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Wonders of Sex

(Part 1 from 1)

Strem Wonder: Wonders of Sex

Chapter 1: "Nudity in the Stables"

Note: This is a completely fictitious story.

"Is your mom really that hot?" Roy asked

Travis nodded, "She sure is. Right now, she'll probably be masturbating in her room, with her bra on and bottomless, rubbing her pussy."

Roy's eyes widened. Travis opened the door and both 19-year-old entered the house silently, the two headed towards Travis' room.

"The master bedroom is just next to mine. The wall is thin and I was able to put two peepholes with good view." Travis whispered, dropping his schoolbag onto his bed.

Roy was looking through one of the peepholes, his penis was stiffening, and his mouth was slightly open in excitement. He motioned Travis over, not taking his eye off of the peephole.

"Check your mom out." He whispered

Travis got up and went over to the other peephole. He unzipped his pants and lowered it and his underwear, stroking his erect penis. Roy followed suit, as the two of them watched Travis' mom masturbate and bang herself with a dildo into her pussy. Her double d boobs were pouncing up and down, sweat was apparent on her nude, slim, athletic body. Travis' mom moaned pumping the dildo in and out of her lightly blond hairy pussy.

"Boy! I'd love to bang those tits." Roy muttered

"You might get the chance some time." Travis replied

Jenny screamed in pure excitement, as she shook and flooded her juices on the dildo. She sighed, dumping her head back. Her nude stomach heaving slowly. Jenny's green eyes stared at the ceiling. Roy moved away from the peephole and quickly got some napkins, covering his penis, as he cummed. Travis cummed onto the floor without any shame. He sighed, cleaned himself up with some napkins and got back dressed. Roy was already dressed and ready to leave.

"You don't see that everyday." He grinned

"You have to come some other time." Travis urged

"Sure thing. I haven't had enough of your mom yet." Roy smiled
"Her name is Jenny, Jenny Starlim." Travis stated

"Sexy name for a sexy mom. Tell me if you ever bang her, kay?" Roy asked

Travis nodded, "Sure thing. You'd be the first to know."
"See ya later." Roy waved

"Bye." Travis waved

Roy left the room and was out of the house. Travis went back to the peephole and saw Jenny getting dressed. Her blond, smooth long hair stiffened his penis. Her back was turned to him, as he saw her nude butt and back. Jenny bent down to grab her dark green bikini bra; Travis got a glance at his mom's nude hairy pussy and barely saw its lips. Travis lowly gasped, while Jenny stood back up straight and put on her bra. 

Jenny turned around, Travis saw some of her pussy and his mom's bikini bra barely covered her boobs. Travis watched her as she put on some tight shorts and a t-shirt over her bra. Travis' penis stiffened more at the idea that his mom wasn't weren't any panties. Jenny turned to face the full figure mirror and looked at herself with admiration. Jenny's back was to Travis, but Travis saw Jenny's reflection in the mirror. She gently balanced both of her boobs with her hand smiling.

Travis pulled away from the peephole, since the nude show was over. He quickly changed into his everyday clothes and quickly did his schoolwork. When he was finished, he left his room and saw his mom coming out of her bedroom.

"Trav? Hey. I didn't hear you come in." Jenny stated
Travis shrugged, "You know I'm that kind."

Jenny smiled, nodding. She wondered if her 19-year-old son saw her banging herself. She liked the idea and she did know about both peepholes. She didn't mind him 'spying' on her. She wondered what he looked like nude and even fantasized about him banging her when she banged herself. Heck! She fantasized Travis banging her while she was banging herself a few moments ago.

"I'm heading to the stables. Care to join me?" Jenny asked
Travis blinked, "Not now. After I get a bite to eat."

Jenny nodded, leaving the house, making sure that Travis watched her swaying her hot butt. Travis went into the kitchen and looked out the kitchen window, he watched mom reach the stable and right before he eyes, right in the open, she stripped off. Her shorts came down first. She pulled her t-shirt off next and last was strapping off her bra. She knelt down, picked her clothes up and went into the stables, closing the doors behind her.

A few moments later Travis saw his three year older sister, coming back from the university with her boyfriend Craig. The two stopped not too far from the house and kissed each other on the lips. Travis noticed Craig rub his sister's, Amanda's, left boob and pussy from outside. Amanda smiled pulling away and coming towards the house. Craig waved and left the place. Travis often fantasized his sister's nude, athletic, mature body and even fantasized banging her.

He shook his head bringing himself back to reality. He remembered that his mom was probably waiting for him in the stables. He wondered if she knew about the peepholes; they have been there for some time now. Travis got out some cheese, bread and soft yogurt from the refrigerator just as his older sister entered. She closed the door and walked pass the kitchen, her short smooth blond hair slightly swaying. Travis quickly had some cheese and soft yogurt.
After having a bite to eat, Travis put the food away and left the kitchen. He heard the shower running, concluding that his sister was taking a bath. He grinned at remembrance of taking secret video clips of her nudity, during her time taking a bath. He used his top of the line digital camera for it and stored it on his laptop in his room. He even had nude photos of his mom banging his dad and banging herself. He had photos of his mom and older sister taking on or taking off clothes.
They were all stored on his laptop and he showed them to nobody. He knew that his sister was still a virgin. He had some clips and photos of Jenny and Amanda nude together, teasing each other and finger banging each other. 

Speaking of which, he remembered that his mom was probably waiting for him, he entered his room, took his digital camera and left the house, closing the door behind him. 
Travis got to the stables' doors and looked around for a moment. Seeing the coast was clear, Travis stripped down to his underwear and started rolling his digital camera. He silently opened the stables' doors, carrying his digital camera in one hand and his clothes in the other. He dropped his clothes on the other side of his mom's clothes. Travis turned left downwards, taping his mom's clothes on the stable floor. He closed the stables doors and heard some loud moaning and humping.

He turned ahead and taped Jenny's nude back going up and down, banging a male horse's penis. Travis lowly gasped and continued rolling his digital camera. He saw sweat on his mom's back and watched as she moved her hands up her sides sexily. She swayed her head, going up and down on the horse's penis. She continued on like this for a few moments, before she started going faster and harder, suddenly tensing and shivering, pouring her love juices on the horse's penis.

Travis knelt down onto his knees, keeping his camera rolling. Jenny, even though exhausted, got off of the horse's penis and lick her love juices off, slightly sucking on it. Travis' penis stiffened at the sight. When done, Jenny got up and took a near by towel and dried herself off of the sweat. She cleaned the horse's penis off of her saliva and got the horse up onto its legs, trotting into its sil. Travis quickly grabbed his clothes and hid behind the nearest shed.

He poked his head, rolling his camera, as Jenny walked into the horse's sil. Travis stopped rolling and put the digital camera down gently. He took his underwear off and picked his digital camera up. He silently approached the horse's sil and started rolling again. He poked his head in and taped his nude mom cleaning the horse she banged.

"You're a great bang partner. The best of the entire male horses here..." Jenny smiled

The horse neighed.

"I know. I wonder where Trav is also. I'm planning to let him bang me today and here in the stables. It's going to be our first time. Damn! I wish I could tape it. I'd suck his dick and he'll suck my nipples and pussy." Jenny whispered, moaning a little, grabbing the horse's penis for a moment.

Travis blinked, catching it all on tape. If he wanted he could blackmail his mother with it, but the chance of actually banging here out of sight, here in the stables was an overwhelming idea. He's fantasy was fulfilled on seeing his mom nude and banging some one, while he watched, not behind any walls or out of sight. He smiled, gently balancing the camera on the door, taping Jenny. Travis slowly and carefully approached her, nude himself.

"So how was his dick?" Travis asked, grinning.

Jenny gasped, staring at Travis and his nudity. Travis just smiled, finally reaching her. He kissed her hard and passionately on the lips, before long Jenny returned the kiss. Travis moved a hand down to his mom's pussy, gently rubbing his forested bush. Jenny sighed in delight, as she let go of the horse's dick and backed away into the wall, Travis kept his hold on her, moving his head and face downwards, slightly kissing Jenny's neck and then both boobs.

"I'm glad you came." Jenny whispered, moaning in delight.

Travis withdrew from Jenny and knelt down, pulling her lower legs, forcing her to collapse backwards down the stable wall onto the hay, but Travis caught her by her nude butt and Jenny spread her legs out, giving her son a full view of her pussy. Travis knelt down and sucked the pussy lips, causing Jenny to moan in pleasure. Travis put his tongue deep into his mom's pussy, lapping it around, causing Jenny to moan louder.

He quickly withdrew his tongue, feeling his mom coming closer to climax. He planted his middle finger into her pussy as he kissed her on the lips. Jenny returned the kiss just as hot. Travis finger fucked Jenny until she screamed in anguish, making her tense up and shiver, pouring her love juices on Travis' finger. Travis gently rubbed his mom's sexy boobs.

"Care to suck my dick... mom?" He asked, whispering it in her ear.
Jenny smiled and the two switched positions. 

Travis relaxed on the wall, while his mom went on all four and started to suck on Travis' fully erect penis. Travis moaned in sheer pleasure. He reached out and widened her pussy lips, with the camera recording it all. Jenny became excited and sucked harder and faster, up and down Travis' penis. In a few moments, Travis' penis tensed and he cummed into Jenny's mouth, with Jenny swallowing it all up carefully and slowly.

Jenny sucked Travis' penis until it was clean. She swallowed and looked up, approaching her face towards Travis'. Travis saw it and both closed their eyes, as the two planted their lips on each other, their tongues exploring their mouths as if they were caves. Slowly and gently, Travis brought Jenny up over his penis. He withdrew and turned his mom around, Jenny didn't complain and Travis put her down square on his penis, penetrating Jenny's pussy. Jenny moaned softly.
She started to push up and down, slowly gaining up in speed. Travis spread her legs and grabbed his boobs, rubbing them. Jenny pushed up and down harder, arching her back carefully, letting Travis stare her in the eyes and the two closed their eyes kissing once more, continuing on with their fuck session.

'Mom is taking my virginity and we're fucking each other with lust and passion, completely nude in the stables. Above all else, I'm getting it on tape.' Travis thought

Jenny moaned in her throat, her pussy walls tensing, as Travis' penis' tensed as well. Jenny stopped pumping and kept is penis in her. Travis erupted in her pussy as she released in juices on his penis. The two settled down, withdrawing their faces from each other. The two hugged each other and the taping automatically stopped.

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