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What should have been

(Part 1 from 1)

All of my stories are true. I usually write them down right after they happen. However, I had a guy ask me if I could write up a story for him. I normally do not write erotic fiction, but I thought I would give it a try.

This is some fiction based on what SHOULD have happen the other day.

I was at a book/video store and was watching some porn in one of the booths. The place seemed to be empty except for the other side where they pay to watch a whole movie in the 'preview' section. I was not supposed to be in that area but I walked over and pulled on a door and it popped open. I opened the door and a guy was sitting there naked stroking the biggest cock I have ever seen. He had his fist around the bottom and he still had at least 10" of cock sticking above his fist. His cock must have been 12-14" easy. He shook his head no and I closed the door and left, what should have happen was...

I opened the door and see the biggest cock I have every seen. He nodded at me and then looked down at his monster cock. I went in slowly, then dropped to my knees in front of him. He moved his hand and nodded for me to go ahead. I reached up with my left hand then with my right and slowly started jacking and twisting with both hands. Mesmerized by the size of this massive cock. His large cock was so big that even with two hands stroking he still has 5"or6" inches to suck. I leaned down and realize that this huge cock is not only long but fat! I put my mouth over the head and had to stretch my mouth to get it over and in my hungry mouth.

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I start sucking on the head while stroking the bottom, and as my mouth got used to the size I start going down further and further until I got the cock hitting the back of my throat. I take one hand off and reached down to his balls. I keep stoking with the other hand and start working his huge balls with my other while I continue to work that monster deeper in my throat, wetter and faster.

The guy had been stoking his cock before I got there so he was already boned up and I am going to get a quick pay off. I hear him starting to breathe faster and saying under his breath, that's it, yeah work up that load, you want my load? you want it don't you baby, that's right.. just like that. I keep rolling his balls like great big dice as I stroke a fist full of cock, stoking and twisting on the way up and sucking in rhythm on the say down.

I feel him grab both sides of my head and say between clenched teeth... here it comes... is this what you want... I feel his balls tighten up and then he pulls my head down jamming that monster to the back of my throat and ... AW, AW, AW... the first jet hits the back of my throat and went straight down to my belly. I choke a little and pull back up so the cock head is out of my throat and in my mouth. The next jet completely fills my mouth, I swallow to make room and as he continues to hold my head, shooting off another three or four shots, then oozes another mouthful.

I swallow some more and look up at him with my eyes watery from being choked by this massive cock and load. I hold the cock in my mouth as we both start to relax... I slowly pull on his cock and stroke out another big cream. He lets go of my head and falls back in his chair. I pull my mouth off his cock, making sure to tighten my lips around the head to get the last drop and then sit back on my heals to catch my breath. I swallow the rest of the cum in my mouth and swish my tongue around cleaning my mouth, wipe my eyes on my shirt and stand up and say, thanks man. He says, no... thank you.

I open the door, peek out to make sure the coast is clear and head out.

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