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Wrong room

(Part 1 from 1)

Story begins with mike taking a vacation a Las Vegas. Mike is a typical douch bag.

He works out all of the time and is into him self a lot. While heading to his hotel room he comes across a fat gay couple and they ask him where room 69 was and he told them to fuck off and spat in there face.

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Mike decided to head to the cafeteria for some lunch and when he got there he met 2 hit girls name Sara and devon. Hey your cute Sara told mike and mike responded of course I'm cute all the chicks want me. They invited him to there room devon saying come to room 96 tonight for some fun and bring some rope to tie yourself.

So mike decided to go back to the room to freshen up and to make sure he last all night he took a couple Viagra's before he left. Mike being the editor that he is forgot the room number and went to room 69 instead of 96. He opened the door and nobody was there so he decided to tie him self eagle spread across the bed.

And as soon as he did that they gay fat couple he disrespected walked in and they started laughing at him. And after a while if making fun of him they decided to let him go and as soon as they started to untie the ropes the Viagra he took earlier started to kick in. Now his massive cock standing 8 inches they started smiling deviously as they looked at it and looked back at each other.

Mike on the other hand was starting to get scared a little bit. They decided they wanted to play with him so they retired what they had untied and put tape over his mouth. One of the fat guys started licking mike all over his body while the other got undressed and when it was his turn he jumped on mikes massive cock and rode him all night long.

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