Virgin Being Fucked for the First Time

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Virgin fucking for the first time

I am narrating you this real story, which had happened to me. I am 22 years old and have got 6.5 Inch of dick, and 3 inch thick. Before this accident I used to masturbate hardly as
I did not find any sex partner, so defiantly I had to rely on only jerk OFF.

When this story happened to me, at that time I was staying with my uncle, away from my home city. As my uncle and his family was supposed to meet their relatives and I always been alone at home. So I got more time to masturbate because at my own home, I cannot Jerk off comfortably.

So lets start from real fun! During my stay with uncle, one day my uncle said to me at phone that He hired a babysitter for his child, who was just 2 years old. I said to him that yeah itís a pretty good idea to do so. After this I went to my Academy to grab some classes. After returning to home, I met with that baby sitter, who was looking my strangely when I rang the bell. I introduced my self to her, then she opened door to me.

She was really a sexy girl that I have ever seen. Her name was Elisha. She would be almost 18 years old. She got round ass, perfect figure with long hair, and sexy looking legs. Offcourse at my first meeting with her, I could not diverge my eyes from her tits, which was looking tight and slim.

At that day, I felt pleasure inside me. Then I got to my usual work and at night I slept. I know that I was really not so advance to invite her for sex, I was really nervous. And I can only dreamed about her.

I think it would be late night 12 or some what time, when I suddenly felt thirsty, in due course I made my way to kitchen and got some drink for me. Stepping backward, I saw a most admirable thing that I will never be able to forget this. Well Elisha was Sleeping and she was wearing a loose night ware. But the main thing was that she was moving her hand in her trouser. She was doing this unconsciously but his made my mad at her. I quickly got an idea to touch her.

I looked around to ensure that some one is looking or not. Because my uncle room was conjoined with my room and Elisha room also. So at any time they can come out to see us. I mean to see me that what I was doing with that poor girl.

I just then touched her ass over trouser, she made no movement, as she was sleeping deeply. This was my first time to touch ass, it gave me a lot pleasure and I felt erect my penis. Then I made some advancement likely I insert my hand under her trouser and touched her bare skin. So HOT. She got really trimmy ass. I took my hand her ass hole and finally reached at her pussy. Her she made movement but again slept.

Then I quickly tookoff my trouser and showed my dick and touched her from her back and tried to insert my dick in her pussy first. It gone a little and then she awake!!!!!!!

When she saw me lying behind her with nude pose, she got afraid and told me to let her. I said that no , I will not let you now. She made protest but I put a hand on her mouth and showed my dick to her. When she saw dick, I realized that she was no longer able to ignore this. I could see a great lust to get my dick in her pussy. And also it was her first time to see such a nice dick in her life.

I took her to my room and now she was ready to play with me. I told her that first make me jerk. So grab my dick and started to make me masturbate. I f felt like I was reaching to sky. This was lot of pleasure that felt by my in my life. These were the moments I am recalling now.

She was not doing her work skillfully because this was her first time to do this. When I told her that iam not Cumming. And told her to get my dick insider her mouth. She did the same and suddenly I felt a precum. I told her to continue this. Finally I came towards Cumming but I stopped her. Then I own inserted my dick in her mouth and almost she consume full of mine!!!!!!! She was looking red and did this act and I can also see tears in her eyes.

I did not to cum so earlier that is why I stopped her. Then I got her tits in my hand, so smooth and hard and made them move left and right with my hands, I can feel her pleasure by doing this. Finaly I can see her nipple was turning red and becoming hard and hard.

I almost licked at every inch of her body. At that time she was also moaning but when I realized that this moaning can put in suspect my uncle, who was sleeping next room that is why I put my hand on her mouth and made her to stop.

Now it was turn of her lower body. I touched her ass and took my hand to her pussy, I can feel that she was al wet!!!
Now I wanted to make her cum so I started to lick her pussy and tasted her precum that was too salty.

But doing this, I found my self close to Cumming. I quickly leaned forward and gave my dick in her hand and told her to taste my juice, she grabbed in her mouth and the next moment her mouth was full of my interminable juice of mine. She felt nice to eat all of my juice but still I can see few of them were on her face so at that moment I kissed her!!!

Then I took her on bed, and inserted my dick in her ass, because after releasing of so much sperm , I was again able to fuck her , because this was my first time to see nude girl and to fuck girl. So I felt power inside me. When I inserted my dick in her cute , hot ass, she moaned extremely as she was small girl with small ass hole, you can hardly insert only one finger in her ass, and it was my mistake that I directly inserted my dick in her ass. I kissed on her lips and she took her tongue inside my mouth which made her not to moan.

Then I put my one finger in her ass, when she consumed it fully, and tired to insert two fingers of mine. After so I finally inserted four of my fingers successfully in her ass.
Then I inserted my dick and fucked her poor ass so badly. I lost control on my movement and the next moment my full dick was in her poor ass!!!!!

After ward now was pussy turn. Firstly I fucked her from back pose to fuck her pussy and then I tried to fuck her from front pose. Her pussy hole was also as small as ass. So I told her to did the same job as I done with her ass. She took one of her finger in her pussy and finally she could insert her 4 fingers in her.. Here to make me hot, she also taste my balls and suck her like bubble gum. She said that these are my favorite bubbles!!!!

Finally I consider her pussy now, and inserted my dick in her. When I felt that my dick knot is touching her pussy, she warned me not to get pace that can damage her. That is y I slowly took dick in her and later I felt that my dick had stopped by some thing. Well this was a final point and I was about to tear her. I informed her about this and she said that please fuck me, I can hear her horny voice plz fuck me please fuck me.. So I gave a sudden jerk to my dick and took my dick in her.. this was successful operation and next moment I was giving her a jerk, so badly.. She was holding her tit from one hand and her other hand was on massaging her pussy.

She could not breathe well and the same situation was with me.. Her tits were bouncing. like Tennis ball.

When she said that OHHHH OHHH I am near to fist orgasm, I got my dick out of her and kissed her pussy to eat her semen of her first orgasm, and this was well done. Next moment a white semen was coming out of her pussy which I eated all. This was also more tasty even more than mine one..

I again fucked her . and this time I emptied mine insider her..

After so, we both got shower but quietly and I massage on her pussy as I fucked her so badly..

This was my first time fucking a girl and these moments are more precious one. She was now my friend , my ideal sex partner and in coming days she proved it.

I will check feed back , if they satisfy then I will share a lot other my experiment to you.

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