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What Happens in the Locker Room...

(Part 1 from 1)

Roxanne stood up from her desk in her math class, and walked over to the teacher's. "May I go to the restroom?" she asked. "Sure," said her teacher. She quickly grabbed her purse and left the room. As she walked down the hall, she started to breathe heavier. She knew what was waiting for her....

Roxanne is 19, a senior in high school. She failed last year, because she fooled around too much and, is on the verge of failing this year. She has long, straight, brown hair and sharp blue eyes. Her breasts are a size 34B, and she has a nice, tight pussy. Although she's straight, her best friend, Lexi, is anxious to change that. She's 18 has short, blonde hair, and her breasts are a 36C. Roxanne and Lexi first met each other at the beginning of the school year. Roxanne didn't have many friends, for all of them had graduated the year before. When Lexi first met Roxanne, she was blown away by her beauty. Roxanne, knows this, but doesn't want to convert to being a lesbian. Lexi had asked Roxanne if she wanted to skip 4th period with her the day before. Roxanne, knew this was a set-up when Lexi told her to meet in the back of the unused locker room.

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Roxanne opened the door to the empty locker room, and slipped in. "Lexi?" she whispered, looking around. "Hey, I'm right here." Lexi said as she came from behind a row of lockers. Roxanne walked up to the bench next to the lockers and set her purse down, then sat. Lexi was quick to sit next to her. "I'm really glad you wanted to skip today with me." said Lexi. "Anything to get out of a test in Math." Lexi laughed and scooted over on the bench closer to Roxanne. "Look Lexi, if this is a scheme to get me with you, it's not gonna work. I'm straight and you know that." Lexi smirked, "But I'm going to change that." Lexi reached up and put her hand on Roxanne's face. They looked into each other's eyes. Roxanne couldn't look away, Lexi controlled her gaze. Slowly their lips came closer and brushed together. Roxanne felt a rush of excitement. She had never experienced kissing another girl before. Ecspecially someone like Lexi.

Roxanne finally pulled away. "Lexi... I..-" "Hushh...", whispered Lexi and they kissed again. Lexi became more intense in the kiss and Roxanne couldn't stop it. She just went with it, knowing what was going to happen. Lexi ran her hands through Roxanne's long hair. She leaned over her until their breasts were sandwiched together. As Roxanne layed back she knocked her purse off the bench, and giggled. Lexi rubbed Roxanne up and down her sides, and slid up Roxanne's shirt, and unhooked her bra. Roxanne's breasts popped out of her bra, and Lexi could see her tits through her white shirt. Roxanne, trying to stay in the game, lifted off her shirt and let Lexi take her. Lexi quickly stripped her bra and tank-top and they were on each other again. Their breasts were hard against each other. Lexi couldn't stand seeing, but not feeling Roxanne's beauties. She slid down and began to Roxanne's left tit. Roxanne suddenly got the goosebumps and moaned. Lexi sucked her tit, loving every minute of it. She then switched to the other, caressing the hard, wet left. Roxanne was breathing very heavily by now, and was letting out small whimpers. Lexi started to unbutton Roxanne's jeans. When she did, she looked at the pink, flowery thong on Roxanne's beautiful pussy. Lexi giggled and took off her skirt revealing the same pink, flowery thong. Roxanne giggled. Lexi pulled Roxanne's thong off slowly. "There's that beautiful pussy I've been wanting ever since I met you." Roxanne replied, "This is a one-time chance. No more..."

Lexi giggled and quickly stuck a finger in Roxanne's wetness. Roxanne released a squeal of pleasure. Lexi played with her a little, then pulled her drenched finger out. "Don't you wanna taste the heaven that I get." Lexi stuck her finger in Roxanne's mouth and Roxanne sucked it happily and moaned when Lexi slowly pulled her finger out. Lexi kissed Roxanne passionately. Their tongues were dancing around each other. Lexi reached her hand down and began to finger Roxanne again. Her finger circling the edges of her pussy lips, teasing her. Roxanne let out a cry of pleasure. "Oh, just do it!" Lexi lowered her head down, licking Roxanne's body on the way. Her tounge was soon deep in Roxanne's pussy. Lexi had her hands on Roxanne's thighs, pulling her into her. Roxanne moaned and arched her back on the hard bench. Lexi was flicking her tounge in and out of Roxanne's tight pussy, enjoying her sweet juices. Roxanne was getting an urge to try Lexi's pussy. She didn't know what it would be like, but the urge was overwhelming her. Suddenly, she took control. Roxanne sat up and pushed Lexi onto her back on the bench. Lexi was satisfied, "Oh baby, I knew you would..." she moaned.

Roxanne was about to get her first taste of Lexi when the bell rang and startled both of them. Roxanne was shaken from Lexi's hypnosis. They both quickly got dressed in silence. When Roxanne was about to leave for 5th period, she turned and said, "After school. My house." then smiled and walked away. Lexi grinned and knew, much more would be instore for them.

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