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Very hot fall weekend!!

(Part 1 from 1)

This is a true story of one very hot weekend that my wife and I had a couple of years ago. My wife is 5’10” blonde with a very hot body with 38 C breast. She was 36 at the time and it was mid fall. We were going to the cottage for the weekend. Being mid fall the other cottagers are not a round but the weekend was to be very nice for our part of Canada. 

So it was finely Friday night work was all done for the week. I packed the car and headed out and pick up my wife from her work and we set off for the 1hour and ½ drive for the cottage. Sheri was in her work dress and she looked very hot with her long shapely legs. As we left the city behind and on to the hwy up to the cottage, she was looked over to me a said that she would to shed the city and with that she reach around her back and unhooked her bra and pulled it out of the sleeve of her dress and but it around my neck. 

Then she lifts her butt and starts to roll down her pantyhose and kicks of her shoes and puts then around my neck (the sent of her is heaven, Sheri never wares panties if she is warring pantyhose) at that point a car is passing us on the outside line and Sheri starts to laugh, I look over to see a 20 something pointing at us! The other car slows to our paste. I look over to Sheri and say, “ I think that they are waiting to see what is next!!” and with that she said “ lets see” and undoes the next 3 buttons (dress was a jean dress with buttons that went all the way down the front) her breast are now in clear view to me and the car next to us. The girl in the other car is now stirring at Sheri tits and taking to the guy and gives us a big kiss and with that they pass us. Sheri looks at the car pulling a head and said, “ Are my tits that bad” with a laugh. “ it is to bad I am so honry I will taken on all !” 

As we go around the next corner the other car is in front of us and moving slowly. “Will here they are again and we are going to be passing, I can slow down a you could tell then!” as we pull even with then she looks over a said “they look cute, sure!” and lowers the window and signals for the guy to lower his window. He is very taken with Sheri’s tits as he lowers his window. Sheri shout to him to follow us. He said OK.

Sheri tells me to find a place that we can pull off. About 5mims later I see a side road and turn on the single and turn on to the side road, it is a little dirt road I pull the car over and the other car pulls in behind us. Before they can get their car in park Sheri has her door open and is out of the car. I get out and follow her she walks over to the girls side . I think that she thought that Sheri was going to hit her but she lowers the window. Sheri then said to her “ Is it ok if I suck your friends cock?” The girl looked at my wife with her dress ½ undone then looks over at her boyfriend , he is just sitting there supit nodding his head. She then looks back to Sheri and say “Sure as long as I can watch” Sheri then points to him and then the back of our car. He gets out and moves to the back of our car. Sheri walks over to him and with out a word just undoes his pants and pulls then down with his underwear. He is hard as a rock and is about 8 inches. Sheri takes it to her lips and give it a big lick, then all at once it is in her mouth. I am standing to one side of then and the other girl is at the front of their car watching. I was so hard watching Sheri sucking this guy’s dick and how this is not something that she has ever done before. I opened my pants and toke out my dick and started to play with it. Sheri looked up at me and then over to the other girl. She was staring with a look of sure excrement! 

Sheri puts her hand on her crouch and starts to rubes herself. At this point he lens back on the car and let out a moan! Her boyfriend starts to cries out “OH YES,OH YES” Then he looks over at his girlfriend and cums in Sheri mouth. With the light of the head lights of their car that he cum in a big way as cum was dripping down the side of Sheri’s face and on to her breast.

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After Sheri clean up a little . She ask the young where they were going? The young girl toll us that they where going to her Dad’s cottage for the weekend and that it was a few mims up the hwy from our cottage.

So we ask if they would like to come to our place for some dinner and some more fun!! They gladly said yes!! We then exchanged names, her name is Julie and his is Jake. We all got into our cars and they fellow us to our cottage that was about a 20 mim drive. As we were driving Sheri was telling me about how she loved sucking Jake’s cock and how she had to fuck him!! I was so hard listening to her talk this way !! And thinking about young Julie ( she is about 5’4” long brown hair with small but very sweet tits and one hell of a great ass!!) Then Sheri said something to me that she had never had said before. “I would love to taste Julie’s puss” I almost come in my pants!! That the point I said to Sheri “ I would love to see you take Julie and watch as you strip her” “ Would you do that for me Please” “ok, I will” She said and what on to tell me that she was going to do it as soon as we got into the cottage.

As we parked the car and unpack it . We all enter the cottage , me first then Jake and Julie then Sheri last to come in . I showed Jake around and got everyone a beer. Sheri and Julie what out on the front porch . When Jake and I walked into the living room we could see the girl start to kiss . Sheri then moved Julie over to wall and kiss her more and undid her pants with one hand and with the other put it down the back of Julie’s pants. With one move she droped her pants down her legs. Julie then sept out of her pants . Sheri then moved back from her and then told her to take her top off. Julie did what she was told and pull her top over her head . Sheri then said the bra!! And off it came . 

I could see that Sheri was really into this power bit . Sheri looked over at Jake and ask him if he liked seeing Julie stripping for her? He said he loved it !! Sheri said good come over here then and pointed at the chair that was beside her. He walk over to the chair, Sheri stopped him. Sheri then told him to strip!! And then told me to get the straps. I got the bondage straps out of our bag and gave then to Sheri. She told Jake to sit on the chair ( he was now naked) She then gave Julie the strap and told her to tie his arms and legs to the chair. Julie did as she was told , now Jake was sitting tie to the chair with his cock rock hard. Sheri then turn back to Julie . “open my dress” she said Julie undid the buttons and opened her dress . 

Sheri then toke Julie’s head in her hands on moved her to her breast Julie started to suck Sheri’s nipple. The girls then moved over to the couch Sheri laid Julie down on her back then pulled Julie’s panties off and started to finger her . Then she looked over at me and said is this what you were looking for ? I said OH YES now eat that sweet pussy. Jake then said yes eat her, eat her!! And with that Sheri started to lick Julie’s puss . I think Julie came as soon as Sheri lips touched her clit as her head fall back and let out a long moan . Jake and I watch this for about 10 mims ,Julie was bucking and moaning louder and louder , Sheri had moved her dress to the side and was fingering herself. Then she look over to me and said “come over here and taste her” I moved over to the girls and Sheri got up and kiss me with all she had . I could taste Julie on her lips and smell her all over Sheri’s face it was heaven. After kissing me she said “she is all yours, I have a sweet cock waiting for a fuck!!” and walk over to Jake “is it good and hard for me?” she ask Jake. Jake said “OH YES are you going to let me go now?” With that Sheri just said “NO” and then dropped her dress off and turned her ass to him and with one hand between her legs guild his dick into her pussy and sat down. She moaned OOHH!! YES it feels so good!! I was now licking Julie’s oh so good puss and she was giving me a hand job, but I could not keep this up very long so I told Julie to roll over and get on her knees . 

I enter doggy so we could watch Sheri fuck Jake and she was fucking him hard and fast I could see that she was just about to come.( her eyes start to roll up when she is coming) Well I could hold on with that and Julie’s young sweet pussy around my dick and pulled out and came all over that great ass of hers. Sheri the screed as she came and as she bucked from her Orgasm Jake came in her sending Sheri into another one. Sheri got off Jake and untie him she then walk over to me as I was sitting on the couch and said to me “lick my pussy. Now!!” and lifted her leg over my shoulder . I could see Jake’s cum between her pussy lips but I was so hot for her that I eat her to another orgasm . We all then sat around for a little chatting and then we all kissed and Sheri and I walk then up to their car and said good night.

But that was only the first night of the wildest, kinkiest, sexist weekend !! And Saturday it was my turn!!

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