Wheel change led to a great day

(Part 1 from 1)

I was waiting in a car park having lunch when I noticed a cute woman good body walk back to her car. She got in and it was then I noticed her flat tyre. Before she started to pull away I jumped out and knocked on her window pointing to the tyre she thanked me and got out I asked if she had a spare she nodded and said it would happen when her husband was away.

I then said would she like me to change it she said yes please and I proceeded to do the job with her making small talk as i did the work. On completion and putting flat tyre in her boot she said you are a real gent and gave me a kiss. She then said if I wanted to wash my hands I could follow her to her house and I agreed. She showed me the sink and when I went into her kitchen she was stood there in a nice mini skirt and top looking quite faceable.

She gave me a drink of water and I said when was her husband due back she said weekend I guess and i said guess that is something to look forward to she said not really he is a work addict life is just dull and she then said I get little fun. She then dais I owe you for kindness can you stay for the night. I was shocked and said was that not trouble she smiled and said I need a man. She then stood in front of me and dropped her skirt revealing a wet clit right in front of me.

She was quickly naked and pointed at the bulge in my pants and said lets fuck. I stood up dropped my shorts and she gasped that is some cock. She told me to lay on the floor whilst she then lowered her cunt over my erect cock and slowly moved up and down until she shuddered and her lips clamped around my cock as she shot her juices so much that as she relaxed they soaked out around my shaft. We spent the whole night fucking and sleeping until the morning meant time to move on. She thanked me again for helping her over a bad day.

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