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Wife's Exhibitionist Experience

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I know this may be mild to some degree but if you knew this woman, you would be just as shocked as I was.

I was amazed at how things can change in a person after several years. I met my wife when she was only 15 and we were married shortly after her 16th birthday. I was not but two years older myself. When we met, she was a bit more experienced sexually than I. She had experienced by having more sexual partners and was willing to teach me things that I loved learning.

After the birth of our first child, things began to change for us sexually. She became more of a prude. She wasn’t one that wanted to be seen in the nude with the lights on. She wouldn’t permit me to touch some parts of her body. This only became worse over the years. The lights were never on when we had sex. She would never allow me to see her undress. I would get glimpses of her from time to time.

After 20 years of marriage, she was still as beautiful as ever. Petite only about 5’1” and was blond with the prettiest green eyes I have ever seen. She was the mother of my children. The one that I shared some of my thoughts with (there are some things a man must keep private from his wife). The one that I defended my vow of faithfulness to when she saw my behavior as one of an unfaithful husband. 

One day unexpectedly she came to me and asked me about some video conferencing. I did not have a clue as to what that was since I wasn’t as computer literate as she was. She explained to me that there were people that like to experience or get to know other people using a camera attached to the computer. She wanted to know if I had a problem with her doing it. Honestly, I didn’t think she would ever be able to do it. She wasn’t willing to let me see her nude let alone a complete stranger. That was what I thought and how wrong I was.

One evening she came to me and she was dressed in this skin tight tank top, with matching shorts that were so short you could see the cheeks of her ass. She was hot as hell. I had not seen her dressed like this in twenty years. All I could do was think about how much I wanted to get her out of those shorts and slip my cock deep inside her. She then directed me toward the computer. She turned on the machine followed by sever instant messenger devices. I found out later that this was how men contacted her. 

She wasn’t on the computer long before she got a message and then an e-mail. She turned on the camera and there she was being projected across the computer screen. Then there was a man showing on there. I knew then that the person that we were able to see could also see her. I was amazed she began typing things to him, then later she slowly began rubbing her nipples teasing them making them hard, and I was seeing this new person blossom before my eyes. She then began removing her cloths and for the first time in years, I was seeing my wife undressed totally nude in the light. I was so turned on and then realized that there was another person that was also seeing her the way I had wanted to for years now.

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As the time went on, she was beginning to finger her pussy for this man, (and for me I thought). She was showing him things that I had never thought my wife was capable of. I looked at the screen, here was this man getting down to the short strokes, and then he came. She then said she enjoyed herself; he thanked her and asked her when she would be on again. 

After it was over I had to find out if her pussy was wet. To my amazement, she was dripping pussy juice all over herself and the towel under below her ass. It wasn’t long and she received another e-mail and a message from another guy. I wanted my time with the new woman that was here before me. She said she had to message him back and she turned on the camera. The man indicated that he wished she had someone with her that he could watch her with. She just so happened to mention that she wasn’t alone. This man wanted to see me finger my wife’s pussy. I couldn’t say no even though I tried. All I wanted to do was to experience her any way I could. Looking at the computer screen I could see my wife’s pussy and my finger going in and out of her getting wetter and wetter from her delicious pussy. I think she was wrapped up in the excitement and reached in the desk drawer that she was sitting on and handed me a vibrator to use on her. I was shocked that she would do this. Needless to say, that I was unaware that she even owned one.

Her I was fucking my wife’s pussy with a vibrator while some stranger watched her and was being turned on by her as much as I was and he wasn’t in the same room with her. I had never been able to do this sort of thing with her before. It was so wonderful, exciting, and a wonderful turn on for me. I couldn’t’ wait to replace that vibrator with my cock but I didn’t want to end the new experience she and I were now sharing. I wanted to experience this with her so much but alone not with some strange man watching her. 

Her breathing became heavier and there was more moisture on her pussy that before she was really getting turned on. More turned on than I had ever seen her. The messenger made a noise and she didn’t even respond to it. This man typed, “rub her clit and when she is about to cum open her up and watch her jerk”. I would see her jerk when she came her body usually does. What I couldn’t understand why he wanted her opened. He typed another message, “spread her pussy wide watch her pussy try to grab for something to hang on to.” It wasn’t long before I realized what he meant. Her clit became harder under my thumb, I was fucking the shit out of her with the vibrator she was meeting each stroke. All of a sudden she pushed my hand away from her clit and replaced it with hers, she was rubbing her clit while I was fucking her with the vibe and she brought her legs up to her chest, at that point I removed the vibrator and spread her pussy as wide as I could get it. There I was seeing my wife nude for the first time in years, but was holding that delicate, fuckable pussy open and looking deep inside her and then her pussy began to jerk the inside of her pussy began to contract right there before my eyes. I was shocked with the amazing sight of her gorgeous pussy grabbing for something to be inside it. 

What a sight she was laid back on the desk from exhaustion with not a stitch of cloths on. God was she beautiful. She was so full of passion that I didn’t realize that was there. Without a second thought, I had my cock deep inside this new woman that was my wife and loving every minute of it. All I could do was look at her body, loving the way her body looked, felt, and how much I had missed seeing her like this. Thoughts of how her pussy had reacted to the manipulation of earlier and how I was feeling the pleasure of her. It didn’t take but just a short time before I was shooting my load inside her.

After our session was over she got off the desk, turned off the computer grabbed her cloths and was dressed in armor for bed. 

The woman laying beside me is the woman I have spent the last twenty years with but what about the woman that I was just fucking in an ample amount of light disappear to? As I lay beside my sleeping wife, I became jealous thinking about how she was so willing to show her body to some man she didn’t know. She was willing to let him see her touch her pussy when I couldn’t get a glimpse of it. What has just happened? I thought I would be ok with her getting on camera but now I am not so sure. I never dreamed that she would even consider it and even assumed that if someone suggested it that she wouldn’t go through with it. Not only did she go through with it but also she enjoyed it enormously. She enjoyed showing her body to another man. 

More of her antics to cum.

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