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I have been working at my Job for the last four years. In my time there I have been working with many managers. Lately there has been one that I have been staring at. Her name is Gina Weiss, a dirty blond knockout with angelian jolie lips and Pam anderson size breast. She and I have been getting along mostly because I have been trying to spend time with her. Some nights we would work together late at night and I would make it a point to be as close as I could with her. I think she notices shes about 35 and doesn't have a boyfriend which really suprises me. One night I decided that I would make my move and try to get into her pants. I was so curious because her work outfit is losse fitting not revealing much. I sometimes imagine that she wears black laced underwear with a silky feel to the touch. I started work at 6 at night and she was in the concession area scooping popcorn for customers. I walked over and pinched her butt.

"Pat you ass." she says laughing
"What you left in the air for me." I replied
"Maybe I did and maybe I didn't you gonna have to find that out later." she said smiling. I left for the booth thinking about what she just said. Time passed and I was alone in the booth, I was so bored that I put my legs up and closed my eyes. In my dreams I went downstairs at closing time and there she was sitting on a counter wearing nothing but a black bra and black panties. The smile she gives me makes so horny. I walk over and start kissing her squessing her ass. her free hand starts to massage my cock and the feeling I receive sends me a spark that in real life gives me a huge erection. As I start to undo her bra I felt a splash of cold water on my face. I quickly wake up seeing water on my cock area and my face. I look around and see Gina laughing by the stairs.

"Gina what are you doing?" I screamed laughing
"Just seeing if you shrink when you get wet." she says laughing and runs out. I couldn't believe it she just made mention about my penis. I think she really wanted me to, so definitely tonight I will try to make my move. Closing time pulls around and I went downstairs like in my dream, she isn't on a counter though. A cold chill runs through me as I start to realize I read more into what happened. I go out to my car and I realize I lost my keys. I went back into the theater when I walk into her. 

"Pat whats wrong you look like you lost something." she says
"Its my keys, you go i'll see you later." I said
"Nonsense I will go up with ya, will have better luck with two of us looking." she says. Not giving me a time react she goes ahead. we walk up to the booth area taking anm elevator up. all the sudden the elevator stopped.

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"What the hell." I said. 
"Elevator stopped huh." she says
"Hold on I fix it." I said. I open a panel to see what happened.
"Pat don't worry." she says. I turned around to see her unbuttoning her shirt.
"Gina." I said
"I know you've wanted me, I was gonna let you have me earlier but we were start working." she said. She walked over and took off her shirt completely. Her breasts stood out like beautiful mellons. I was awed by what I saw, my mouth started to drool. 

"DO ME PAT now"! she commanded. I didn't waist anymore time I started kissing her which was awsome. Her lips made it so much more passionte her tongue started to twist making it feel great.Like my dream she started to squeese my cock, like a drug I picked her up and shoved her against a wall. 
"Yes pat fuck me." she screamed. I started kiss her chest, her legs wrapped around my waist holding me in place. I undid her bra and her boobs popped out.
"MY God there awsome." I yelled

"Fuck me slave." she yelled. I started squessing her tits and biting. She started moaning louded which drove me crazy. she took off my pants, they fell around my ankles. She then dropped my underwear, my penis drove out like a rocket. I put her down, we kissed some more and I took off her pants. She wasn't wearing any panties.
"Oh baby, wow." I said. She dropped down and start sucking my cock. my legs started to buckle but she held my legs straight. 
"Don't want you going anywhere till I get all of you." she says. She hovered my cock taking it all into my mouth, the feeling was exilerating. 
"OH GOD yes suck it you hore suck it." I yelled. I started cumming in her mouth, it was so much that it spilled out onto her lips.
"Umm baby your good, but now I want you in me." she says. I pulled her up and used my hands holding them above her head. Like a animal I rammed inside her.
"God yea, GOD YEA, GOD YEA, FUCK ME FUCK ME YES." SHE moaned. again, again and again I rammed her feeling her with my big snake. we buckled against the wall making the elevator shake

"Doggy style now ride me like animal." she says

"Get down then." I commanded. she got on all fours, not wanting to go into any pretense I rammed her again. she buckled but I held on to her breast. four like an hour we did this, I must have fucked her ass raw. All of it took two hrs, we got to the booth finally. We walked back to the parkinglot holding hands. When we got to her car we kissed passiontely with nobody around.
"If I knew it would be that good I would done this earlier." she says. She pulls out my keys and shakes them in her hands. 

"Should have figured you did tha." I said. she laughed and drove off. From that night on we fucked everywhere in the movie theater. it was the best time of my life.

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