rape
A Toy To Play With - Katrina Kaif Bondage Rape
The massive man swallowed the last bit of a tambaccoo and cleaned his beard with dirty fingers. He then smiled at the other man.
"What's so funny? Why are you smiling?"
The massive man came around the counter, passed the other man and locked the door.

"C'mon, I have to show you something."
"Hey, Kampu, please tell me."
Kampu was all smiles and cleaned his dirty fingers at his blue shirt.
"I have to show you our new item. We got a new toy to play with."
The other man couldn't hold himself together. He felt his cock rising.
"A girl or a guy..."
"C'mon," Kampu opened a wooden door that would lead them down into his cellar.
The stairs were creaking under the weight of the two men. An odour of old cloth and sweat was in the air when Kampu clicked on the dim light that produced more shadows than it was creating brightness.
"I have a real celebrity this time."
"You know, I had to make a delivery this afternoon. Some security guys wanted to have some items delivered directly to a sort of stage. They were doing filming for a new movie."
They had reached the bottom and Kampu led his friend through the dark cellar, towards their destination.
"Some song it was. You know, and guess who the star was..."
The other man, dressed in a police-uniform, was making a gesture of total not understanding.
But again Kampu did not tell him. He waved his hand and pointed at another wooden door.
"There she is. Ready to get the full treatment."
The policeman was hurrying past his friend. He was already breathing heavily and the big man had to laugh when he saw how his buddy was behaving.
"You behave like you never had a fuck before...man..."
"Who...who is it man..."
"Well, she was the star of this movie, you know..."
"You already told me that...."
"And she is young..."
"Well, around twenty five..."
"Who...man, I will kill you when you don't tell me."
"Wait...," the big man said. He moved past the shivering man in the light blue shirt. He then opened a spy hole and pointed at the lens.
"Take a look and go down to your knees to thank me for my idea."
Kampu stepped aside and the police man bend forward to look through the little hole.

And what he saw made his jaw drop down.
There she was, dressed in a bright red suit. He wasn't sure yet whether it was leather, some sort of plastic or even patent leather. But it did not matter anyway.
He saw how the 'leather' was smoothing around her curves. He saw it at her hips, saw were the material puckered. The whole suit was like a second skin. And he could see that the beautiful girl, who was lying on the grey concrete, was in perfect shape. Midsized breasts, framed by the leather...
Her long, dark black hair was flowing down her back. And when he looked at her face, he could see all the fear in the world. She was laying on her back, arms and legs stretched out. She seemed to be breathing heavily, her eyes wide open...
"Isn't that..."
Kampu was barking his laugh of acknowledgment.
"No...It can't be...is..."
"Yeah man, that is her. Katrina Kaif...the big star in our little playground-cellar."

The thin policeman got upright, turned and looked into the face of the big man.

"I...I can't believe it....Katrina Kaif. Here...."
For Full Story - indiangirls69[dot]com
Posted by kumar
madar chod
Posted by mhnahid
foul story.not any reality in stories.bad...
Posted by MUNNA RAJA
It is a very fantastic story and I very like it.`
Posted by nikhil
nice story
Posted by Raja
It was so nice and super:-):-):-):-):-):-):).Continue..
Posted by Gourav Devgan
when i read this story my 9 inch cock stand up and start drop cum and my underwear is wet with cum.it's good story.if you hav another actres story so sand me.my id is gouravdevgan91@yahoo.in.
Posted by akshay more
hiiiiii sexy i want to fuck??????
Posted by Rahul
I also fucked farah khan
Posted by Ashu
What i say the driver condition is horrible and i think twinkle body is cremy
Posted by shankar
pls send a hot lesbian story with manisha as lesbian slave with actress.and manisha fucked by shemales
Posted by naveen
nice gand ek bar mare pass aa jao itna choudu ga ki paper me jose nahi aayga aa ja mare rani teri choot badi mast hai
Posted by Neha
Kareena kapur sex a saif ali khan a open in kurbaan..so bad bebo u f uck
Posted by Suraj
Posted by jafar husain
hi i love u jan
Posted by Lateef
You do not know to end story
Posted by sandy
its just ffaaakkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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Posted by Amit
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Posted by Suresh
Fuck off !!
Posted by Mohammad
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Posted by JouttyNon

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Posted by Kkkmm
Pleases make some more and more kareena's and Katrina.'s plz thanx
Posted by tinsneigh
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Posted by Hari
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