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Wife at Work

(Part 1 from 1)

Sarah my wife came home in a funny mood last week !!

She has been doing an extra job office cleaning for holiday money.

The office is very modern, and they have lots of external meetings into the evening.

On that day she had been unable to do the conference office as a group was late

She had walked in and found them [ about 8 men ] still in meeting, this was met with whistles and cat calls lol

So any way she later told me she had got on with the general area cleaning

Oh I need to add what she wears to work at this stage.. Its quiet in fact very thin shift type cover all in white with poppers all down the front
and normal undies, however undies to sarah are always rather sexy!! not small or any thing common but good and sexy..

Well after about 1/2 hour the guys started to come out

she was sat in the hallway putting the magazines tidy, when the first thing she felt was a hand on her back

and another on her shoulder

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She tells me she looked up and six of the guys was stood there, now she is used to getting chatted up bu the staff and visitors and thougt nothing of it till

One of the guys reached forward and un popped a couple of her poppers
saying at the same time " you interupted us we want compensation "

At the same time feeling the hands behind reach round her!!

In a trice they tugged at the cover all
The poppers all popped
But the back seam also tore open, revealing her sexy bra and nickers

She says in seconds they had her lifted off her feet [ she is only 5foot 3 ]

she felt hands every where and heard more than felt her bra snap open
and her panties rip

in seconds she was been licked pussy ass breasts

then they sat her back on to a guy sat on the sofa, and jounced her onto his cock

while two in front chewed on her nipples

She has no idea how long it went on but she thinks all 6 had their way and bareback

She tells me the company are back in the room in two weeks, and she is asking to work that night ??????????

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