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During a football game between two of the finest sporting schools in the country, one of the players on the winning team, Jake, was trying immensely hard to keep his stiffening cock within his short little silk shorts. Everyone would notice if he got a boner on the field and he would never be able to live it down. He was aiming on tagging one guy, Scott, from the opposing team. Jake couldn't let him out of his sight, or from his side.

Jake was watching Scott run when he first saw it - through Scott's footy shorts he had a massive cock bouncing back and forth and it was noticeable. Jake instantly got a boner and had to tuck it under his jock band. He kept staring at him for the remainder of the game, wishing he could just freeze time and suck the shit out of his massive dick.

In the last few minutes of the game Scott tackled Jake - landing Jake lying face first on the ground and Scott directly laying above him. Jake could feel his tremendous floppy dick pressed again his tight ass. It almost felt as if Scott was humping Jake as he pressed up off of him. Jake's boner had slipped out and as he got up and quickly tucked it back under. Scott saw him do this but winked at him in a friendly kind of way.

After the game all the players shook hands with the opposing team and headed off the field. Both Jake and Scott went and had lunch with mates because they knew the shower room would be packed with hot steamy guys straight after the game - and they were both secretly gay and didn't want the guys to see them with stiff dicks.

About 75 minutes after the game finished, everyone had left - all the players, their families and coaches. Jake went into the showers in just his jocks, he could barely see because of all the steam. He slipped down his jocks revealing his enormous floppy cock, he then went into the showers and started to wash off his built, tanned, buff body, running his hands through his blonde surfy hair.

Jake thought he heard something near him.. but ignored it because it was probably just a cleaner or something he assumed. All of a sudden he felt someone come up behind him and gently hold him by the hips and stood closely. Jake was about to turn and knock whoever it was in the face until the person - a guy with a familiar voice whispered - "Don't be scared Jake.. just relax."
Jake was not very scared.. just curious. But he wasn't going to let his possible first gay experience get fucked up because of bad judgement, so Jake stood there for a minute, with hot water running down his body and the mysterious pair of big, strong hands on his hips.

Jake couldn't resist any more, he turned his head to see who it was. It didn't come as much of a surprise for some reason that it was his tagger - Scott. "I saw you watching me on the field Jake, what was that all about huh?" Jake was stunned.. he didn't know whether to be scared or ecstatic "I couldn't help it Scott, honest." Scott just laughed a second, and then moved close to Jake so that he would feel Scott's monster soft cock pressing against his tight little ass.

Jake had never been so close to someone else's cock before, he was in absolute disbelief at what was happening. Scott started to rub his hands on Jake's solid six-pack and thighs. "You ready for this?" Scott rhetorically asked as he started to kiss down Jake's tanned back.

Then all of a sudden Jake felt something pressing against his ass, between his cheeks would be more accurate - it was Scott's face. Jake felt his tongue licking his asshole, it was an indescribable pleasure which Jake had felt no comparison to. Jake, with no experience but by instinct, leant forwards as far as he could and supported himself with hands on the floor, spreading his ass wider for Scott and whatever his plans were.

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Scott's tongue was licking all along his tight, hairless crack, Scott's tongue was pretty much IN Jake's asshole, almost like he had done it a thousand times before. Jake's legs started to shake in sheer ecstasy of the immense pleasure he was experiencing.

Jake stood up straight and turned around so his stiff cock was in Scott's face. Scott was simply staring at it drooling, he then started getting slapped in the face with this massive cock. He had his mouth wide open and tongue out - managing to lick Jake's pulsating head every few slaps. Scott then grabbed around Jake and too his ass - pulling him closer and putting his Jake's cock in his mouth. He started just by sucking on the head softly, and the licked up the sides individually a few times.

Jake was running his hands through Scott's wet brown hair, he had the biggest grin on his face. Nothing had every ceased to amaze him juxtaposed to the moment right now. Jake thought to himself - 'I am getting my dick sucked by a fucking hot cunt.'

Scott could see the look in Jake's eyes and decided it was time to stop teasing, and he started to go down on him hard and fast. Jake started to moan as Scott's head was pummelling down faster and faster, deeper and deeper onto his huge, stiff, veiny cock. "FUCKING SUCK MY DICK BITCH!" Jake screamed and moaned. Scott tried to moan in reply but couldn't because his mouth was so stuffed.

Scott was nearly choking on Jake's massive knob. He had to have a break before he suffocated. He started to kiss up Jake's chest and then they were both standing straight and upright, they proceeded to hook up. Diving their tongues into each other's mouths. Jake could taste dick from Scott's mouth - and he loved it. He had only ever hooked up with one girl before - let alone kiss a sexy dude who was just sucking on his dick.

Jake - with a sudden push of adrenalin - pushed Scott backwards onto the bench behind the shower. Scott looked at him unsure what to do lying naked on his back..
Jake came behind him and lifted Scott's legs high onto his shoulders.
"Are you sure you know what your doing?" Scott questioned. "I've imagined it enough to do it with my eyes closed" Jake said as he moved closer to Scott.

Scott then felt a big, thick pole pressing on his asshole. First gently, then it viciously ripped in and Scott screamed in utter pain and agony as this Jake's massive knob pushed through his asshole and started to fuck.
Scott was panting more than Jake at the pain. But it soon turned into pleasure and Jake could live out his fantasy. He pushed his mammoth cock deep into Scott's ass. He watched as he squirmed in pain but joy at the same time. Jake held onto Scott's hips, tilted his head back and closed his eyes. All he could feel was this tight barrel frictionately rubbing against his virgin dick.

This is it Jake thought, I've fucked a hot guy I just met hours ago. This is fucking amazing! Jake started going really fast. Scott, who had been wanking himself off the past 8 minutes, pulled Jake's face as close as he could to his dick whilst Jake still fucked his ass, and the Scott proceeded to shoot his load all over Jake's face. At the same time, Jake needed to cum..

"My turn!!!" Jake yelled as he pulled out of his tight asshole in one sudden movement. He stood up straight and scrambled to Scott's face. He tried to get his cock inside his mouth again.. but he didn't manage in time. His hot sticky load landed all over Scott's chiselled face. They both looked at each other's cum-dripping face for a moment, and then started to kiss again.

Never will either of them forget, make sure you tag the right guy at the start of the game ;) SINHEAD :":

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