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Young Cum Queen, part 1

(Part 2 from 2)
As Kevin was pumping his nine inches between her tits, Jennifer snaked a spit soaked finger down between his asscheeks and began to rub his asshole. “Oooh man!” cried Kevin, who’d never imagined such a sensation. She rubbed her moist finger back and forth over his pucker, feeling the way it made his cock jerk between her young breasts. Kevin reached down and began toying with her tits again, moaning wildly as she probed his anus. The feel of his huge rod between her tits made her pussy even wetter, and she worked her pants off as she continued to titfuck and finger him. He called her a slut and a hot bitch as she drove him on.

His cock felt even harder now. Jennifer wanted to excite him even more and let him know what an experienced slut she was. Grabbing his cock with both hands, she began to stroke it up and down while she suck his big sweaty balls. Kevin went wild and started thrusting up and down in her little hands. She worked her tongue around his ballsack, then gradually moved lower until she found his asshole again. Automatically Kevin lifted his legs higher, and Jennifer began rimming his pucker. She licked it and tickled it with her tongue as her hands continued to jerk his huge cock.

“Oh, fuck you’re such a slut”, he grunted, amazed at the pleasures he’d never experienced before. She began flicking her tongue faster and faster over his pucker as she jerked his cock. Suddenly she felt it stiffen and felt his balls twitch in their sack. She knew he was about to cum and wanted badly to taste it. She planted her lips back around his dick and began bob wildly up and down.

“Uuuuuh, yeah, suck it bitch” Kevin groaned. Her mouth was as tight and wet as any pussy, and he felt his balls started to tingle with orgasm. Jennifer tightened up her sucking and rapidly worked her tongue over the shaft.

“Uunngh!” he groaned as the first load of cum fired into her mouth. He was cumming so hard that it was spraying straight down Jennifer’s throat. But she wanted to taste it so she pulled off and continued jerking his cock with her hands while she directed the white volleys of cum into her mouth. Of course some of it missed and sprayed her face, but she didn’t care. Kevin was bucking wildly between her hands and grunting with every spurt. When he finished she sucked him clean and wiped her dripping face with a towel. She found a long streak of cum on her left and rubbed it into her nipple, moaning.

Kevin lay back panting on the bed. She gazed sadly at his softening cock since her pussy was still creaming and needing badly to be fucked.

“Too bad I’ll have to wait a while, baby” she said.

“Who says,” said another voice. Kevin began to chuckle maliciously as Jennifer, stunned, turned around to see two other young men emerging from behind some boxes. Both had dropped their pants and were fisting big cocks that had clearly gotten hard from watching her blow and rim Kevin.

“Meet Scott and Jeff, my buddies from school,” he said with a grin. “They’ve heard all about you from me.”

“Yeah,” said Jeff, whose cock was clearly the largest. “Kevin’s told us all about this fox he works with, and he bet us today’d be the day that he’d finally get to fuck you.” Jennifer started nervously as they began to approach, but at the same time was almost hypnotized by the large young dicks pointed towards her.

“How ‘bout you finish stripping and let us have a go at your pussy now,” said Scott. She gazed at the huge cock and her nervousness gave way to excitement. She stripped and gazed with amazement at how soaked her panties were.

Scott and Jeff wasted no time with the young hotty. Scott lay down on the floor face up and pulled Jennifer’s pussy over his face, and started hungrily licking and sucking away at her clit and soaked pussy lips.

“Oh God, yeah, eat my cunt baby, oooh yeah flick your tongue over my clitty like that, fuck my pussy with your tongue, MMMPH!” Her words were cut short with Jeff thrusting his huge shaft into her mouth and pumping rapidly in and out. Jennifer was in slut heaven, with a belly full of cum and two young studs going to town on her pussy and mouth. She loved being gangfucked roughly and being filled with as many cocks in as many places as possible. She looked over and saw Kevin lying on the cot, fisting a cock that was as rock hard as it had been ten minutes ago. The sight of it made her nipples hard as she contemplated the gangfuck to come.

Jennifer began moaning like crazy as Scott’s busy tongue brought her off. She grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples as she came but was nearly thrown off balance by Jeff’s vigorous face-fucking. She grabbed her shaft and began to work back and forth in time with his rhythm, snaking her tongue around his fat dick. She thought she was going to faint with the combined exertions of cumming and cocksucking. Jeff couldn’t believe how good a cocksucker she was, and wanted to make it last as long as possible. His cock had never felt so hard and he thought he’d never felt such a wet, warm mouth as Jennifer’s. Jeff continued his rough facefuck, moving faster and faster until he was close to cumming.

“Mmmmm yeah, bitch, drink it up!” he shouted, as spurt after spurt of hot seed pumped into her mouth. She tried to drink it all up, but it was too much and began leaking out her lips and dripping onto her big tits. “Aaaargh!” bellowed Jeff as his last few shots of cum drained into her hungry mouth. She sucked him dry and he collapsed onto the cot.

“My turn now,” said Scott. His mouth was glistening with pussy juice and his cock was an angry red color. “I want to be the first to have a go at that hot little cunt of yours.”

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Jennifer got down on all fours, with her ass up higher in the air. Kneeling behind her, Scott shoved his cock home up her tight pussy. He grunted ecstatically as Jennifer squealed with pleasure at being filed with such a huge young cock. “You love that, don’t you bitch,” he said as he began thrusting vigorously in and out of her pussy.

“Oooh yeah I love your big cock, aaaaah!” cried Jennifer. Her cunt was so wet it was making smacking sounds as Scott doggy-fucked her. Her tits bobbed wildly back and forth with the rhythm. She felt herself cumming all over again. She bucked back and forth as she came and would have slipped off Scott’s cock if he hadn’t been gripping her hips so tightly. “Man, this bitch is hot!” he said with a grin. “But I think she needs it up the ass too.”

“Oooh yes, please fuck my asshole,” begged Jennifer. She’d had her first ass-fuck at 16 by the gym teacher, who wanted to have her but didn’t want to get her pregnant, and ever since then she loved it almost as much as having her pussy fucked. The delivery man’s finger fuck that morning had left her poor little asshole unsatisfied and wanting more. Now that she had three hard cocks at her disposal, she couldn’t wait.

“Let me fuck her ass,” said Kevin. His cock was rock hard again and the rimming she’d given him earlier made him even more excited at the thought of planting his prick up her chute. Scott obliged, lying down and getting Jennifer to fuck him from on top, leaving her asshole exposed to view. He took advantage of the new position and began to suck her tits. When he got behind her, Kevin took one look at that tight little pucker and knew he needed some help getting in there. So he grabbed a jar of Vaseline from the shelf and coated his cock with it. He also put some on his finger and began fucking Jennifer with it. The combined sensation of Scott’s cock in her pussy, his lips on her nipples, and Kevin fucking her ass with a greased finger sent her over the edge. She felt like a total whore, a hot-blooded cum machine to be used for the pleasure of these young studs, and she loved every second of it.

Her asshole still felt tight, but Kevin was impatient. So he grabbed his big cock and started to push it up her asshole. It was the first time he’d ever fucked a woman in the ass, and the heat and tightness of it drove him wild. He grabbed her ass and pushed it all the way in, causing Jennifer to scream with pleasure. She’d taken enough cock s up there to be used to it, and she could feel Kevin’s huge shaft rubbing on the other side of her cunt wall from Scott’s cock.

“Ooooh fuck my ass, baby, pump it hard” she screamed, as the two young men began to time their thrusts in rhythm. The intense pleasure of being fucked in the ass caused her cunt muscles to contract, bringing Scott to climax. He grabbed the backs of her thighs and started pounding up into her pussy. He couldn’t hold back, and he wanted nothing more now than to fill this hot slut with his cum.

“Uuuuuuh, fuck!” he shouted as he started to shoot. Kevin’s hard assfucking was causing her to press down even more snugly onto Scott’s groin, milking the cum from his cock. As it spasmed inside her she began to cum again, drenching Scott with her pussy juices. Shot after shot of hot seed filled her young cunt, and Scott bellowed with every spasm.

With his own shaft busy reaming her asshole, Kevin was oblivious to Scott’s pleasure, but he knew his time was coming. Jennifer’s squeals of pleasure and the intense tightness of her ass were too much for him, and he began violently pounding her hole, letting his groin smack loudly into her smooth asscheeks. She was thrusting lustfully back against his cock, loving the hot shaft up her ass. Little did the boys know how much the double fuck reminded her of being pussy- and ass fucked by an electrician and his assistant when she was seventeen and living at home. She was alone at home when they came to do some work, and she’d quickly allowed them to have a taste of her tight young holes as part of their payment. The older man swore he’d never had such a tight fuckhole.

Kevin was thinking the same thing as his balls started to tingle and he gripped her hips even harder. With one last hard thrust he shoved his big cock up her ass and began to unload his second deposit of semen up her chute.

“Oooooh yes baby! Fill me right up!” she screamed as she felt the huge cock spasming in her ass. Spurt after spurt shot out until he’d cum what felt like a gallon of jizz up her backdoor. “Yeah, bitch, squeeze my cock,” he shouted. When Kevin pulled his still-chubby cock out, the white fluid leaked out her hole and down her thighs.

When the boys pulled out, Jennifer lay there for a minute, panting and moaning, but sad that it was the end. That was until Jeff piped up.

“Hey, I haven’t had a chance to fuck you yet. I want a taste of that tight ass too,” he said. Without hesitating Jennifer climbed onto the cot where Jeff was lying, and lay down on her back. Obedient and desperate to be fucked, she raised her legs and spread them. Jeff didn’t mind the sloppy seconds: he could tell from Kevin’s expression just how tight she was, and he wasn’t disappointed. He pushed his shaft up her ass in one smooth, tight stroked, and soon he was thrusting away like a trooper. As he pounded her chute, he reached forward and tweaked her spit- and cum-soaked nipples. This caused her to moan with pleasure and she began to suck on her fingers. She was loving his rough pounding and the feel of a fat dick up her backdoor.

“Oooh man, bitch, you have one tight ass,” he grunted as he continued his thrusts. He’d never fucked ass before and the sensation was indescribable. Her big tits jiggled up and down with his fucking,

After a few minutes of watching Jeff fuck her ass, the sight of it got Scott going again. In no time his young cock was hard again and needing to cum. He got onto the bed and straddled Jennifer’s face. She opened wide, expecting him to put his cock between her lips. But inside he spread his legs and planted his asshole over her mouth. Excited even more, Jennifer began to tongue the smooth hole rapidly while she reached up to stroke his big dick. He couldn’t believe how nasty this bitch was: he knew she would do anything if it gave pleasure, and her wet tongue on his pucker was driving him crazy. She had one hand on his shaft and the other caressing his heavy cum-filled balls.

“Ohh...uuuuh, I’m gonna cum again,” shouted Jeff. Her ass was so tight he couldn’t hold back as much as he normally could. He grabbed her thighs and gave one final lunge, and his cock began firing load after load of hot cum up her chute. Jennifer groaned as the big cock jerked wildly inside her, filling her belly with hot seed. When he’d spurt his last bit of cum, Jeff pulled and sat back to watch her rim Scott.

After a couple more minutes of rimming, Scott needed to plant his cock somewhere warm and tight. He got on top of Jennifer and began to fuck her pussy missionary style. His muscles bulged with effort as he pummeled her young hole with his dick. Jennifer’s big tits were bouncing around so much she had to hold on to them, then instinctively began pinching and then sucking her hard nipples as Scott reamed her pussy. Watching her pleasure herself got Scott even harder, and he began pounding the shit of the young slut beneath him, grunting loud with every thrust. The feel of his groin pounding her clit sent the skank over the edge and she began cumming all over again. Her nipples stiffened more and she blushed, and her pussy muscles contracted wildly around the invading teenage shaft. She bucked frantically up and down to meet his rough fucking, and before long Jeff was bellowing as he unleashed another hot flow of cum up her pussy. He gave one last, hard slam up her cunt and filled her up with the last spurt, then collapsed on top of her, her tits squashed between their sweating bodies.

After a few minutes for recovering, Jennifer went around the room and sucked all their cocks clean again. She tidied up and went back up front to work. Meanwhile Kevin and his friends got dressed and talked about the next time they and their other friends would have a chance to fuck this hot young slut.

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