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Wife wants me to watch!

(Part 1 from 1)

My lovely wife, of 10 years, recently told me what she's been fantasizing about for most of her adult life - being fucked uncontrollably by more than one guy at the same time! Initially, I was shocked...but the more I think about it, I'm beginning to love the idea! Her desire is to have me watch while 3 or 4 guys fuck her every way imaginable. She absolutely loves cum, so does not want any condoms - says she fantasizes about me seeing another man's cum streaming out her pussy, down her inner thighs, and out of the corners of her mouth. She wants me to see her coming with another man's cock in her depths...and then to tell me how it all felt afterwards win just the two of us are together. Our sex life together is great...we think this will bring it to a new level.

So, before I arrange this (hopefully) soon, i am hear to learn from the many stories. Any advice is welcome in advance of seeing my lovely wife indulging here naughty desires on another nam's cock! :-p

FOLLOW-UP 1: My wife (Cindy) and I were our for dinner and drinks. After making our way through a bottle of red, I noticed Cindy making eye contact with a good looking guy at a nearby table. He was a good looking guy out with what appeared to be a few work colleagues. Fortunately for him, we were sitting at a high bar table with him at a lower table in the restaurant where he had a complete (and quite close) view of Cindy's long, sexy legs! This was obviously distracting him! :-)

After bringing it up, Cindy said she had to admit he was v e r y cute and would love to "meet" him...with me of course (hint, hint). After pointing out how I saw him admiring her legs, she said there is probably a good reason for that... then whispered in my ear that she was wearing no panties! Unknown to me, he was getting peeps of her shaved little pussy since we sat down...and Cindy was LOVING the attention! Exciting!

A bit later his friends got up to leave. As they said their goodbyes, I went off to the restroom. When I returned, Cindy had a new friend who she was chatting with. His name has Jim and he ended up spending the next hour with us, small talk, drinks, and plenty of flirting between with Cindy!

Shortly thereafter, the bar closed and we found ourselves going up to his suite (in the hotel) for another drink. With Cindy ready for fun, I unzipped her dress...sending it to the floor. There she stood in front of us in nothing but her heels and lacy bra. Off with the bra and Jim was soon on his knees with his lips pressed against Cindy's pussy. I watched her moan with pleasure as his tongue explored her.

She then unbuttoned his shirt, pants, and withdrew his throbbing hard cock. Sitting him down on the sofa, she began sucking him like I've never seen before. Before long, he could no loner control himself and began cumin in her month. She stayed with him, taking most of it in...leaving the rest to run out the corners of her mouth and drip down her breasts.

She then mounted him, shoving his cum covered cock into her wet little pussy, and rode him hard right there on the couch. Cindy cam twice very quickly, then had an earthshaking third orgasm with him at the same time!

The then ended the sexy escapade by waling over to me, cum running down get inner thighs, placed her food on the arm of the chair, and pulled my mouth up against her cum soaked pussy! Paradise as time stood still!

We then drove home and had incredible sex together!

We are now one step closer to her BIGGEST fantasy - the same - but with three to four guys catering to her every naughty desire! :-p netsuai [at] hotmail [dot] com

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