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You belong to me baby

"Yes, I will obey you, I swear Jared," I looked up at my boyfriend, my sexy boyfriend. His dark curly hair falling over his blue eyes, his perfectly tanned skin, sweaty and glinting in the light. His toned abs visible to perfection. My big, jade green eye stared up at him. He could sense the need, feel it coming off of me.

"good girl Anna, my sweet little Anna," smiling down at me, tells me to stroke his cock, getting my approval, I start stroking his rock hard cock. Looking up at him, I look at him, smiling. He looks at my big, perfectly big tits, bouncing around as I move around restlestly, my nipples hardening. Reaching down, he starts to pinch and twist my nipples, I gasp and moan quietly, "Oh please," I moan to him, I move my head in, wrap my full pink lips around his cock, I suck the tip in gently and lick the tip.

He places his hands on my head, he pushes my head down his cock. Moaning, I suck it and move my head in and out, faster, harder. Knotting his fingers in my hair, I suck harder. I can feel the cum building up inside him. Moving my head out I look at him, my porcalaine pale skin glinting in the sun, now sweat. My long blonde hair messy and cheeks flushed.

"Cum on me, mmm i wanna taste all your yumminess," grinning I take his cock and suck it till the cum bursts out, in my mouth, my hair on my face. Licking it and wiping it off with my finger I suck it off and lick his cock. Swallowing all I can and begging him for more. He pushes me down onto my bed, I wrap my long sculptured legs around him, pulling him down to me.

My hungry mouth finding his. Sliding my wet tongue inside of his mouth and begin kissing him hard. His hands find my bouncy boobs and he holds them with his soft hands, twisting my nipples and hearing my soft moans. He goes down, sucks one into his mouth and twist the other hard. "Ohhh, please J, yess," I moan to him. His finger finds my clit, starts rubbing, my body writhes under him. Sticking his finger inside me, he starts to finger fuck me hard.

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"Turn around Anna, get on your knees," He says to me, his voice low, sexy. I do as he says, I stick my perfect round ass in the air. He slaps it, I writhe and moan, I love when he does that to me. He toys with my clit, his cock rubbing and prodding, poking in.

"Please Jared, I'm begging you, please, i need you," I scream at him, trying to force my soft shaved pussy on his dick. With one, swift, hard movement he's inside, ramming into me so hard I scream, try to pull away, his hands find my hips, pull me tight to him. "Now, now, baby, you belong to me. Don't ever forget that, now get over here, now." He says, his dark sexy controlling voice compels me and I push my ass up his dick.

He pull out slowly, savoring the way my tight little pussy lips grab at his cock, he fucks so hard. Slamming back into me i hear his balls slap against me, moaning I grip onto the bed. He keeps up a relentless movement, I scream and moan his name, He pounds me till I sob his name. "Ohhh Jared, harder! In my ass J please! I want it in my ass!" I moan and his hands dig into my hips, plowing my little, tight pussy. Pulling it out he rubs my virgin asshole. "You want it here, sweet Anna?"

"Oh please," I moan, his cock goes in slow, its so fucking big, I scream when its all the way in, begging for him to go harder. his cock pulls out, slams in, i scream, beg for more, He pounds me so hard I scream again and again, "Fuck my ass harder J!!!" I hear his balls slap against my skin, again and again, my sweet moans, moaning his name so loud the neighbors could hear.

Grabbing locks of my sweet blonde hair, he pulls my head back, fucking me hard, my little asshole stretching around his cock. I cum, it explodes around his cock, When he's about to cum he pulls my head back, twists me around and I grab his juicy cock, sucking the tip, making him cum all over my precious tits. Rubbing the cum in I lick my tits, I eat the cum.

 "Good girl Anna, good girl, next time, if you stay such a good girl, we can have someone else to come join the fun." Gasping, the thought exciting me, I stand up and press my tits to him, rubs them over his body, ready yet again.

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