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Wife Masturbates While I Secretly Watch

(Part 2 from 2)

As I watched in anticipation, she was caressing her tits. The softness of the silk camisole must have felt wonderful. Because, from my vantage point her nipples were fully erect. As her left hand caressed her right tit, her right hand slide down and caressed her own ass. Slowly she pet her ass, just as I had done countless times before. After several seconds she removed the camisole and let it fall to the ground. Now she was standing fully naked in front of the mirror. She moved her hands freely alone her skin. I just stood there in amazement. I was watching the woman I loved make love to herself. I watched her every move. Slowly he hands made their way down her stomach to her shaved pussy. Her fingers explored he box with precision. Her head fell back as she sighed. It was apparent to me she was as good at this, as she was sucking and fucking me.

My wife stood in front of the mirror while I secretly watched her through the door. Her pace and breath quickened and grew more excited with her every move. Slowly her left hand fingered her pussy and her right hand grasped her ass cheek. She then began to move in a sexy type dance sort of way. As she moved her finger plunged deeper into her own juices. It was then I noticed while she fingered her cunt, she also was fingering her ass. At this point I was ready to rip off my clothes and burst through the door, but I waited in anticipation to see what her next move would be.

I continued to watch and my cock grew harder. I watched as my wife danced slowly and touched herself all over. Then to my surprise she slowly bent over and picked up something on the floor. My view was blocked and I strained to see what it was she had. Her naked back and ass blocked her reflection in the mirror as she swayed back and forth. After a few seconds she stepped slightly to her left giving me a clear line of sight. She was holding a huge dildo. She stood there naked, if front of the mirror, both hands grasping a 14” dong with a big bulbous head and two balls molded to its base. As I stared at her, it was like she was praying to this huge cock

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Ever so slowly my wife stood there caressing this huge dildo. Every once and a while she would lick the head of it as if she was licking my hardened cock. The difference was this cock was her special toy and it was massive in size compared to me. I stood in shock. I had such a hard on. I was so horny and I wanted her so bad. But I restrained myself. I could not ruin this moment for her and I stood watching in anticipation, wondering what she was going to do next. 

It did not take long to get an answer. As I stood there with my legs shaking, my wife made love to her huge dildo like something that I have never seen. She moved it up and down her skin and then placed it between her legs. She slowly parted her pussy lips and slide the dildo up and down just outside of her pussy. I watched as she got wet and wetter. I could hear her breathing harder, moaning louder and I could hear the huge cock sliding in her juices. I stood watching and realized she was a veteran at this and accepted that she was an expert. Little did I know the best was yet to cum.

My wife then made a sudden move, which startled me and made me take a step back as not to be noticed. As I stood for a moment, I then moved slowly back toward the opened closet door. My wife had sat down on the floor facing the mirror with her legs spread wide. She sat on her ass with her feet planted on the floor. She quickly moved the huge cock toward her pussy, holding it firmly in both hands. She place the cock firmly up against her pussy lips and then slowly inserted it. A loud sigh of relief and ecstasy came from her mouth as she closed her eyes for a brief period. The cock penetrated her about six inches with eight inches hanging out that she held on to. She expertly worked her hips back and forth and rode the cock. As her pace increased in speed she slowly inched the cock further into her hole. I watched as she threw her head back and took pure joy in fucking herself with the massive toy. Her pussy gladly accepted the huge cock gripping it with power and making slurping noises as to say “more…give me more”. As my wife sat on the floor with her legs spread, her eyes grew wider and she starred into the mirror. She watched with amazement and joy as she pushed the cock fully into her pussy. She gasped ! I grabbed my own cock, only to realize my pants were wet with pre-cum. My eyes quickly focused back onto my wife. Her pace had increased significantly now. She rocked her hips back and forth. At the same time she peered into the mirror and watched her hands pump the massive cock in and out of her wet hole. She moaned louder and louder. Then she shook her head from side to side. She then placed both of her feet on either side of the mirror with her heels half hay up the wall. She then leaned back slightly and increased the force in which she drove the cock into her pussy. I moved forward to get a better look. In the mirror I saw my wife’s clean shaven pussy being pounded by this massive 14” tool. Just then, my wife cried out. For a moment I thought she had seen me peering through the door. But just as she cried out she yelled out “yes, yes, fuck me with that big cock, fuck me hard, and fuck me good”. I ached with excitement. My cock twitched in my pants and my jaw dropped. I stood on my toes for a perfect view. My wife began to shake, she raised her hips from the floor and her head fell back to the floor. I watched the mirror only to see my wife’s pussy clench down on the massive cock and begin to squirt juices everywhere. My wife continued to pump the cock in and out of her pussy, instructing it loudly between moaning. With her back arched I could see the sweat pouring from her face. Looking back at the mirror I was further amazed at how much she was cumming. She was shooting pussy jiz in an arc almost a foot high. Her juices squirted out covering the ball base of the dildo, spraying outward, hitting the mirror and running down the glass. My wife continue to pump the cock into herself only to cum again. This time she shot juice higher and with more force than before. I had been on the receiving end of my wife shooting pussy juice, but never, ever, had I seen a stream of juice like this. 

After several minutes my wife’s pace began to slow, her hips relaxed back to the floor and her feet dropped back to the ground. I watched as a smile and slight calm came over her face. She continued to work the cock in and out of herself as she rocked her weight up and began to move her hips back and forth. By this time my own cock was ready to explode. I was afraid she would see me, which would have ruined her entire love making session for the both of us. I slowly and quietly stepped back and exited the bathroom. I made my way back through the bedroom, the house and back out the door. I stumbled for my car keys and jumped into the front seat. Once I caught my breath, I started the car and pulled out of the drive. I drove to the corner gas station, filled up with gas and bought a pack of smokes. As I drove around for the next hour, I smoked a full pack of cigarettes and thought of the times that I had been out of town and thought of how my wife had satisfied herself by fucking herself with her huge dildo. 

An hour or so had passed since I had last seen my wife lying on the closet floor expertly working her cunt with a 14” rock hard dildo. As I headed home, I smiled with pride. I pulled into the driveway only to find the family room light shining brightly. I quickly entered the house only to find my wife sitting on the couch watching TV. Her hair was wet and she was wearing her favorite robe. She jumped to her feet as I approached her. I did not know what I was going to say as I opened my arms. She embraced me saying “I love you and missed you”. She then said she did not expect me for another hour and that she had just gotten out of the shower. She then asked if I wanted anything to eat or drink. Before I could answer she started to tell me about her day and the week she had while I had been gone. I sat down and began to relax. I was home. A smiled came over my face as I began thinking of what I had just witnessed and knew it was special for the both of us. As we sat on the couch holding each other we both fell into a deep sleep.

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