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My wife is very sexy and very horny. One night I had a friend over for a braai. His name is Henko and he used to work with my wife. We were drinking a lot and my wife started to get loud and drunk. Later she went to the bedroom and came back with a short tight fitting white string shirt and a short tight short. The short were so tight we could see her pussy pushing in it. Her tits were beautifully exposed and her nipples were pointing outwards.

She went behind the bar were Henko were sitting to pour her some coke. She talked weird because of the drunkenness. She moved behind Henko and there was not very much space between him and the wall and she rubbed heavy against him. I could see he was a bit uncomfortable when he saw her outfit and now even more with the rubbing.

She bent over him from behind and whispered in his ear not to be so nerves. She stayed there against him and drank her coke. She was looking at me now as if she wanted my permission to fuck Henko. I nodded at her and she then took his hand back and placed it on her leg. He immediately pulled it away as he was not sure what to do. She again grabbed it and whispered in his ear that it was okay and I would be okay with it. She touched his ear with her lips.

He again removed his hand and looked at me. I nodded to him that it was okay and she took his hand again and this time put it on her pussy. He kept it there she rolled her eyes as she rubbed his hand up en down over her pussy. One of her nipples was exposed as the shirt moved to the side and it seems that she didnít even notice it. Me and Henko did however.

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She took her hand and moved it in around Henkoís waist and into his shirt. I could see how she was playing with his dick. She removed her shirt and Henko turned backwards and started sucking and licking her tits. He pulled down her shorts and panty in the same movement and put his hand on her naked beautiful shaved pussy. His middle finger slipped into her wet pussy. He fingered her in and out and she started moaning.

She then started French kissing him vigorously and wanking him harder. He stood up and she is very small and short against him. He dropped his pants and removed his shirt. His penis was very erect. She grabbed it with both hands, bent over and started sucking his dick.

He grabbed her by the shoulders, lift her up and turned her around, bent her over and pressed her head on the bar with one hand and putting his dick into her wet pussy with the other hand. He fucked her hard over and over again and she screamed and screamed harder and harder. I could hear her she climaxed as she moaned of pleasure.

She raised from the bar and looked at him as he asked her what now, he is not finished yet. She went down on her knees and sucked his dick deep throat him until finally he pulled his dick from her mouth and came all over her face and hear and partially in her mouth. I walked over and she started to suck me as well, but only to strokes and then I also came all over her face and in her mouth as she squeezed my balls.

Henko left and everybody were satisfied for now.

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