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Wife Pays Off Bet She Enjoys

(Part 1 from 1)

Brian, Jeff and I were hanging out drinking some beer and playing some PS2 when Kelly came home. She had gone out after work with a few friends. I like to have Brian and Jeff over occasionally to shoot the sexual fire in Kelly. See those 3 have a history that goes back to our college days (see the story "My girlfriend and best friends forever".) The thing about it is, none of them realize I know all about it. See...back in college, my wife Kelly had a threesome with Brian and Jeff. Now, Brian and Jeff are well hung...both measuring 9-9.5 inches and Brian adding quite a bit of girth.

Ever since that time, Kelly has had desire or even a need for big cock (see the story New Cock). Unfortunately for her, she married a guy with only an average size (maybe smaller than average) cock. I am turned on by this and allow her opportunities to get her big cock. I travel for a living and this allows her the opportunities she needs. Again, she has no idea that I know about it.

Back to our story...after playing the PS 2 for awhile, Brian notices my vintage Nintendo system. He said he hadn't played in years. He said he was awesome at the game RBI. Little did Brian know (or anyone else in room for that matter), I had actually won RBI tournaments growing up. He said he could beat me. It must of have been the beer talking because he was really talking smack. I asked if he wanted to make a wager. He said sure. I said $100. "I don't want to take your money," he said. "Ok," I said. "You are always making comments about Kelly's tits, how about if you when, she will show them to you?" Kelly protested, but I assured her she had nothing to worry about because I hadn't been beat. So, I said, "If I win, you pay me $100. If you win, Kelly will show you her tits." Brian thought about it for a minute. "As nice as that sounds, I think I need something else," he said. "I want to feel her lips on my cock." Kelly put up a half hearted protest, but I knew in her mind she was hoping I would go for it.

Plus at this point, she had a few drinks and was feeling adventurous. "You have to put up $200 for that opportunity," I said. Once again, I assured Kelly I could not be beat (of course my plan was to let Brian win). At this point, Jeff piped up and said he wanted a piece of the action. "It will cost you $200," I said. "Anything to get a chance to feel the lips on my cock," he said. Because Kelly did not know, I knew of her arrangement, she appeared to be getting nervous. I told her to have another drink and not worry about anything. Again, I had planned to lose to Jeff as well.

As we started playing, I got a big lead in the first couple innings, trying to set Kelly's mind at ease. As the game went on, I let Brian catch up. It came down to the very end and Brian scored in the last inning. I acted like I was all ticked off and was apologizing to Kelly, but she didn't seemed to mad. Maybe it was the drinks, maybe she just wanted to wrap her lips around a big cock (it has been awhile since I had gone a business trip). Brian said he would wait until after Jeff played his game. Again, I lost and now Kelly was going to have to suck both their cocks.

As we all three sat on the catch, I turned on some music and told Kelly to do a little strip teas for us. She started dancing and taking her t-shirt off. At some point in the evening she had already taken her bra off and her big nipples were poking through her t-shirt. Kelly has beautiful, almost perfect, 34C tits (pushing 34D). She danced for us, playing with her nipples.

At this point, Brian took charge. "Ok, who's first?", Kelly asked. Brian motioned for Jeff to stand up and for Kelly to sit on the couch. I was sitting on the end of the couch with a front row seat to the action. At this point, Brian said, "I bet that mouth of yours can handle two cocks at the same time." "I don't know, Steve has told me stories about you guys", Kelly said. "What stories?", Jeff asks. "The stories about of you cocks and how big they are", she responded. "Don't worry," Brian said, "just take your time." At this point, Brian and Jeff starting removing their shorts.

Both of them half hard at this point, hanging about 8 inches. The move up to Kelly who is sitting on the couch. The each grab one of her hands and put them on their now growing cocks. She starts to stroke them, looking at me for reassurance. She sees me rubbing my hard-on through my shorts as approval to continue. At this point she leans forward and takes Brian huge cock into her mouth, struggling to handle his girth (even though she's done it before). Brian puts his hand on her head and slowly starts mouth fucking her. She takes a breath and takes Jeff's cock into her mouth. Jeff doesn't quite have the girth Brian does and she can takes about half his cock down her throat. I am about to cum in my shorts as I watch my wife take two 9 inch cocks into her mouth. I have seen his before, but this time is different. Its happening right in front of me.

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After about 10 minutes of sucking, Brian tells her to sit on the floor next to the autamon and lay her head back on it. Brian and Jeff each get on either side of her with one knee on the autamon and the one foot on the floor. Brian tells her to pucker up with her mouth open. He then begins to slide the length of his cock across her lips. It seems to take forever for him to run that 9.5 inches from balls to tip across her lips. "Stick out your tongue and let it run along the bottom of my cock," he directs her. After a couple minutes, he lets Jeff do this as well. This is one of the hottest things I have ever seen.

Back and forth for about 10 minutes they slide their massive cocks across her lips. I hear Jeff tell her to tilt her head towards him. She does and his massive cock penetrates her lips once again. Now he is still moving his cock back and forth, but instead of across her lips, his sliding it to the back of her throat. Over and over he slides more and more in. Slowly in and out to allow her to get used to length. After a few minutes, Jeff pulls out and Brian tells her to turn her head towards him. Brian follows suit, slowly penetrating Kelly's lips with his massive tool.

Brian suggest Kelly lay on the autamon with her head hanging over the side. Picture her head almost on the floor as the autamon is only about 18 inches high. Brian positions himself on his knees by her head his cock swaying in the air. He pushes his cock to her lips and it disappears into her throat. In this position, she can take almost his entire cock. He begins to slowly fuck her mouth. His 9.5 inches disappears into her throat. In and out several times. He starts to pick up speed and I can hear his balls slapping against her nose. After a few minutes, he lets Kelly catch her breath and then Jeff replaces him.

Before you know it, he is balls deep in her mouth. Jeff like to put his entire cock in her mouth and hold it there. He repeated this several times. Brian looked at me. At this point I had taken my barely 6 inch cock from my shirts and was stroking it. "Why don't you move over hear," Brian said pointing at the middle of the couch. "You can get a better look at my cock going in and out of Kelly's mouth," Brian said. He was right. I could now see Jeff's cock being buried between Kelly's lips and see his heavy balls slapping her. I was imagining his balls must have been carrying a heavy load and probably ready to explode.

After taking turns mouth fucking her, they moved her all the way up on the automan. Jeff startled her check a buried his cock between her beautiful tits. I heard him say he needed some more lube and proceeded to put his cock back in her mouth to lube it up. As Jeff went back to titty fucking Kelly, Brian knelt beside her head and start dick slapping her. His tool made a slapping noise as he hit her in the face. He would alternate slapping her and putting it in her mouth. After about 10 minutes, I noticed Jeff's breathing increase...he was getting closing to busting his nut. I heard him say he was going to cum.

Open your mouth and stick out your tongue," I heard Brian tell Kelly. She did as directed. Jeff moved up to mouth and started pulling at his cock. Brian had left his cock laying on Kelly's tongue as Jeff started cumming. 4-5 big globs of cum landed on Kelly's tongue, lips and Brian cock. After Jeff squeezed out every last drop of cum, Brian took his cock, now covered with Jeff's cum and started smearing it all over Kellys lips and mouth. Brian told Kelly to get on her knees as he now sat on the edge of the autamon. "Lick all this cum off me cock using your tongue," Brian told her.

Kelly proceeded to lick gobs of cum off his pulsating cock. I could see her tongue was covered. "Swallow it." She did. "Are you ready for some more cum?", he asked her. She nodded, yes. She started licking his cock from the bottom to the top. French kissing the head. Brian was in heaven. I couldn't hold back much longer. I had to stop stroking my cock or I was going to explode. I was watching has the head of his cock would disappear between her lips time and time again. Slowly milking it as if she didn't want it to end, but urging the cum to explode from his balls.

Like Jeff, Brians breathing increased. He told her to sit beside the automan and lay her head back. He stood over her slowly pulling at his cock. Once again she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. Then, Brian, exploded. I've never seen so much cum. His 7- 8 gobs of hot cum covered her tongue and lips. After finishing, he told her stick out her tongue. From her side, he slid his cock along her tongue and lips. Smear his cum all over her face and covering the bottom of his cock in thick layer of jiz. With her face and lips covered in cum, he told her to get on her knees again. He again, sat on the edge of the automan. "Lick all the cum off my cock. Make sure its nice and clean," he told her. She did just that.

Brian turned to be and said, "your turn." I was about to explode. I took Brian's place on the edge of the automan. Kelly then did something different. "I've never seen you this hard before. Did you enjoy the show?" All I could do was nod yes. "Which part? Their big cocks stretching my mouth or the finally when the covered my sweet face with all the cum?" "All of it," I said. She then proceeded to wipe Brian and Jeff's cum off her face with her hand and used it as a lubricant to give me a hand job. "How that feel?", she asked. "You like me jerking you off with their cum?" I squeaked out a yes. "Take it your mouth now." I said. My cock now covered in cum from the other two, Kelly took it in her mouth. I did last a minute, before I was shooting hot, thick, sticky cum down her throat.

Soon after Brian and Jeff left. Later, we had some of the best sex. Which is usually the case after she gets her fill of big cock.

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