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Watching my mother in law

(Part 1 from 1)

Last Friday night my wife and I went over to my in-laws. We went over a little early, so no one was home from work yet. My wife and I both had to use the restroom, so my wife took the hall bath and I went into the master bath. 

Looking to the left of me as I sat on the toilet I realized the window faced the side of the house that was hidden from the street and the people next door just moved out. I raised the blinds just high enough to look in, but would not be suspicious.

I was so horny thinking about what I might see through the window, I went into the other room and made love to my wife. About 6:45, my mother in law showed up and after a little bit went into her bathroom. I faked a ring on my phone and went outside to talk. I ran around the corner of the house just in time to see her wipe herself and pull up her panties. Nice, very nice. I am not going to take the time to give you much of a picture. She is 5'8, 140 lbs, big tits, and great face. 

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Later that evening is when the party really started getting good. About 10 she again went into the bathroom. This time I was not talking to anyone so I just walked outside. Got to the window, made sure no one was around, looked in and could not believe what was happening. She was leaning back on the toilet in a drunken stupor, but she kept wiping herself with this huge roll of toilet paper. She dropped it in and just when I thought she would get up, she leaned even farther back and started gently rubbing on her clit. She then licked her middle finger of her left hand and started masturbating. Oh my god... I could not believe what I was seeing. my mother in law sitting on her toilet drunk with her pants around her ankles masturbating. The only bad thing about this was that I could not see her tits.

All of the sudden, there was a knock on the door. I ducked like I had been caught. She said yes, I could not hear the voice on the other side. She said come in. My brother in law Josh walked into the bathroom. He had his hand over his eyes obstructing his view, but I could see him sneaking a peek. He asked her if she needed help and she said yes. So he moved closer and asked what she needed help with. She said she can't get herself off and needed him to help her. He thought she ment get off the toilet, so he started to bend down and help her off the toilet still trying not to completely stare at her.

Once he got her standing, she threw her arms around his neck for support, which in turn I had a perfect view of her ass. He sat there for a minute trying to figure out what to do with her next. Suddenly she kissed him on the neck and then started reaching her hand for his buckle. He was stopping her when she looked him in the eyes and said don't you love me Josh. He said of course I do but not like this. She sank down to the floor crying. 

He felt really sorry for her and asked what she wanted him to do. She said just to hold her. So he laid down on the floor holding her. they both fell asleep on the floor.

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