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Bath time for sis

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

When Emma entered the bathroom and began preparing for her shower my heart skipped a beat. She was beautiful. Her dark brown curly hair bounced around her shoulders as she moved. Her perky breat jiggled inside her night shirt. Emma had amazing tits. I had seen them by accident a few times as she was growing up. They were not what you would call big, but they are gorgeous. Fully round size 34c with pink areolas and puffy little nipples that turned up at the tip. Oh so begging to be sucked.

I had hidden in the linen closet fifteen minutes earlier. Knowing her habits I knew Emma would be taking a shower before going to bed and I knew she never stayed up much past ten P.M. I watched from my hiding spot as she undressed and moved around the bathroom preparing for her shower. I was naked holding a towel that was twisted in my hands, my eight cock stood straight out as Emma disrobed, she stood bending over the edge of the tub adjusting the water tempature, her tight little trimmed pussy peaking at me from between her legs. I wanted to spring out at her right then, but I had a carefuly composed plan. One that I had worked out in my head for a very long time.

Emma had come home from collage four days before for my high school graduation. When she hugged me at the ceremony she had given me a playful little slap on the ass and said" Little brother is all grownup." I was thinking if she only knew. Anyway we had our family dinner the night before graduation and our parents had been called away to the bedside of a close family friend who had been stricken ill.

They would be gone for at least a few day and probably more like a week. So her I was in the shower peaking through a crack in the slightly adjar door at my naked sister.

Emma got in the shower and slid the glass shower door shut, when she put her head under the shower head I let the door open just a hair more. I watched as soaped her body and washed her hair. She seemed to linger over washing her pussy, her head rolling from side to side as she slowly rubbed soap up and down the slit. Emma moan and placed a hand on the wall, her hips rolling from side to side. Then it stuck me "Emma is cumming" she has rubbed her pussy to orgasm. "Thats it Sis" I thought to myself get her ready for me.

The water stopped and I slipped deeper into the closet as the glass door slid open. Emma stepped from the Shower and reached for the towel on the rack. When she threw the towel over her head and bent over to dry her hair, it was time for me to move. My heart bounded in my chest I could feel the blood coarsing through my body it was now or never.

I sprang from the linen closet and grabbed the towel that was over Emma's head, pulling it down and back I twisted it around her neck.

Emma squealed with panic and fright and fought like a wild cat to get loose. I pressed my naked body against her pinning her to the wall. One hand holding towel that was covering her head muffling her screams, with the other hand I fished for the two pair of hand cuffs I had stashed in towel rack at the front of the tub. Once I thought Emma would escape she fought so wildly. I forced my body hard against her pressing hard against the wall and in a disgiused voice I half whispered and half growled" be still bitch or I will cut your throat"
Emma Shuddered under my body weight but I could feel struggle ease a bit. I slapped on a pair of the cuffs to her wrist and latch the other one to the had rail on the inside of the bathtub. The other pair I slapped on the other wrist and to her ankle on the same side.

Now Emma was secured, she threw her head from side to side and fought against her restraints, but she could go nowhere. I eased my grip on the towel around her head so she could breath a little easier but not enough to let it slip off of her head. I fished out another pair of cuffs from the towel rack and fastened the to her ankle that was yet free, unlocking the on I had locked to the hand rail on the tub I quickly hook the two cuffs together. There she lay buth hands cuffed to her ankles a towel around her head and her wet shimmering body trembling on the floor.

I remover the sock hat from my head and pulled her to the middle of the bathroom floor. Rolling her over so that she was on her knees with her ass sticking up. her hands were cuffed down the inside of her legs making her legs spread naturally. The site of her wet ass and pussy was like heaven. I couldn't resist the urge to slap her wet ass "SMACK" rang through the bathroom and Emma cried out from the sting of it.

I lowered my face close to her ass so she could feel my breath on her asshole " OH MY GOD NO_ PLEASE NO" She murmured and I let my tongue snake out and lightly lick her sweet tight ass. I made circles on the cheeks of her ass and licked down the inside of her thighs. I sucked on the opening of her pussy and licked at her clit. Her body responding involuntarily as I licked and sucked on her clit. Emma continued to beg and threaten from under the towel. I slipped a sliva wet finger in her pussy and stated to massage her G spot. I let another finger slip inside her ass. She wiggle and protested but to no avail. I was a man on a mission, and I would not be denied now.

I rolled her back over on her back and forced my body between her legs, Making sure the towel was secure I released my grip and grabbed her lags pushing them up and back until her knees were almost in her chest. I leaned forward guiding my cock to her ass! I felt the head brushing against her anal opening and I thought I would cum right there. I pushed harder wishing I could see her face as the swollen head of my cock slipped inside her asshole.

I knew my sister wasn't a virgin but I think this was the first anyone had invaded her ass, she clamped down head trying to push the offending member from her bowels. I pushed harder forcing more and more of my cock into her ass with every stroke. After several minutes Emma stopped fighting and I felt her ass relax around my cock, as I was full stroking all eight inches of my cock in her ass from the tip to my balls. I was ass fucking my sweet hot sister in the bathroom floor. I watched her gorgeous titties begin to jiggle as I would bump my groin into her ass harder with each stroke, I fucked ass harder and reached a hand between her legs and began to rub her clit.

Emma moaned and I think she was moving her ass to meet my thrust. she let her legs relax so my thumb could reach her clit easier! Fucking bitch is liking it I thought. Soon the desire of her body had given way to the terror of her mind. Emma was fucking me back and grinding her clit into my thumb. She started to breath fast and shallow and her body shook and trembled, she was moaning ahhhh ahhhh yeah oh hell yeah! The site of my sister having an orgasm while being raped was awesome as hell. I could feel the cum boiling in my balls so I pulled my cock from her. NO way I'm cumming until I feel that tight little pussy sliding up and down my shaft. I let the head of my cock slip into my tied up sisters tight pussy! She was so hot and wet, I just held myself there for moment and then I slammed my cock as deep as I could and pulled it all the way out.

Emma gasp as I buried myself inside her and groaned as I pulled dit out. I repeated this several times and each time got the same reaction only increasing in satisfaction and disappointment respectively. Finally I shoved my throbbing shaft inside my sisters cunt and pumped for all I was worth. I slam fucked my big sister pussy putting everything I had into each stroke. I could her tits heaving, her nipples were so swollen and red I wanted to suck them.

I knew Emma was about to cum again and in my own voice I said " you fucking little slut you love that hard cock don't you! I couldl feel Emma's body stop moving as her mind tried to place the voice she knew so well. I slowed the pace my stroke in her dripping wet snatch and let the sound of my voice sink in on her. She lifted her head as if trying to see through the towel " I know you" she said half question and half statement. I continued to fuck my sister long and slow as I reached down and released the towel and removed it from her head.

Emma blinke hard to get her eye's adjusted to the light. when she saw my face her expression went from surprise to fury just about that quick. " Ben you motherfucker" She screamed " I'm going to fucking kill you, you SON OFA BITCH" Right in the middle of her tirade I started slamming her pussy again and harder than ever before" OH god you little ahhh ahhh oh shit" The vains in her fore head were swelling and her hips were pushing back against my thrust. the sound of her pussy popping when I went deep could be heard all over the house.

I slowed to a full soft stroke and in a very calm voice I said"Emma forgive me or I'll stop right now". With that I slammed deep in her a couple of strokes and pulled and sat rubbing the head of my cock across her clit. Her hips bucked and raised begging for my cock deel inside her again. " You know what you have to say if you want to finish" I shoved my cock balls deep in her and pulled out again to massage her clit with my cock head. " Yes ok she panted I forgive you just give it back". With a new found feeling of forgiveness I plunged back inside her pussy and fucked to two more orgasm before I pulled my cock out and pumped a huge load of hot thick man spunk all over her face and tits.

My big sister lay there looking at me with my cum dripping from her chin and said" Now you little fucker, if you'll take these fucking hand cuffs off of me I'll you what a real fuck is" When I let Emma loose from her cuffs and she sat up rubbing the circulation to her wrist for a minute and then slapped my face so hard her hand print could be seen for two day and said" Damn that was the most intense feeling I ever had. Then she stood up and took me by the hand and lead me to her bed where she showed my what a real fuck. The next four days were spent with my sexy big sister servicing my cock or getting her pussy serviced by her grateful little brother.

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