When I fucked my friend's sexy mother

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

I usually enjoy some weekends with my friend at his house. As his father goes out of station in weekends, he doesn't get bored with my company. We enjoy the days, watching television, playing games etc. No we don't have sex, as we are not GAY. Sometimes his mother also joins us in card games.Talking about his mother- She doesn't look like a mother. Maybe she is his stepmother.She looks pretty sexy like a mature porn star. She has big boobs, blond hair ,sexy ass and also some sexy expressions always on her face.
But something unusual happened a few weeks ago......

As usual I was preparing to go to my friend's house. I thought to phone him up and ask ,at what time should I come? His mother picked up the phone.
I said,"Hello, how are you today? Is Harry home?"
A soft voice replied,"Yes of course. When are you coming?.
"I was just about to leave. See you."I hung up the phone.

I reached the house in about 15 minutes, parked my cycle beside the garden fence and rang the bell. 'TING TONG'.She opened the door.I, a bit nervous by her expressions, asked her,"Is Harry home?"
She said,"No, he had just gone to the market to buy something. He will return soon. Why don't you come in and wait a bit."
"Yep" I replied.
"Meanwhile I will get a special drink for you. Just sit in the drawing room I am just coming." she said and went into the kitchen.I looked at her curvy figure as she went away and murmured to myself," My God she is damn sexy!!!!."And sat in the drawing room.

She entered the room with two bottles in her hands probably of beer .I at once asked," What is it?
"Are you 18."She asked and sat beside me.
"Yes I am going to turn 19 next to next month.Why?"I answered nervously.
"This is a drink which people drink when they are above 18. Please have it."She said confidently.
I replied trying to change the topic,"Harry has not yet returned."
She then suddenly changed the scene completely,"What you people do when you are alone?"
I replied, shocked,"What?"

She said calmly," Don't be afraid. I am just like your friend. What you people were doing last Saturday in Harry's room when I was in the kitchen."
Oh my God, she hit the spot,I said now shivering,"when?....hmm....Nothing. But why are you asking?"
"Don't, feel nervous. I heard you both watching some kind of a porn movie and masturbating. Isn't it?"
"What are you saying I cannot understand."I said emptying my beer bottle.

She said," stay cool, I love people who have nice cocks, I am sure you have a good one too."And she touched my cock gently.
I refused,"What are you doing, Harry will be here any moment."
"He has gone with his father out of town.Actually I sent him forcibly so that we could talk. Now we all alone here. So.."
I said, now happy,(finally got the moment),"So???"
"You know what." She said,"My pussy is wet."And held my hand on her pussy.

We kissed for long feeling each others tongues between the lips.It was warm.She took out my cock from my trousers and sucked it.I meanwhile removed my trousers and shirt.She was now sucking and licking my cock hard touching my testes balls softly with other hand.
I then removed her clothes all at once and pressed her soft round boobs.I sucked the tight nipples which made her feel coosy. She went to the couch and laid down, showing her wet pussy to be licked. I reacted at once and showed her that I am also good at it. She was now nearly screaming with joy.We again kissed. She held my tool and kept it's cap on her entrance.I at once inserted it into the hot chamber.
She flew in air as the cock's tip banged her G - spot. I then fucked her hard with all my strength.She then climbed on top of me and rode my cock like a horse. She was really good at sex.Then she offered me her ass.I fucked it hard doggy style. Then again I fucked her pussy from back this time.......the hardest.

She said,"Don't cum in me. I want to swallow it."
I said,"Get ready,it's coming,it's coming...yeah..I am cumming.."And placed the cock on her face she licked it like a baby sucking milk from bottle.
We both were totally exhausted.
We had sex again at noon as we both didn't want to miss the golden opportunity.
Now I go to Harry's house more than usual and try to meet and mate with his mother when nobody is around.

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