Walking in the woods

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Walking into the woods, she is wondering what she could do today to make it exciting since she hasnt had anything for a long while. She noticed the wind was making her nipple hard when she took her shirt off, would rub up against a tree once in a while where her nipples would feel it rub them. When doing this she was feeling her clit tingle, wonder what in the world she could do to find something to lick her clit. She takes her skirt of, is walking only with her boots.

She heards noises which should like water fall OMGOSH she thinks yes maybe a hot spring which now she is rubbing her kitty,also her clit, thinking maybe this will be something she can go with. Yet she kept having this strange feeling something was following her. Oh well she thinks, it might be something to go along with my thoughts here.

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She gets to the water, is loving it, she is feeling very horny now, that water fall is sounding very intincing. She now takes her boots off, goes into the water, up to the falls, lets the water run over her hard nipples which is now making her shake as she is rubbing her clit.

Someone grabs her from behind, bends her over, stick his hard cock into her kitty as she is rubbing her clit. She gasps yet is freaking hot this is what she is wanting so badly. He is pumping her, licking her back down to her buttoucks take his fingers, gently oh so gently rims around her ass. He is feeling her tits as she is moaning, trying to stick her booty up as far as she could to get all that cock up her kitty.

She is whipping her hips around moaning saying Yes. The water is running over her hard nipple as he pulls her up to stand, he holds her up almost straight on his cock, going deep into her. she leans her head back on his shoulders, moaning, licking his neck saying take me, take me please. The water is now running on her hard nipples, her clit, then another surprise creeps up, its one that has been watching, cums up, licks her clit,then another starts to lick her nipple, oh no, two, one on each nipples she is moaning so loudly omgosh yes TAKE me oh yes she is writhing moving her hips bouncing on the cock.

The licks are just taking her to higher pleasure, then she feels a cock in her mouth, she is taking it. They lap her then she feels another cock they have put oil on her ass. It goes in, this just brings her to top, she screams YES omgosh YES she is squirting all over screaming take me oh yes she has gotten them all off they walk away, drop her into the water as it hits her... she is moaning oh yes....

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