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Wife Secrets : Part 1 : Filipina story

(Part 1 from 1)

My husband Patrick was constantly traveling to the central and southern Philippines to gather our native products that he would supply to our exporters and retailers in Manila. I was running the Manila warehouse whenever he is out. We also live there in the second floor of our building while down stairs was the warehouse.

I was just 22 when we married and at this time I turned 25 and we had a 2 yr old daughter. The business we inherited was on the verge of bankruptcy. Patrick badly needed to win a contract from an exporter in order to show our bank that we qualify for a loan. Patrick was in the south and called me to go to a meeting with Ramon the exporter.

I was looking at the mirror while changing my clothes and I noticed I still have the beauty and body that made me won several beauty pageant during my college days. I am 5'3" which isn't really short by Filipina standard, my complexion is bright as I am of a Spanish descent and I am medium built gaining only 5 lbs since I got married. I have cone shaped tits that are just right in size and my nipples are pinkish Patrick loves to suck them a lot.

I was dressed in red polo shirt and jeans since we are to meet at a warehouse office and I was told Ramon don't like formal attires. I was also told by some associate that Ramon is a womanizer and he awards contract in exchange for sexual favors from the wives of some suppliers. I never thought about having an affair with him.

I arrived and Ramon immediately flirted with me. He was a chubby short man in his mid 50's he was up to my eyes in height. He told me he had already awarded the contract to supply Hongkong but he wink and said that with my beauty he could give me a bigger contract to supply Japan or even US retailers. He was looking at me lustfully. Then he said he is going to be frank, he would give the much needed contract and help recommend my husband for a loan if I will have sex with him. I said no. He stood up and give me a small paper saying it's his direct number. "I know you'll be calling me." he said.

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Several weeks passed and we had no more cash in flow and couldn't even pay our helpers at the warehouse. We are given notice of foreclosure for our warehouse. I finally told my husband about Ramon's proposal to have sex with me. He was mad instantly but after a few hours we sat and discuss the matter. It was our only chance to sustain our business or we end up seeking jobs that don't earn much to cover our rich lifestyle. We also thought about our helpers whose families are depending on our business. We decided that I will go ahead but only for one time and the contract must be signed first and when it is awarded to us Ramon will not touch me anymore. I called Ramon while my husband went out very disappointed. Ramon immediately agreed to our counter offers and he made the arrangement.

My husband and Ramon met to sign the deal and my husband immediately went to secure our loan. I could have run away from our deal since we had the contract but business is based on trust so I went to the motel we agreed upon. Ramon didn't want the expensive hotels because his wife was already sending private investigators to follow his affairs.

It was my first time to get into a motel in Manila. Our driver Ariel drop me to the place not having a clue of what was going on. He waited at the parking lot in the nearby shopping market. I climbed to the 3rd floor and went to the room I closed the door and I took off my polo shirt and jeans. I was wearing only my bra and panties I just wanted to get it over with. It was only my body I thought to my self. The motel boy came in bringing some towels and some jelly or lotion. I was tense in anticipation and was not mindful that I was naked. The motel boy was looking at my body and he said he had seen a lot of beautiful women and naked gorgeous body in the motel but he hasn't seen someone like me. He said Ramon is a regular there but none of his previous ladies even those porn actresses could match my beauty and body. I was a little bit flattered.

Ramon arrived an hour late I thought I was off the hook, he said it was hard to shake off his jealous wife. I thought to myself why would a wife be jealous of an ugly man like him. He hurriedly stripped to his briefs and he came to me like a hungry dog he put his arms around me and french kissed me while he unhook my bra from behind. As soon as my bra fell down he sucked on my nipples and squeeze my tits alternately. His saliva was all over my lips and boobs. He is a very lustful man he throw me to the bed and almost tore my panties as he pulled it down. He also removed his briefs and I saw what an ugly cock he had underneath his fat belly. I was lying on my back while Ramon was devouring me like a lion eating his prey. He sucked my nipples so hard that it hurts. I didn't look at him I looked sideways into the wall telling myself it's only my body. For some reason I felt a little bit aroused after minutes passed. My nipples were erect and the more Ramon liked to lick and sucked them. His hands then moved to my pussy and he got my clits I started to get wet. Strangely I got aroused though I was partly feeling guilty that he isn't my husband and he is touching me. Finally he inserted his dick on my hole and it hurt a bit I wasn't use to his rough style as my husband was always gentle with me. He pumped me so hard I could hear the noise of his body fats slamming hard repeatedly on me. I got some sort of semi climax as I was so tense. He then pumped me faster and his face turned so red and then he moaned and shoot his load inside me. I was so scared he could get me pregnant but later he told me he was sterile after a sex illness years ago.

He wanted a second round but I told him he had enough I stood up and wiped myself clean. He was pleading me for some more but I strongly refused and put on my clothes. I didn't want to get dirty again. He said he had never had a lady as beautiful and gorgeous as I am. He begged if I could just unbutton my polo shirt and show him my tits again. He wants to masturbate looking at my tits. He said he never seen a perfect pair of tits in his life. I unbutton my shirt and lifted up my bra while he started wanking off in bed looking at me. Before long he shoot his load in the air. I finally left him and I went to the parking lot.

My driver Ariel was looking at me in confusion as I didn't say a word and when we started moving I couldn't control myself and I cried in the car. I was so disgusted of what I have done. We arrived at the warehouse. My husband Patrick got the loan and went south to bring some payroll money. My daughter was sleeping with our house maid and I was alone crying and sobbing all night. I put all my clothes and underwear on the laundry basked then I put on my panties and wrapped myself in a white towel. Then I stood at our little patio upstairs.

Continued on Part 2.

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