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It’s been a long time since I sat down and shared one of my sexual exploits with anyone. So, here I sit writing this story to relate to you an encounter that occurred between my wife and one of her black lovers. Now, I am the type of husband that has come to love and enjoy sharing my wife with other men; especially with her black fuckers. There are times that I am home, and have had the pleasure of watching or listening through the door, just how good a black cock can pleasure my wife’s pussy. I have both seen and heard up close just how good a black cock can fuck my wife to moans, groans, and orgasms. I’ve seen how her pussy is left gapped open with so much cum inside her it begins to trickle out in globs, not drops. 

On this particular night, while I was going to be at work, my wife had informed me that her 
favorite black dick was coming over for some pussy. I, of course, agreed for him to come over, with one
condition and opportunity set in place; I wanted to video tape them fucking. I wanted to be able to watch
my wife with a touch of a rewind button over and over again enjoying that black dick that she has come 
to love and crave filling her pussy with not only its length and girth, but his cum as well. My wife has come to desire that 8 ½ inch cock and its girth of about 4 to 5 inches around. As a matter of fact, she has confessed and admitted to me countless times how she has loved his cock filling her pussy and/or ass to its fullest. She agreed to let me set up the video camera in a non-conspicuous place so her black lover couldn’t see it. After it was set, off to work I went. I came home the following morning to rewind and view what had transpired that night.

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The tape began with him walking in our bedroom telling my wife how he had missed her pussy
since he’s been out of town. He sat on the edge of the bed to begin taking off his cloths . My wife was
wearing her night robe with nothing on underneath. As she dropped her robe, I could see that her black
lover had already stripped himself of his cloths and was laying back against a pile of pillows. My wife again came into view, only to begin jacking off his already hard cock. She began sliding her hand up and down on his long dick looking down as if to admire his big, black shaft. It wasn’t long before she engulfed his black pole with her mouth. I can hear from the video tape the slurping and sucking noises as she enjoyed giving him an excellent blow job; my wife is very good at sucking cock. She stopped long enough for him to re-adjust himself against the pillows, moving up closer to the top of the bed. As she 
helped him re-adjust himself, he grabbed her and began sucking on her tits. Licking, then sucking one nipple at a time. He sat back once again, explaining to my wife how he didn’t have a lot of time to spend with her that night. She asked him, “So what do you want to do first?” He responded to her, “I want a blow job, then some ass.” I heard a low moan from my wife knowing how she loved for him to fuck her in the ass. She shifted around to where they were now in the 69 position, her being on top. She began to suck his cock, her head moving up and down swiftly as I heard her making slurping noises and often popping him out of her mouth to lick the tip of his cock head. She would return to sucking his dick faster and faster with each up and down motion. As her lover was enjoying the excellent blow job he wanted, being on the bottom, he began licking and sucking on her pussy lips and clit. He was never too much for muff diving, but seeing as he was getting a tremendous blow job, I’m assuming he decided to give her some pleasure as well. My wife began to moan a little louder as she sucked away on his dick. “I see you’ve been practicing,” she told him. He must have been giving her one hell of a pussy licking cause her moans turned into “umphs.” I could tell by the movements of her head that her cock sucking had gotten more intense and more forceful. As they both finished the royal oral delights, I could see her reaching for the lube as he was putting on a condom. 

She reached for the lube from the top drawer of the dresser. I could see her squirting some on her fingers as she reached around to finger her ass applying the lube to prepare for his big, black cock. She handed the lube to him. He squirted a vast amount in his had and began to jack off his cock as he spread the lube up and down his shaft. My wife moved towards the edge of the bed on hands and knees, spreading her legs apart to give her lover better access to her lovely ass pussy. I heard her tell him, “Go slow, I haven’t had your cock in there in a long time, go slow.” “Fuck,” she would moan as he started inserting the head of his cock in her ass. He paused for few seconds before inserting more of his black dick in her ass. “Ohhhhh, ughhh,” my wife moaned as her lover would push inch by inch of his cock into her ass. “Ohhhh, yeah, ughhh,” she continued. I could see him slowly working his big dick in her ass as she continued to moan and breath heavy saying, “ughhh, shhhhhhhhh, ohhhh.” In and out he would go, shoving his fat cock little by little, inch by long inch in my wife’s tight ass. By this time, I’m furiously jacking off watching my lovely wife take this big, fat black cock up her nice, tight ass. The moans and groans continued as he asked my wife, “Is this dick hurting you?” With a softer moan she answered, “Yes, a little. I told you I haven’t had your dick in my ass in almost four months.” Even with that said, my wife was still moaning, still saying “ahhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmm, ohhhhhhhh”, she was enjoying having his big dick fucking her tight asshole. “How far in is it?” my wife asked. To which he replied, “It’s almost half way in.” As he said that, he shoved a lot more of his dick in my wife’s as to where she gave out a loud “ohhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmm.” I could see from the tape how he would continue to withdraw his cock from her ass, only to shove inches more in her as he fucked her slowly. He kept withdrawing, going in and out of my wife’s ass; she kept moaning and groaning, enjoying how his dick was opening up her asshole once again. 

Amidst her moans and pants of pleasure, he asked my wife, “You like having this dick in your ass, don’t you!?!?” She continued with her pants and heavy breathing, moaning as he took his dick out only to shove it back in. Slowly he worked his cock in and out of her ass, thrust by thrust inching his way further in as he went. “Is it in all the way,” she would ask, as her breathing became heavier and her moans louder. “No,” he said, “I still have some more for ya.” With that, he shoved his cock balls deep in my wife’s ass and held it in place. She let out a loud “ ohhhhhhhhhh, and mmmmmmmmm” knowing he had just shoved all of his fat 8 ½ inches into her ass and was holding it there for her to accommodate his size. After a few seconds, he finally withdrew his cock to the head and began to really fuck her hard and fast. My wife’s moans and groans really got wild and loud at this point. 

And I began to jack my average cock faster and faster. “Ohhhhhh, shit,” she would manage to moan out, “uummmm fuck it,” she would say as he pounded his black dick in and out of her ass with force. “fuck that ass, uuummmmmmm, ooohhhhhh, shit, fuck it,” my wife continued. He really began to pound away at her ass causing her to pant harder and moan louder. I could see how he would take his dick out to the tip then slam it back in my wife’s ass with great thrusts. “Oh yeah, fuck my ass. Shot your cum. Yesssss, ohhhhhhhhhh, ummmmmmmmm.” My wife loved having his big dick fill her ass, and I could not only see it on her face, but also in the way she was cheering him on. With all the moaning and her telling him to “fuck it”, it didn’t take him long before he and I both shot our loads. He had the privilege of cumming in her ass, even though he had a condom on, but cum in her ass nonetheless. After he withdrew his dick completely my wife laid down laughingly saying, “My poor ass.” “But you know you enjoyed my dick in your ass,” he would tell her. “Yes, I did,” my wife answered back. Well, honey, not only did you enjoy having his cock in you ass, but I might have enjoyed it more. Being able to watch her take a fat, long black cock in her ass turned out to be an enormous jack off session for me as well. Now that it is on tape, recorded, I can jack off and cum as many times as I wish watching my wife take her lovers black dick in her ass; enjoying every single second of his fat cock slamming in and out of her to both their pleasures.

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