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Virgin sister fucks brother

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

Im Ally and im 18. My brother's name is Justin, and he is 20. I masturbate frequently and one day my parents were out and I decided to masturbate. Justin had recently got home from college during summer break and i yearned for his hot, sexy six pack abs and his beautiful body. Whenever i masturbate i think of him. I was just about to have an orgasm when justin walks in with a look of lust on his face. For some reason, i didnt stop fingering myself. He suddenly came over and started making out with me. i didnt stop it and his hands started exploring my body. He then found my c cup tits and pinched and squeesed them. I was getting really wet when he said,"ur so hot, i want to fuck you." i said,"fuck me Justin! I want you to break my virgin cherry!"

he took off my shirt and bra and i took off his pants, and his rock hard monster penis sprung free. It was10 inches long and 2 1/2 inches thick. I gaped at his huge cock and took muly skirt off. He then asked," are you ready?" "fuck me hard justin please!" he then inserted his cock a half inch and slammed it into me. I screamed and he pulled it out and thrust it into me again and repeated over and over again. He then started to go faster and harder, pounding me senseless. He then said,"im gunna cum!" "cum in me Justin! I want ur cum in my pussy!" he then came, gushing in my pussy then collapsed on me. I kissed him thrn looked up and saw my dad jacking off in the doorway. "are we in trouble daddy?" i asked.

"Come here Ally. He said. "I am gunna punnish you. As for u justin, u can watch." I walked over to my dad and he laid me on the floor and spread my legs wide. " this is how a real man fucks." and he slammed his 9" cock in me and fucked me like theres no tomorrow. When he finnished he said,"i hope you learned ur lesson and walked out.

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