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(Part 1 from 1)

it began at 7 o'clock at the night. aori was sleeping when he woke up from a sudden noise. it took him a minute to understand that his mother was screaming. he, now 18, and so tall, banged his head on the wall behind his bed while jumping from the bed. when he got to his mother he noticed his father wasn't there. "what happened?" he asked kindly. "your - father - disappeared!!!" she said between her lips. after a few more minutes she finally explained that she was talking with him when he suddenly broke to pices, and disappeared. aori, an atiest, had a problem believing that and thought his mother was drunk or something. she certainly looked drunk.

the next day he was woken up by his alarm clock at 8 am. his mother was still asleep. he looked into the room, but his father was still not there. he took his breakfast in front of the television, like he did every morning, and turned it on. the news where playing, while aori expected a nice comedy show. and at the bottom of the screen it read: "men missing". the reporter, a blond with a nice circle face said: " since 7 pm last night a strange thing has happened. this thing has happened to all of us, and it is the disappearing of men. it appears all men had disappeared around this hour. many religious women have been praying for the men they care for."

aori played with the remote control, checking this wasn't a bluff. and then, after a lot of thinking, he called the police. the lines, it appears, were empty, and an angry police women said:" police, how can i help you?". "my name is aori, and it appears im the last male on the earth". it was a strong sentence, and he felt it. the police women asked, shocked, "where do you live?".

the next months were strange. first he was kept in prison. for a 27 days he was kept in jail, for no reason. then he was sent to a villa...

in the villa there were five women. they sat with him, and explained him the "right now problems" of the world. it appears they were the temporary heads of five big countries: usa, russia, china, england, southern africa. after the talking finished, aori asked: "but why are you telling me about this?". "because", answered one of them, "that in long term, humanity wont exist if women wont give birth". and so we need you to have as much women pregnant as possible". aori decided to negotiate. he got a yearly salary of 3 billion dollars and right to fuck everybody. he could also choose who he wanted to have sex with.

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and so, to his request, the first women he was going to fuck in his entire life was Ana. he learned with her at the the 10th grade, and since then he couldn't stop thinking about her. she never loved him since he was a nerd, but he did. all day long.

she was entered by a strong black army women (aori got the best). when the army women left Ana noticed aori. "bu-t, but" she started.

then she continued :"but i thought all the men were gone". "almost all of them" he answered, and went towards her. she was a redhead, a bit smaller than the average women, long curly hair, medium tits, and a big ass. he put his two hands in a snap on her face, and kissed her. she was too shocked to have agreed or not, but she kissed back slowly.

his tongue tipped hers as they continued. he put his hands around her waist, and slowly lowered them towards her ass, while blinking one eye in a thank you to the soldier, that gave Ana the "extra erotica" drink. then he started taking down he pants. they fell and allowed him to see her panties. he grabbed them and grabbed them again. Ana moaned in his ear. he toke with his teeth her shirt off, exposing her bra. it was blue, and not really sexy. then he took that off too, and put his head into them. all of that time his hands were still holding her ass chicks, and she was moaning louder and louder. "ohhhhh!!!!!!!!!" he mumbled, while she started eating his ear. then when he was tense enough, and hi hard on was full (7 inches), he grabbed the panties and throw them downwards.

then he throw her down, unzipped his pants, toke his shirt and underwear's off, and said: "suck it". she opened her mouth wide, too wide in fact, and closed it around his cock. "ohhhh... suck it bitch, suck it" he said breathless. he grabbed her hair, and pushed her face faster and faster. she couldn't breath. but he didn't care. then he left her hair and sat down, while she toke a long breath. aori clapped his hands, and five women appeared. " hold he" he commanded, and the five grabbed Ana. then he lay on the king sized bed, his cock pointing straight up, and commanded shortly: "spank her". while three girls held Ana, so her ass was facing aori, two other were slapping her ass.

As Ana was shouting in pain and pleasure, aori was pumping his dick with his hand. after five minutes, when her ass couldn't get redder, and her cries louder, he said: "hold her". the five held her facing him, and he said shortly "doggy". ana was paced in doggy style, and they fucked. his 7 inches of cock were penetrating Ana like a bulldozer. she screamed in pain and went throw an orgasm. he kept fucking, while squzzing one of the other girls big tits, and kissing another. after 2 more minutes the tension was maximum, and he cummed right into her pussy. he looked at her, and as he felt no love from the other side he said: "fuck her with a vibrator for the next three hours, and then put her in my personal prison".

Personal prison was one of the thing he got from the negotiations. when they went out he told a young African one: "you stay here". "clean my dick" he commanded, and the African knelt down and sucked his dick to clean it. and then he had another hard on.....

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