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Wet and wild

(Part 1 from 1)

I was swimming about in the pool and I realized that I and a very attractive blonde were the only ones in the pool. The life guard then told to get out as the pool was closing. I followed her into the changing room. She was blonde with a gorgeous athletics body and legs and her tits were big and firm. We said hi and went to our own area in the changing room. Then I herd the showers going and I thought that I would go take a shower to try and get to know her. I turned the corner into the shower area and there she was naked. (I usually shower in my swimsuit). "Hi", I was still frozen with eyes locked on her body. 

I snapped back into the real world and said "hi". I slowly started to take off my swimsuit and when I was totally naked I turned on the shower and stepped under it. I watched her soaped up body as she rub her hands over her big tit and at one point ran a few fingers across her pussy. "I forgot my soap, can I borrow yours?" I said, "sure, no problem". I walked over to her and bent over to pick the soap and I got a great view of the most gorgeous pussy ever.

 I went over and soaped up my tits with the bar of soap and just to see if she did anything I ran the bar of soap across my cunt. I took it back over to her and I dropped it so I turned my back to her and bent over to pick it up, obviously exposing my bare lips. Suddenly I felt a finger run up my pussy to my ass. "Oh my god, im so sorry" she said "no itís ok". 

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I turned to her and we locked lips in a long passionate kiss. I then lay on my back on the floor and instructed her to straddle my face. Her hot wet cunt was inches from my mouth and I put 2 fingers into her pussy, spread her lips and shoved my tongue into her hot pink hole. I was tongue fucking her and she started to moan and cup her big tits. I put 2 fingers into her cunt as I went for her erect clit. I flicked her clit just to tease

"Oh fuck just do me" she moaned and I took her orders and sucked on her hard clit. I could tell that she was getting close to Cumming. 

"Im Cumming" "aaaaahhhhhh mmmmmmm" she cried out, I shoved my tongue back into her pussy and her hot pussy erupted and her hot juices flowed into my mouth. She tasted like heaven. She got of my face and grabbed the shampoo bottle. She spread my legs as wide as they would go and inserted the shampoo bottle into my cunt. She sucked and tweaked my nipples while she rammed the shampoo bottle into my hot pussy. Shampoo bottle still drilling my cunt she started to lick and suck my clit. I was close to Cumming. She removed the bottle and inserted 3 fingers and pumped them in and out of my pussy.

"Aaaaaahhhhhh yyeeesssss" my cum was all over her hand and she put my cum onto my tits and licked it off for me. My pussy was still having spasms after that almighty orgasm. 

We got dressed and went back to my place. For more fun !!

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