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Zeus And Tara

(Part 1 from 1)

Tara Walton was a 21 year old senior in college, just getting over her breakup with her boyfriend of 3 years, Darren. She hated how Darren had just dumped her for another girl, when she had begged him to keep her. She was willing to share, so why didn't Darren want to stay with her?

Darren had said that she was fat, but Tara only had some baby fat, that was all. It was actually kind of cute, most guys thought, but Darren wanted the "waif" look in a girl, as in dangerously thin.

Tara was crying for days, despite everything her friends tried to cheer her up. She wouldn't touch any food for a while, even. When she did start eating again, she really chowed down, consuming so many pieces of pizza and bowls of ice cream that her friends were afraid that she was bulimic.

Finally, she tired of all of that, and decided to take a shower, washing herself for the first time in a week. She must have smelled terrible, she realized, and that would not help her attract new guys, which she knew that she had to at least attempt, in order to regain any self-respect.

It was the summer, so she did not have any classes to attend, but she had missed some work, so her boss was going to fire her, unless she showed up today.

Tara was completely clean, and about to dry herself with her towel, when she felt a presence inside the shower with her. She turned around, and saw a naked, bearded man with white hair.

Tara shivered, but finally got out the words "Who are you, and how did you get into my shower?"

The stranger just laughed. 

"I am Zeus, the king of the gods. Who are you?"

"Tara Walton. How did you escape from the mental ward?"

"You think me a madman?"

"Yes, since you're claiming to be a mythical Greek god, I tend to assume that you're insane."

"Oh, really? So, could a madman do this?"

He suddenly vanished, right in front of Tara. She heard thunder, and then he rematerialized, in her very presence. Tara's jaw dropped. No man could do that!

"Oh, my God!"


"You're really Zeus! I didn't think you even existed!"

"Well, I do."

"So, where have you been for the past 2,000 years? People have been claiming that you were a myth, and worshipping Jesus and Allah."

"I took a long nap, okay?"

"Did the other gods take one too?"

"Yes. I am their king and they obeyed me. I heard about their new gods and it kind of amuses me, since I know them to be false. All of those wasted prayers."

"New gods?"

"When you're 100,000 years old, 2,000 are a short time."

"Holy shit! Hey, are you here to seduce me? I know your reputation."

"Yes, I'm afraid that I did come here to seduce you. Why else show up in your shower, where you're naked?"

"Holy cow! You must have your pick of women, so why me?"

"A momentary fascination perhaps. Plus you seem to need the company."

"Well, that is quite flattering."

"Yes, but Hera must not know. She supposedly got over her jealousy long ago, but I can't trust her on that point, and I don't want to risk your life."

"Okay, well I don't plan on telling her."

"So, your ex thought that you were too fat?"


"Stupid mortal. Your build requires a little extra fat to flesh you out. He should not condemn you for that 'cause it's natural."

"Thank you, sir. I didn't realize that any men felt that way."

"Some men do, others don't. I'm a god. Anyway, it's science, not just my opinion."

"Thank you, anyway, Sir. It's flattering to hear a god compliment me."

"Don't need to call me 'Sir', although it doesn't hurt."

"So you want to mate with me?"

"Certainly! That will teach your ex a lesson! In the old days that kind of figure was considered healthy and beautiful not ugly."

"I wasn't jealous you know? I would have shared him."

"I know because I heard that conversation and it caught my ear. Silly man could have had 2 women, but threw you away! I will give you my seed and you will carry my first child in 2,000 years!"

"Will you help me raise it? I won't get jealous of you either. Just, you know give it divine protection."

"You'll win the lottery; how does that sound?"

"You can arrange that?"

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"Sure! I'm a god! You'll be rich. You won't need a job and you can focus on bringing up our child."

"With your help?"

"Yes, of course. You'll see alot of me. Just don't get jealous, okay? Remember what I did to Hera."

"Golden chains?"

"Exactly, and she is the queen of Heaven."


"Well, since we're both naked let me take care of you."

Zeus began to rub her back and then started licking it, after which he spread her cheeks. He started licking her and rimming her rather well. She was soon screaming wth her climax, as his well-talented tongue was gently massaging her crack.

"Oh my god!"

Zeus's mouth then wandered down to Tara's lovely cunt, rolling in between her lips, and fucking her pussy with his tongue. His oral abilities were outstanding, which was not a surprise given his reputation as a womanizer.

Tara could not help herself, as she felt her body become completely vulnerable to his will. Zeus could do whatever he wanted to her as far as she was concerned, and that would be fine. She already belonged to him and he knew it.

So did she and that was partly due to the fact that he actually cared about making her climax before he entered her, so as to make things easier during the actual copulation. All that she knew was that he was getting her off in ways that Darren never even contemplated.

Tara's ex was no slouch, but his expertise was nil compared to that of the king of the gods! Zeus could make Tara orgasm as much as he liked, due to his proficiency in cunnilingus. She screamed bloody murder for a little while there, but she never said "no" even once.

Then again, she had little chance to say anything as she was reduced to shrieking out her growing climax. Her heart continued beating as he ate her sex. It was moistening her more by the moment.

Tara felt like she was on the brink of exhaustion as her sex begged for Zeus's cock. She did not have much more time being tantalized as he entered her furiously, not doubting that she was extremely well-lubed after that oral workout.

She was indeed, as was proved by her total glee when he finally reached her deepest point. He then withdrew just to re-enter her pussy.

"Oh Zeus, I thought that I would have to remind you to fuck me for a second!"

"Now Tara, since when do you have to remind a guy to fuck you?" he said with a wink.

She giggled at that response as the ruler of the Cosmos continued to plunder her young, fertile womanhood. He plunged into her depths several times and then withdrew only to pound her pussy yet again seconds later.

Her giggling soon changed back to gasps of delight and excitement, as she felt his impressive genitals probe her warm womb. Oh Zeus, she thought, why couldn't you have found me before Darren?

"Then you wouldn't appreciate me as much. Would you, Tara?"


"You prayed a question as to why I didn't find you before you got involved with Darren. Well, you have to kiss some frogs as the saying goes!"

"That was in my head!"

"Yes, but I'm a god so I can read your mind."

Zeus then returned to fucking her. She realized that she was actually in the shower with the only guy who could understand her desires before she spoke them.

"I'm glad that you approve, my dear."

"I see that I will have to watch my thoughts around you, Sir."

"Yes you will, but there's no need to call me 'Sir' as I fuck you!"

"But Your Divine Majesty, I love using that kind of address- it puts me in my place!"

"You're a sub, aren't you?"

"Yes Sir!"

As Tara said that she felt herself approaching yet another climax! How many had Zeus given her so far?

Suddenly she felt an explosion, as if Zeus was turned on by her expectation of a climax. He was having to ejaculate. His seed gushed from his balls burying itself into her womb. He stayed the course, continuing to screw her standing up as she arrived at her 4th orgasm due to him!

"My dear, I never leave a girl languishing on the brink of satisfaction. I only do that if she angers me at some point."

He penetrated her for several more minutes. Then he released yet another load into her cunt, forcing her to cum this time. The idea of his sperm impregnating her was just too hot to avoid it.

She knew what was next, but was she ready? His penis withdrew from her cunt. Then his hands spread her cheeks yet again. This time he slowly sank his dick into her bottom. She was getting it in the ass and for the first time in her life she was enjoying it! With Darren she finally had to quit offering it to him since it hurt so damn much!

The soap and the water were perfect lubricants, along with her anal sweat. She felt little pain and almost total pleasure. Why didn't Darren try this way? She would have taken up there if it had felt this good.

"Darren was too impatient to try my dear. Typical juvenile rashness. In time he will learn, but not in time to help him with you. I doubt you would take him now."

"I would never take him back! He broke my heart!"

"I know he did, but that's his loss. I have you now. I'm not going to follow that foolish mortal's example."

As Zeus said this, he filled her ass with his semen, and she quaked with her pleasure, knowing that she would never dread anal again.

She gasped as he withdrew and took his cock in her hands to wash it. Once cleaned by the soap, she put it in her mouth, and deep-throated the King of Heaven as much as she could, to make him cum once last time that day. She wanted to swallow this god's seed. She wanted him in every hole, to take over her body, and claim it with his cum.

Her constant licking of his cock brought results very soon, while her massage of his testicles did not hurt either. She licked and licked as she sucked him, covering the entire, erect length of him. Nothing could prove her submission to her divine lover more than her willingness to fall to her knees and suck his phallus to his satisfaction.

His cum poured down her throat, easing its way down to her esophagus. She looked up at her new master, with a sense of awe and adoration, telling him "I will do that for you, whenever you wish it, my lord. My holes are all yours, to use as you prefer. I am at your lifelong service. I am your willing slave for life, my dear King of Heaven."

"Yes my darling Tara, you are a true submissive. I take your allegiance as stated. You will be glad that you offered it. I swear it by the Styx. From now, you will serve me, share me, and obey me, and I will protect you for life. I am your patron god and divine benefactor as well as your lover. Never forget that you belong to me now."

"I won't." Tara promised, as Zeus reached up held her tight, fondling her ass as he did that. He whispered "That's the way to a god's heart, through his pride."

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